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  1. Why not, but what I like on this forum, among other points, is the very clean and pure interface, without plenty of message that take 80% of the screen and let 20% for valuable information.
  2. I tried a lot of things with few OPZ cards, never seen this. You did not read enough carefully or misunderstood something.
  3. Armbian is able to produce massage?
  4. I program few things with Raspberry and Orange PI or Banana. I use Visual Studio Code available on Mac Windows & Linux because this IDE is free, open source, available on different OS and it is fast and clever. Apps are in python, I use GPIO I2C... I do not use the language to program nice UI because it is for my pleasure, not for customers (I am IT engineer). I discovered python recently, just to learn new things and I liked it immediately. I do not program with c++ since ages and I do not want to use it anymore, no pleasure at all.
  5. Please, znoox me. I read plenty of pages in your website today. Interesting. Thank you.
  6. Thanks for the information. Poor hamster... I cannot read your website, it is in Russian no? I am in China and google is not working and VPN not working correctly for the moment = no translation... I will read it later.
  7. Thanks, I will have a look when back at home. I read in your documentation that realtek dongle are supported, but not for the OPz. Because the poor onboard wifi adapter in the case of Opz, it could be cool to have a realtek wifi dongle support, don't you think so ? Oh I see you also propose images! Nice job!
  8. I bought one Banana and one Orange 18 months ago and the both were unusable with their distros for my needs. Then I discovered Armbian last December and now it is working. Plenty of information here, but when you are a beginner it is difficult to understand immediately and you have to find the line between your own research and experiment and the easy way to ask on the forum. Cant't donate right now, I have only 300€ of salary each month in China and it is very difficult for me. I hope one day it will be more easier for me and I will be able to donate.
  9. Wha! So impressive! Gonna try it immediately (err, after 4 hours of download if everything is ok). Thank you. Four hours later: it is working. Crazy!
  10. Well, I am so sorry to ask this stupid question, but is there any technical interest to do this, I mean there is plenty of old routers with 4 RJ45 connectors and all we need for few bucks, so why to go this hard way to have an Open WRT router ? Please, this is not an agressive question, I just want to understand WHY you do this!
  11. Could you use armbianmonitor -m to see if the card is throttling ?
  12. You can get a file from here : In the file there is x100 error in dimensions, but it is a good base for the beginning.
  13. Do you want to know the dimensions to create box for 3D printers? If yes, there is already something in thingiverse I've already printed, working fine : 1 - 2 - You can get the files and open them with freecad for example, so there you can grab the measurements.
  14. Ok, so go to the website indicated and you have a tool to measure. I've tried it and the measure indicated are ok (I only use a ruler for the moment waiting for the electronic caliper in few days). If I do something on the CAD files, I will not use Autocad but freeware instead.
  15. Dear tkaiser, Thanks a lot for your information. I use only FLAC, mostly in 16 bits 44KHz. I do not pretend anything more that what I've seen at home. If wifi is very important for some people, why not use a wifi / usb dongle? Another point. Few weeks ago I started to read the forum. I think there are here some very high skilled technologist on the forum, the kind of people that do not like too much repeat and repeat and repeat the same answers. And my feeling is now, because of the OPZ growing success (and armbian best system for the card), more and more people are arriving in the forum. Then you will face to more and more questions, maybe already answered. And because you are IT guys and not specialist in pedagogy, OPZ wil be the beginning of a kind of new experience for you.