Image Backup/Restore from Boot(Emmc)+System(M.2-SSD)


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Dear Forum!
If you are using Emmc as boot device, a M.2-ssd as system device and OMV is installed.
You can backup with the OMV given image-backup (dd, fsarchiver). But how you can restore the backup?
You need to boot from Sdcard (boot and system from sd)? And after that you can switch again back to emmc-boot and ssd-system without any issue?
Is there any other easier way i.e. with CloneZilla to image-backup/restore? How you can do this?

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Yeah recovering would require you to boot the board from microSD card (using any recent image for Helios64). Then you will need to use the right tool (e.g dd or fsarchiver) to write your system backup on the M.2 SSD.


If you use eMMC only for u-boot then unlikely to get corrupted and would be easy to restore even without a backup since it's just u-boot there. But it cost you nothing you backup the 1st 100MB of the eMMC with dd.


This is the kind of question that would require some guideline at some point on our wiki ;-)

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Hi Guys,


I was asking myself the same questions as Greg...

I've followed the tutorial on KOBOL's site (Install OS to eMMC) and now I will transfer the OS from the eMMC to the M2-SSD2.

My questions are :

- What is the procedure to make the backup of the OS with all the plugin installed from the M2 ? 

- Do I have to make also a backup of OMV and how can I do that ? Openmediavault-backup 5.2.4 plugin can do the job ?


Sorry for the "newbie" questions but I tried to find informations through the forum but nothing very clear. Didn't find any detailled Tutorial.


Thank you.



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I was just wondering, which would be the most elegant way to get the system backed up if everything resides within the eMMC. If I would not have moved the eMMC route and still use the SD card as my OS I would just clone the SD card. Hence this is not possible is there any tutorial to get a bootable clone of the eMMC?

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