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  2. roderick

    debian live-boot with armbian

    Hello, I have followed the steps to make an Armbian Live Distro (for an Orange Pi Zero in my case). Unfortunately, if I remove any directory (one of bin, dev, etc, ...), my image/sd-card is not ready to boot alive. The only thing that differs from instructions is that I've replaced "setenv bootargs "boot=live live-boot-path=/live ..." with "export bootargs "boot=live live-boot-path=/live " within my /boot/boot.cmd file. Could you please provide me some help with this? Thanks in advance
  3. gounthar

    Sunvell H3 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM TV Box

    I have read there that one could get the DTB this way: DTB is better than nothing I guess...
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  5. I got confirmation from Olimex that there is a HW issue with the Lime2-16GB-eMMC revK boards.
  6. Thanks for your report and test. This new board revision has NAND and probably a different memory chip arangement (hence DRAM: 0MiB). Since Uboot is part of the armbian image, it is board-specific. So needs different / changed uboot for this board. Can you check to get the dtb file? Can help see what is memory configuration. But overall, the performance of R69 is really bad due to the heat issue. I am currently well impressed with AMlogic :).
  7. Just "thinking out loud" as it were, but I am wondering if introducing some sort of "ticketing system" for Armbian could be useful for tracking things and helping add some structure around helping with the project (and for people to get help). At present now the forums can be great for discussion, but they are very ad-hoc as an engagement system. I find that for myself if I'd like to raise something I'm not sure what the best method is - e.g., post in a forum somewhere, submit an Issue for the project on github, or just push a fix into the project and explain the change in a commit comment, add a PR with a comment discussion, etc... Ticket systems can also be "black holes", but forum posts can be as well... This could help people structure engagement, communicate on a particular thread, using a more structured and trackable process...? I love to help the project, and I try to help when I can, but I'm not sure how I best could contribute, given my (unfortunate) sporadic availability. If I have some spare time on some weekend, it'd be great to look through tickets and see if I could fix something for someone, or help someone with something... Another example - my NEO4 comes today, and I'd like to play with it this weekend, and start fixing things, pushing changes, etc. but I also don't want to "step on anyone's toes" (I'm a Rockchip newbie, which is one reason I got the board ) - assigning tickets for areas could help focus discussion, coordinate work between people, etc...? Anyway just some quick thoughts...!
  8. vzsze

    NanoPC T4

    This worked for me, when using the right device for the zero source 'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk1 bs=1M count=64 ; sync'
  9. Ever since I updated the BPi recently, the ramlogger stopped working. I'm regularly getting mail from the Cron Daemon saying this: /usr/lib/armbian/armbian-truncate-logs: 19: /usr/lib/armbian/armbian-truncate-logs: logrotate: not found … so, it looks like the paths are messed up since the program is definitely installed in `/usr/sbin/`.
  10. hmm pip on Debian was always a mess for me.. every-time I use pip it's inside a virtualenv and if you mess up there something, new virtualenv.
  11. Has anyone had any success with installing numpy on the NanoPi Neo Air? Installing via pip install numpy -v it hangs at these same lines every time: arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc: numpy/linalg/lapack_litemodule.c arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc: numpy/linalg/lapack_lite/python_xerbla.c arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc: numpy/linalg/lapack_lite/f2c_z_lapack.c arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc: numpy/linalg/lapack_lite/f2c_c_lapack.c arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc: numpy/linalg/lapack_lite/f2c_d_lapack.c arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc: numpy/linalg/lapack_lite/f2c_s_lapack.c I am unable to get a response from the serial terminal or ssh into the device whilst it hangs here. I'm currently using Armbian Ubuntu 18.04.
  12. I think the Forum is generally more read than changelog (I don't have stats to back this claim.. ). Our goal is more contribution and better communication. For me the change-log shows decisions already made. A 'Board seeks new maintainer' thread is an announcement. We plan to drop support for *random board/kernel* if you disagree you've to step in cause as soon patches related to it fail we will drop them (e.g. moving them to a EOS sub-folder or delete them) and new images are not longer provided (or images are not longer provided at all? - reduces 'infrastructure coast' keep them in 'seed our torrents' only could be a good idea. Community is responsible to keep them 'online'). I assume at least @TonyMac32, @lanefu and @martinayottes english is better than mine. But for sure, I can have a look. @Tido the discussion happens in public. Make your list public and I may fill in it there as well.. For me it sounds reasonable to only monitor one thread and Igors PR. As soon as we 'extract' actions out of it they get their dedicated threads (at least the bigger tasks/projects --> e.g. the release naming which happens on github).
  13. constantius

