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Build current and edge releases on Odroid C1


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I just got home to a successfully built image from the master branch


  ___      _           _     _    ____ _ 
 / _ \  __| |_ __ ___ (_) __| |  / ___/ |
| | | |/ _` | '__/ _ \| |/ _` | | |   | |
| |_| | (_| | | | (_) | | (_| | | |___| |
 \___/ \__,_|_|  \___/|_|\__,_|  \____|_|
Welcome to Armbian 23.02.0-trunk Jammy with Linux 5.15.95-meson

No end-user support: built from trunk

System load:   47%              Up time:       3 min
Memory usage:  8% of 990M       IP:  
CPU temp:      46°C             Usage of /:    21% of 7.0G   
RX today:      31.4 KiB

Thanks again for your continued work on this.

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I will do.


At the moment, I've only hit one issue, and that is the need to power-cycle the board to reboot. Unfortunately I can't connect a serial console, so can only go off SSH. (I'll check the log next time I reboot). `sudo reboot now` throws me out of SSH as expected, but the network connection stays up (I can ping the board), although cannot reconnect on SSH until after power cycling, so it looks like it is getting stuck somewhere prior to shutting down networking.


This is a mild frustration, rather than the end of the world. The board is just running as an OpenLDAP server for my homelab, so shouldn't need power cycling too often. I was going to put an OpenVPN server on it too, but I may skip that if I can't reboot it remotely.

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@torz77That may be why all wifi adapters cause the ping response to go up into the seconds and heartbeat slows way down. It's probably in the device tree (dtb) or uboot, show knows. This is definitely a hack way to do it, but nothing else runs current kernels or distros. But yeah, manual power cycle for now.

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@Kovács Gábor as I've stated above I've had no luck with USB wifi. I did test C1 with "Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8152 Fast Ethernet Adapter" The thing is network manager is not going to auto activate it. You'll need to go into the serial console and configure with nmtui. I do this with the NanoPi Duo since there's no wired Ethernet. The nice thing is the Duo uses the OTG port, so you can power and do serial off your PC. If you see a heartbeat then it's probably firing up.


One trick you could use is to configure a C1 with same USB Ethernet and just copy the configuration over from nmtui. For instance built in eth0 is under /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/Wired\ connection\ 1.nmconnection. You'd need to figure out which network manager files to copy. I used to do this with wifi only devices. Configure on the hard way, then just make edits on SD card.

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@sgjava Sorry for being away for such a long time, I had lots of things to do. I will be trying again with the odroid c0 next week using a serial console connection. There is one more thing I would like to ask you. Does this new kernel support USB at all? I understand that there is a problem with USB based Ethernet adapters, but in my case I would like to use a 4G USB Stick. In case you confirm that USB works, I will try to make this thing work. Otherwise - if USB is not supported at all - there would be no reason in experimenting. Thanks again.

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17 часов назад, sgjava сказал:

If you could just fix uboot and dtb we'd be all set

uboot I fixed in my branch.
Fixed it in the sense that if you assemble the image then it will load.
DTB for uboot or for kernel?
Does dtb work for kernel?
@sgjava I can probably make some changes to the dts, but I won't be able to check them.

I don't have this device and this fact makes it very difficult.

You can just check for EDGE to get the CLI image:

./compile.sh BUILD_ONLY="default" BUILD_MINIMAL=yes


Before starting the build system, please clear the "output/debs/*" folder.
In my branch, the directory structure for future package files will be slightly different.

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2 минуты назад, sgjava сказал:

So you can get USB wifi to work?

Two things are needed for this to work.
The driver is in the kernel.
UDEV rules for switching usb modeswitch.


4 минуты назад, sgjava сказал:

What about reboot?

Reboot as a command on the command line or from a button?


14 минут назад, sgjava сказал:

uboot used to not build, thus why I had to pull the debs.

One inattentive developer made changes to the build system,

but did not check other development lines and this made the uboot package broken for the record.

This is fixed.

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