Best alternative to NanoPi NEO2 ?

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Boardsize is a little bigger but same H5 CPU (as longs as available) - the Orange Pi PC2

Only H3, but also very stable & cool the Orange Pi One


Maybe in near future stable: Orange Pi One  Plus H6

( H6 should be available in the Future :) )


Actual I dont know a "new" NanoPi in this price-range....

Maybe the NanoPi Fire-3 LTS (OctaCore, 1Gb Ram , GB-Ethernet)

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Thank you for your answers.


I have also just seen the NanoPi NEO Plus2 which seems to be a perfect match for what I want to do (


I read on the internet that the OPiOnePlus H6 was a bit disappointing and did not take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the Allwinner H6 SoC. The card has only one standard 2.0 USB connector while the H6 supports USB 3.0.


In addition, compared to the NEO Plus2, there is no wifi or eMMC memory and no connector for a daughter card. I don't especially need wifi but indeed the 8Gb eMMC of the NEO Plus2 is much faster than a microSD card reader for a server.


What do you think about it? One feature I would have liked to find is the POE power supply.

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1 hour ago, hipboi said:

I recommend the ROCK Pi E, which is 15$ with 256M ram, 17$ with 512M ram, 21$ with 1GB ram. You can get GbE, USB3 plus a 100M ethernet. Engineering sample is available now.


Oh, I forgot to mention it also support eMMC module, and PoE HAT.


Looking interesting, indeed. Just noticed in the comments the Armbian boys already got in touch with them :thumbup:

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