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    lanefu got a reaction from gounthar in (Serial) console access via 'USB-UART/Gadget mode' on Linux/Windows/OSX   
    Try a different program for your uart such as tio
    Also try
    export TERM=xterm && reset
    export TERM=linux && reset
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    lanefu reacted to tkaiser in rock-5b with vendor u-boot & vendor kernel; PR and test images   
    BTW: The device is called Rock 5B as such congratulations on the subforum name...
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    lanefu reacted to RSS Bot in [Armbian build PR] - Add preliminary support for UEFI install to nand-sata-install   
    UEFI installer. Help is needed for reworking this tool into something less fragile.
    Jira reference number AR-1355
    How Has This Been Tested?
    Please describe the tests that you ran to verify your changes. Please also note any relevant details for your test configuration.
    [x] Windows 11 laptop. Shrink main partition, then generate new partition from that space and format it. Then run nand-sata-install Checklist:
    [ ] My code follows the style guidelines of this project [ ] I have performed a self-review of my own code [ ] I have commented my code, particularly in hard-to-understand areas [ ] I have made corresponding changes to the documentation [ ] My changes generate no new warnings [ ] Any dependent changes have been merged and published in downstream modules View the full article
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    lanefu reacted to Werner in Pinebook PRO does not boot Armbian_22.08.1_Pinebook-pro_bullseye_current_5.15.63.img   
    @NicoD @lanefu don't you have pbp for a quick test?
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    lanefu reacted to Da Xue in Le Potato general topics   
    We are working with Amlogic and BayLibre to get to the root of the ethernet issues on mainline for Amlogic chips. We should have a resolution soon. One was caused by double poking a register in Designware's IP. There's a secondary issue we are looking into.
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    lanefu reacted to TRS-80 in Armbian 22.05 (Jade) Release Thread   
    Sorry for again disappearing.  It took up much more time and energy than I thought to find a new place (very tough market here) and get moved.
    On the up side, I have my own separate bedroom/office now, where I can hack away on my mechanical keyboard late into the night (previously my battle station was in the bedroom and The Missus is a light sleeper, lol)!
    Still unpacking and getting settled in, still need to build a shed, etc. but at least my battle station (and SBCs) are back up and running again now!
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    lanefu reacted to Eric Smith in avoid /var/log full from mapping of memory on boot   
    Hi All

    We are having a problem where on booting the /var/log is filled and uses all mmc storage space.
    Does anyone know how to intervene in te booting process to stop this mapping and filling up of the fs?

    This issue sometimes causes the device to fail to boot properly and remain inaccessible.
    (It may indeed be that an unclean shutdown is causing this problem).

    Booting up properly is essential for us and we do not want or need these logs .
    We send the logs over the server, so capture these anyways.

    This posting refers to our same issue: 

    Any help much appreciated.
    Thank you for Armbian!

