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  2. I will be putting the overlay in the build system, it can be pulled out of the commit. This claims to be loading, but I'm not getting anything out on my display and haven't yet tried the touch. install the kernel package below, then change armbianEnv.txt to read "i2c1 i2c4 spi2 waveshare32b uart1 uart2" under overlays. Let me know if it works, if not I'll have to give it another go a little bit later. [ 15.027776] ads7846 spi2.1: spi2.1 supply vcc not found, using dummy regulator [ 15.027822] ads7846 spi2.1: Linked as a consumer to regulator.0 [ 15.031921] ads7846 spi2.1: touchscreen, irq 246 ... [ 15.029820] fb_ili9340: module is from the staging directory, the quality is unknown, you have been warned. [ 15.478839] graphics fb0: fb_ili9340 frame buffer, 320x240, 150 KiB video memory, 32 KiB buffer memory, fps=25, spi2.0 at 16 MHz linux-image-next-rockchip_5.87_armhf.deb
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  4. I've just faced a new issue : since I've restored eMMC with 4.9.162, even if I place the boot switch to SPI position, U-Boot doesn't report anything while doing "usb start", although "usb tree" is working fine. So, I can't boot from USB anymore if eMMC is present/connected ... To be able to boot from USB while eMMC is present, I had to wipe out the eMMC, filling its first sectors with zeros ... Strange AmLogic boot sequence ... EDIT : Even worst ! If I re-create a simple data partition on eMMC, "usb start" doesn't work anymore ... The only way to make both co-exist is to have a duplicate BOOT from USB into eMMC, simply because this poor U-Boot is still looking at /dev/mmcblk0p1. EDIT2 : No, it is not the BOOT partition that produced such behavior, since I was able to delete all partitions and recreate only one for data. So it is most probably the presence or not of the bootenv sectors !
  5. I added screenshot and marked yellow dot the unworking pins. I running Armbian which Armbian Xenial desktop legacy kernel 3.10.y and before this image I tried Armbian Stretch mainline based kernel 4.19.y and Armbian Bionic desktop mainline based kernel 4.19.y both I can work with other pins with no problem but these pins are not working. #include <stdio.h> #include <wiringPi.h> // LED Pin - wiringPi pin 0 is BCM_GPIO 17. #define LED 15 int main (void) { printf ("Raspberry Pi blink\n") ; wiringPiSetup () ; pinMode (LED, OUTPUT) ; for (;;) { digitalWrite (LED, HIGH) ; // On delay (500) ; // mS digitalWrite (LED, LOW) ; // Off delay (500) ; } return 0 ; }
  6. Do you mean S_PWM, S_UART_TX, S_UART_RX and PL9 according to schematic ? How do you try it ? Which image are you running ?
  7. ok, sounds great. Are you compiling a new module, or a new kernel version with the touchscreen driver? Thanks & cheers BTW: can you produce also the DTS (beside .DTB) for the new overlay, so that I may change PINs, etc. for different LCDs/touchscreens based on the same chips?
  8. Hello friends; I have board which Orange Pi Win Plus running Armbian. My problem is, boards 7, 8, 10 and 16 physical pins are not working. When I tried to I/O with this pins, console says: Segmentation Error. Is it possible to fix it or is it normal? Thank You.
  9. No, it is a separate DEB, for example, something like : output/debs/linux-dtb-dev-rockpro64_5.81_arm64.deb Yes, by replacing the symbolic links like it was before ...
  10. Problem solved. Ordered 8A/5V PSU from Ali-Express (revealed to be 6A) and all works fine. Oh that Chinese tech people. They can forge single-plate computer but can not forge adequate PSU.
  11. No it does generated when i install custom kernel deb at /boot. If fail to boot my custom kernel with 4.4.174 dtb can i recover boot to 4.4.174 armbian kernel?
  12. DTB = Device Tree Binaries Normally, when you did your build, you should have a dtb package generated. Since 4.4.167 and 4.4.174 are not to far from each other, the DTBs are maybe compatible, in such case try out your new kernel with the old DTB.
  13. Just to let you know, I've been able to restore original 4.9.162 image on eMMC and booted it ... Then, I've done some test of doing "tar | tar" of almost all ROOTFS into a new folder without any "load average > 10" issue. So, it is most probably a kernel issue within 5.1.y image. I've compared mmc nodes of both DT, I didn't find much differences ...
  14. is an overlay by ASUS for the 4.4 kernel, I'll adapt it to Armbian and we'll see. [edit] the driver for the touchscreen is also not included with our kernel, that can be fixed momentarily once I give this overlay a shot.
  15. What is dtb ? My custom kernel has no dtb.
  16. Yes, sounds incredible easy. But for a windows user with no experience with linux that is harder then it looks like. Is there a guide somewhere? What would I need to google to find out how to do it?
  17. Thanks for your replies. I spent many hours today to upload a recovery image onto the EspressoBin, but no success. Usually, after a few seconds, the upload stops (no error message), longest was about 30s till stop. I am not sure if this has to do with the fact, that I am using a Virtual Box Debian guest on a MacOS host, so that the serial connection might not be as perfectly timed as necessary? I have never had any problems with this and a serial connection at 115200 baud is not rocket science really (I tried lower baud rates too...). If I can't find a solution for this, the EspressoBin is going to take its way back to GlobalScale.
  18. Then everything is fine. 32 bit (streaming version) is not working well, it is just an experiment. That's why it is disabled by default.
  19. @JMCC according to Chromium (NOT streaming/32) normal chromium is accelerated:
  20. Only choose system. And no other options. Then glamour I think. That installs the drivers for Chromium. Streaming is a 32-bit Chromium running in Docker. So that you don't need. Please also tell your experiences with it. I've sometimes got Chromium crashing. I'm not sure if it's with all Rock64's.
  21. Just try with the default options: click "Accept", "Yes" or "OK" every time, and let it run.
  22. Hi. It's best when you run the script the first time not to choose any other things. You also do not need streaming for Chromium to have VPU acc. There's a small bug in the script what makes it that you can't choose the different system choices(can't think of the names)
  23. It should work on a fresh Default image (4.4 kernel), just with default options selected. I haven't tested it in a while, let's see if I can find some time and check whether recent updates broke the script.
  24. I also didn't update anything, I done all this on a fresh 5.75 image. ran the "media script" ticked system, selected arm soc and opengl wrapper. then rebooted and selected streaming and mpv. Chromium refuses to get HW acceled....
  25. @TonyMac32 alright. I still don't have any LibGL. MPV works fine. weird.
  26. I'm afraid I'm something of an electrician when it comes to Linux, I'm much more hardware oriented than software. This is something@JMCC works on, perhaps if he has time he can be of more use. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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