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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

You know @lomady, you are right.  All jokes aside, something had been bothering me a lot about MS purchase of GitHub and seeming to "get religion" all of a sudden with regards to "open source."  I wasn't buying it of course.  I (and I am sure many of you guys around here, too) am old enough to remember Embrace, extend, and extinguish, the Halloween documents, Microsoft's funding of the SCO lawsuit, as just a small sample of the sort of hostility towards F/LOSS that you alluded to.


Although extremely suspicious, I still could not put my finger on exactly what their end game was (particularly with regards to the purchase of GitHub).  Until I read an (IMO) excellent article recently by Drew DeVault called Embrace, extend, and finally extinguish - Microsoft plays their hand wherein he lays it all out.  I have to say I agree with him.


This resonated quite a bit with me, as I have finally gotten decent enough in writing Emacs Lisp to be close to publishing some of my functions into a package that others might find useful.  And so I have been looking for / thinking about a place to share my code.  But I did not want to so much as lift a finger to improve Microsoft's platform (GitHub).  Though my contributions may be small, they are mine.


I realize the Armbian project has a different set of concerns (likely around making contributions as easy as possible) than I do personally, and so the calculation will be different.  I know a lot of projects are on (or moving to) GitHub nowadays because "everyone is there."  But this sort of platform centralization is the beginning of bad things happening (IMO).


However at the end of the day I do not think that those of us who are involved in F/LOSS should be giving any morale or mindshare to the Microsoft juggernaut.  I agree with Stallman that even non-coders can help out a lot simply by deliberately using the term Free (or Libre) Software, by talking about freedom (instead of "open source") and why that's important, and instead discussing F/LOSS alternatives to proprietary software (or in case of VSC, why you shouldn't trust Microsoft).*  Because marketing and mindshare are important.  Microsoft has vast resources at their disposal, and they are going to do what they are going to do.  But we don't have to help them.  Remember, they tried to kill us.


* Yes I realize VSC is nominally "open source."  However it still contains tracking garbage.  But my main objection is that it takes a lot of investment of time and energy to learn any piece of complicated software, and an IDE / editor is no exception.  So, do you want to invest all your valuable time into a piece of software / platform that can be changed or yanked out from under you at any time (or perhaps more likely, subtly steer you into usage patterns that benefit some corporation, usually at the expense of free and open alternatives)?  Because I sure don't.  I haven't got time to re-learn another complicated platform.  Which is why I decided some years ago now not only to steer clear of such software, but to actively contribute to making the (F/LOSS) alternatives better.  This is a general standpoint, applicable to many types of software, not just editors of course.  And one I urge you to consider.

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On 10/17/2020 at 1:03 AM, Igor said:

If you are running Armbian desktop and you like to use Visual Studio Code,


Nice to see VS Code in the repo's - it's my goto editor these days on Mac/Win/Linux..


On lower end ARM's - it's a bit slow and memory intense, but it does run...


The RPI folks recently added it to their debian based distro in the last couple of weeks...





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On 10/17/2020 at 11:03 AM, NicoD said:

It's like if my girlfriend and ex-girfriend became good friends.


Indeed - and they both get along, and want to do a threesome.... It's so very wrong and right on many levels, LOL, and rarely ends well :D


That being said - Microsoft is a very different company that it was under Gates/Ballmer with Windows/Office at all costs...


WSL on Win10 for example, as well at the beast that is Azure...




Who knows...



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1 hour ago, Technicavolous said:

an option in armbian-config?

Yes. It can be added as is ... but more important is to get some movement here

How we will rework this so adding such features will be straightforward, tested for install automatically, ... assign who will help reworking. And ... I need some break in between :huh:

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On 2/5/2021 at 3:03 AM, sfx2000 said:

Microsoft is a very different company that it was under Gates/Ballmer with Windows/Office at all costs...


WSL on Win10 for example, as well at the beast that is Azure...




Have they released Office/Windows under F/LOSS license?  Tells you everything you need to know.  Leopard don't change their spots, which is why I am not buying that they suddenly "got religion" about open source.


Remember, they tried (very hard!) for decades to kill F/LOSS!  Referring to it as "cancer", etc.  Back then, the future was not certain, I can assure you!  By now, things look a lot better, it appears we won and they lost!  We are not only still here, but growing, which is why they had to switch tactic/marketing, or else become irrelevant.  But that is all it is, marketing (i.e., lies, as their actions prove otherwise, see first point).


So let them die off already, IMO.  By virtue of their past actions, they no longer deserve to be a part of the collaborative future we are building together.  Make no mistake, they are still the enemy.  And the enemy deserves neither aid nor comfort from us.


If you are going to disregard all the above and put it in anyway, then yes, Vscodium would be a more palatable alternative (removing the spyware).  But still misses the (IMO) more important political point.  Not to mention the fact that such a fork is necessary only serves to reinforce my earlier points that M$ still does not really "get it."  Even when trying to do "open source" they still cannot help themselves but put spyware into it, have a EULA, and all the other nonsense we have always expected from them.

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I didn't just ditch Windows, but x86 altogether several years ago. That's what originally brought me to armbian - sbc and linux totally replaced intel / amd and ms.


The ONLY reason I have a modern x86 box today is to build armbian. And I'm still fairly incompetent at that, although now I can compile an image with a few changes and it actually boots ... (I was for many years a windows x86 tech ... mastered win3.11 and nt server) I'll tech myself armbian-config yet, probably right about when you decide to change how it works lol. But I digress.


While I also agree ms is a way different co than decades ago, they're still a profit company and will do what they need at any cost to stay what they consider on top.


All that being said, it's still cool to see how much stuff is being ported to arm.

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