    Best wishes
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    lanefu reacted to rpardini in rock-5b with vendor u-boot & vendor kernel; PR and test images   
    Rock 5b test images, from armbian-next. Using vendor u-boot + patches, and vendor kernel, both straight from radxa's git
    XFCE desktop with "browsers" app group
    - https://github.com/rpardini/armbian-release/releases/download/20220710b/Armbian_20220710b-rpardini_Rock-5b_jammy_legacy_5.10.66_xfce_desktop.img.xz
    - https://github.com/rpardini/armbian-release/releases/download/20220710b/Armbian_20220710b-rpardini_Rock-5b_jammy_legacy_5.10.66.img.xz
    PR: https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/3984 (against master)
    All work by @amazingfate I just gathered stuff and built images.
    Thanks to @monkaBlyat @lanefu @piter75 @amazingfate for tests / patches etc
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    lanefu reacted to Werner in Forum adjustments   
    ROCK Pi 5B has been added to upcoming hardware. @rpardini@amazingfate
    A few upcoming hardware forums have been "demoted" to sub-forums within News due to lack of activity
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    lanefu reacted to e_music in Lichee Pi zero   
    Hello everyone!
    Well, I have been reading through the entire post and trying to learn and apply what I learned for the past few days. In fact, many of the replies by @TheLinuxBugand @guidolhad the answers and solutions I've been looking for. I had this Licheepi thing for over two months now and I struggled a lot to get Ethernet working. Let alone the space constrained PCB that made things very awkward for soldering/de-soldering even for a pin header, though I'm well trained and experienced in soldering/de-soldering fine pitch QFP128 chips. I didn't mind paying a few bucks more to get a PCB that is less constrained and compact like this one.
    Well, I'm totally new to SBCs and Embedded Linux and I'm coming from another architecture, but I'm now getting more familiar with the build system and toolchain. I got this board because I needed it to control/interface with an ASIC that is fully supported since kernel 3.5. Of course, the communication is done over SPI bus and I have seen several implementations out there utilizing the Licheepi Zero Dock with the ASIC concerned.
    For the first time ever, I was able to get Ethernet working. Thanks again for this great and helpful post. However, I still have a few questions regarding the adaptation of SPI bus, device trees and overlays support, GPIOs, interrupts, LCD, framebuffer, and adding support for FT5406 touch screen (the one attached to my LCD at the moment).
    I tried the Debian image with LXDE available here: https://licheepizero.us/. It works fine with my LCD.
    Another website I found for Licheepi pre-compiled images, but non of them worked for some reason:
    If someone can help, I would love to hear from you!
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    lanefu reacted to AxelFoley in Has Armbian decided to not support eMMC any more for the RockPro64 ?   
    Hi @Igor,
               I am happy to contribute to the project if it helps. 
    Do the maintainers need a Pine RockPro64 with 64Gb eMMC ?
    I can order a couple more at the end of the month and send one to the maintainers. just let me know with a DM.
    I'm also happy to test releases if people want me to, but I spend most of my free time on DE10 Nano and the Pine RocPro64 Pico Clusters I run are mainly to test orchestration toolsets like Ansible and SaltStack and Distributed DB's like Cassandra.
    I have a VMWare Server to run RHEL Container platforms like Openshift to test things like Service Discovery Consul and Monitoring with Prometheus/Grafana for proprietary apps. 
    That's my background I'm no bootstrap expert (after UEFI I gave up interest in the subject), but I can pick stuff up
    I don't check this forum often so somebody would have to reach out to me to be part of a QA Process for that board.  
    I seem to spend weeks when I am doing a cluster rebuild just testing and trying to find a stable image that is;
    1). Debian based distro
    2). 64bit (arm64)
    3). That boots to eMMC.
    4). That has a Desktop build for the control plane node that supports attached Nvme Storage
    5). That has a CLI build for the worker nodes.
    Its seems to be a constant problem with these Pine RockPro64 boards.
    They are hardly an AliExpress Clone outfit ... Pine are quite well established 🙂 www.pine64.org
    Let me know how you feel I can contribute 
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    lanefu reacted to balbes150 in Plans for RISC-V boards like BeagleV, Nezha RISC-V SBC and Allwinner D1 SBC?   
    Many do not know, but the correct interpretation of the designation "Armbian" does not come from ARM, but sounds like this. An automated workplace based on ubuntu\debian.
    For those who want to take part in the development of this direction, there is some progress (but this does not mean that it will necessarily be included in the official part of the build system) ....
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    lanefu reacted to Werner in Armbian 22.05 (Jade) Release Thread   
    Since release images are made theoretically a bunch of boards are now to be dropped to CSC since maintainers failed either one or both of these criteria:
    However since this is the first release with the new support model and this may not have been clearly enough be communicated it is still to determine if the demotion is enforced this time.
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    lanefu reacted to Werner in dig in repository for bullseye not found   
    Try to understand the error message correctly. There is an issue with your apt indexes.
    Packages is there upstream.
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    lanefu reacted to going in Shallow Kernel Git trees via GitHub Actions   
    This is what can be confidently called the most correct part of the algorithm.
    You've already done everything! Well done!
    This is something that I am happy to store in a local folder.
    And the ability to extract from the archive to the target folder cache/sources/linux-mainline.
    This algorithm will greatly save free space inside the virtual machine.
    But then the process of creating these archives in the build system is not necessary. It becomes a simple periodic manual work. Update this storage once a month.
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    lanefu reacted to balbes150 in Armbian 22.05 (Jade) Release Thread   
