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Kernel panic - not syncing, can't connect via ssh


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I don't know. Neither do I have such a device nor I am a developer. I can give generic advice only.

Overall you can try any kernel from this list.


18 hours ago, jumbo125 said:

is it important to change from jammy to Armbian 23.8 Bookworm??

Not sure that exactly you mean by this question. However here are two ansers that might be right:

- You cannot "upgrade" from a Ubuntu-based userspace to a Debian-based one since they are incompatible.

- Any userspace (Bookworm, Bullseye, Jammy...) for a board are shipped with the very same kernel package. So hardware-supporting-wise does this not make any difference.

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19 hours ago, jumbo125 said:

which is the current/default kernel?

Armbian comes with three levels of linux kernels in general (not all boards support all types).  edge = "bleeding edge" or development kernels, not supported, meant for testing only;  current = the currently supported stable kernels; legacy = either a vendor supplied kernel (often not maintained) or an older stable mainline kernel, generally not supported but provided for testing/compatibility reasons.


As @Werner stated above you want to install a 'current' kernel.  In the list you showed, you are only showing 'edge' kernels.  You need to select one that uses the word 'current' where you are seeing 'edge' in the listing.

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