    La Frite (AML-S805X-AC)

    La Frite will be avalaible on november 2018. Now you can back it on kickstarter web page. specs.; This is my proposal to support. Best regards
  14. Hello, I am using nanoPi Neo Core with mini shield nanoPi NEO CORE/CORE2. The OS that i am using is Armbian stretch downloaded from this link : What I am trying to do is boot the OS from the SD card and have the filesystem on a SSD disk. In order to do that, I created a primary partiton on the disk using parted. Then I formatted the partition to ext4. I tried to execute nand-sata-install script using armbian-config. When I choose to boot from SD card system on SATA, the partiton of the disk that I created is found. When I select the partition, I got an error that the partition is too small. In fact the partition that i created have a size of 55GB. So for sure the partition is not too small. What could be the cause of this problem? Thanks in advance. Regards, Antony
  15. edupv

    NanoPI M4

    From here, you can check the pin names : I read somewhere, the formula of the port number is (32p + q + r) , where p, q, r are from the pin name GPIOp_qr. q is ABCD corresponding to 0123. For example, the name of pin 7 is GPIO1_A0, the port number is 32 x 1 + 0 + 0 = 32.
  16. Long story short, to disable arbain-ramlog: 1. Change in /etc/default/armbian-ramlog ENABLED=false 2. Disable in cron root user truncate-logs by editing /etc/cron.d/armbian-truncate-logs (just comment the line) like this: # 0,15,30,45 * * * * root /usr/lib/armbian/armbian-truncate-logs 3. Restart Server. Because armbian-zram is connected to ramlog service and will read config of it. It will not create compressed in-memory folder for logs. Without restart it will not be used properly and you will loose your logs.
  17. constantius

    Le Potato general topics

    yes i can confirm that Armbian 5.59 based on Debian Stretch kernel 4.14 is running well. on my la potato screen is black after reboot. System is booting but not to the desktop environment or even to the console. I installed lightdm but nothing help.
  18. There was a lot of testings but they sadly didn't discover this problem. You can improve this by joining and help testing + improve protocols + developing the project in general or by sponsoring and we will hire professionals (few hundred hours/release) to conduct profound testings. Nothing comes out of thin air.
  19. oeydev

    NanoPI M4

    Thanks! But how can I know pin number?
  20. hhalibo

    Armbian for Amlogic S9xxx kernel 4.1x (>= ver 5.55)

    Here's a good news, the PL2303 works flawless with the 5.62-20181012 kernel.
  21. Hi, same problem, it would seem that 5.60 does not work on orangepiplus. I do not understand why putting an update without testing it first.
  22. renaudrenaud

    tutorial I2S on Orange Pi H3

    Maybe you can try Volumio to check it is from the OS or from the card.
  23. pbies

    RK3399 Orange Pi

    It is about 3 months as I am contacting support for this board. They can't make the board Wi-Fi work for longer time (more than few hours) and Ethernet at 1Gbps. The support guy Steven is so stupid, that he is not reading any of my messages and trying to force their solution to load software to the board and return it back to me. Which is a security issue and I will have no possibility to load any other software in the future even if the board will stop responding. This support and all around this board is so useless that is getting me pissed off and nervous. If you want a nicely working board please buy anything else than RK3399 Orange Pi.
  24. 16GB Evo fails more easily than 32/64GB. I had 2 of them failed after 6-12 months, replaced with 32GB version that lasts longer.
  25. gas_85

    Cubietruck power off with battery installed

    Also try to solve this problem. I create a script that will try to send Warning Email and and shutdown the system as soon as it goes below 10%. I put it in cron hourly and script should automatically check and do loop if battery discharging and below e.g. 80%. E-Mail is needed because last time I did not know that my power supply died and I did not know why sever stopped. This version is also producing logs that could be checked after cubietruck fails. That helps for trouble shooting, e.g. to find out that power supply could not produce enough current to charge battery. Log output example: Tue Oct 16 10:01:03 CEST 2018 - Ok. Battery Full - 100% left. AC is online with current 0.222 A. Battery health is Good.
  26. edupv

    NanoPI M4

    If you are developing applications yourselves, you can consider the following generic gpio libraries : python : golang : They can be used in all the boards. From one board to another board needs only changing the gpio port numbers. (e.g. Physical pin 7 of gpio header, OrangePi port number is 6, you have to change the port number to 32 for a Nanopi-M4).
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