    IMHO this is "incorrect logic", i.e. this is "implicit" behavior, the concept of ".ignore_changes" needs to be changed to a "normal" variable with "explicit" behavior. I would remove this mechanism altogether, and make a "generally accepted" option for using GIT branches (when switching to any branch, only data from this branch is used, without automatic hidden switching to the master branch). The key ".ignore_changes" should be used in relation to the current changes in the current branch in the form of a service message with a user-only solution.
    Therefore, I propose to change this "implicit" behavior, it is familiar to those who know the system, but creates problems for beginners who are accustomed to the "generally accepted" ways of using GIT (switched to the branch, which means its code is automatically used).
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    lanefu reacted to minnixtx in Radxa Zero: What images I've tried so far and what has and hasn't worked   
    I seem to have made a mistake in my original post. radxa-zero-ubuntu-focal-server-arm64-20220501-0334-mbr is actually a radxa built image and so needs the user and pass to both be rock. It turns out it works fine. I am not sure about the politics between Armbian and DietPi but I hope there is not too much ill will between the two as they have been good projects for me.
    Also because of the nature of my job, I do not always have extra cash on hand on a regular basis so I cannot be a regular subscriber, but I did make a one time donation today to Armbian via paypal of 100 euros since I happen to have some money at the moment. Hope this helps. I can continue to test new images as they come out and hopefully offer more feedback. Thanks.
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    lanefu reacted to Dennboy in work-around for /var/log full at startup   
    Dear all,
    I occasionally have a full /var/log at startup on various boards, probably because the logs are not rotated /vaccuumd at boot (we had a thread about this in the old opi1 forum). The rotating /vaccuum is currently done every 15 minutes, so I figured why not do it directly at boot as well?
    For this purpose I updated /etc/cron.d/armbian-truncate-logs with an extra @reboot line:
    PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin */15 * * * * root /usr/lib/armbian/armbian-truncate-logs @reboot root /usr/lib/armbian/armbian-truncate-logs I rebooted several times, and didn't get a full /var/log anymore.
    All subsequent problems like failing networking when filesystem full also vanished;-)
    Kind regards,
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    lanefu reacted to rpardini in Odroid M1   
    Ok here's a new version, 5.18-rc7 from tobetter's tree. Still very early days.
    tobetter is doing a fantastic job this time around, keeping his tree rebased properly this time.
    This version has working NVMe (!), panfrost somewhat works, some hangs when panfrost is used.
    eMMC does NOT work in my experience, it hangs the machine if trying to use it. use SD card.
    unzstd, burn to SD, boot either with or without holding the button. (it should NOT go into or through Petitboot either way, instead the SPL in SPI should find and boot uboot in the SD card, or with button boot all blobs from SD).
    (4.x stuff still does not have HDMI, I've no idea why, it's otherwise stable, but I won't post it here since most people just assume it does not work at all if HDMI does not work)
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    lanefu reacted to rpardini in Asus thinker board 2s   
    @Excel I've an image. Unofficial. Unsupported. unzstd it, burn it to SD, put jumper J3 in Maskrom mode, UART at 1500000.
     https://github.com/rpardini/armbian-release/releases/download/20220522c/Armbian_20220522c-rpardini_Tinkerboard_jammy_edge_5.17.9.img.zst (WRONG! That is for the TB1!)
    UPDATE: https://github.com/rpardini/armbian-release/releases/download/20220522c/Armbian_20220522c-rpardini_Tinkerboard-2_jammy_edge_5.17.9.img.zst (correct for the TB2)
    Good luck!
    Sorry boss, I've all these images laying around and can't help myself. 😉
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    lanefu reacted to Heisath in Armbian 22.05 (Jade) Release Thread   
    I will run mvebu tests tomorrow. Sorry for not being available for the meeting, turns out, building a house is a pretty major thing...
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    lanefu got a reaction from Cucaracha in armbian-ramlog problems and possible improvements   
    thank you!  merged!
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    lanefu reacted to Cucaracha in armbian-ramlog problems and possible improvements   
    I have the same issue and I've tested the script with the --delete option. The change solved my issue. Before I had about 74 MB in /var/log.hdd/journal. After the change and executing the cronjob I have about 7 MB now. So the ramdisk will not be overfilled anymore.
    I've created a pull request with this small change: https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/3779
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    lanefu reacted to Igor in Armbian 22.05 (Jade) Release Thread   
    @Contributor/Maintainer If something has to be squeezed into the code ... I guess merging armbian-next has to be postponed. After Sunday, bugs bugs bugs. Solving, not generating new ones  
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    lanefu reacted to Igor in Armbian 22.05 (Jade) Release Thread   
    Release is not just freezing the code and generating images. Its a time when we pull together stronger, agree and deal with common goals and ideas. Things we are dealing with are complicated. Linux is complex, our framework is getting there too and only together we can deal with all this.
    I started on freezing the kernel version. There is also some breakage, some related to our patches, some not. But since we have to freeze it sooner or later, perhaps now its the right time.
    This brings a few good things at once:
    temporally release people that are working close with maintaining kernel code @going@jock@balbes150@amazingfate myself ... this can bring more resources on trying to match with / merge armbian-next. @rpardiniworked for moths on this. Lets review the code and help sorting out bugs. Again. IMHO it is possible to merge, but if code remain unstable by the code freeze date (2022-05-14), we are merging after new images are generated. asking @Contributor/Maintainer board maintainers to engage in images building and testing (currently still from master branch) and bug reporting as earlier as possible (once PR 3736 gets merged) reproducible build framework in release branch. Which is most important long term consequence. Additionally, we would like to finish u-boot upgrade on Rockchip and release major forum refactoring @TonyMac32 @piter75 @balbes150
    Happy Workers' Day!
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