SPI NOR chips, what to buy for a ZeroPi?


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Trying to figure out which NOR chip to buy for my ZeroPi is giving me a headache. FriendlyArm has very little info available on what works. The board has an empty spot to solder a NOR chip that I would like to populate. There are so many chips all with different voltages and clock frequencies. The wiki and schematic omit the connection all together so I really have no idea what would work. Can someone point me in the right direction? 



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3 minutes ago, stut said:

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Most of them are working as long as they are 2.7V and above. Frequency is not really an issue since in DT it is usually set 40MHz and could be lowered manually by editing DTS.

I've used Winbond ones on both my OPiZeros and OPiPC2. So, I suggest Winbond one, but maybe also GigaDevice.

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