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    lanefu reacted to Heisath in Armbian 22.05 (Jade) Release Thread   
    I will run mvebu tests tomorrow. Sorry for not being available for the meeting, turns out, building a house is a pretty major thing...
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    lanefu got a reaction from Cucaracha in armbian-ramlog problems and possible improvements   
    thank you!  merged!
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    lanefu reacted to Cucaracha in armbian-ramlog problems and possible improvements   
    I have the same issue and I've tested the script with the --delete option. The change solved my issue. Before I had about 74 MB in /var/log.hdd/journal. After the change and executing the cronjob I have about 7 MB now. So the ramdisk will not be overfilled anymore.
    I've created a pull request with this small change:
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    lanefu reacted to Igor in Armbian 22.05 (Jade) Release Thread   
    @Contributor/Maintainer If something has to be squeezed into the code ... I guess merging armbian-next has to be postponed. After Sunday, bugs bugs bugs. Solving, not generating new ones  
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    lanefu reacted to Igor in Armbian 22.05 (Jade) Release Thread   
    Release is not just freezing the code and generating images. Its a time when we pull together stronger, agree and deal with common goals and ideas. Things we are dealing with are complicated. Linux is complex, our framework is getting there too and only together we can deal with all this.
    I started on freezing the kernel version. There is also some breakage, some related to our patches, some not. But since we have to freeze it sooner or later, perhaps now its the right time.
    This brings a few good things at once:
    temporally release people that are working close with maintaining kernel code @going@jock@balbes150@amazingfate myself ... this can bring more resources on trying to match with / merge armbian-next. @rpardiniworked for moths on this. Lets review the code and help sorting out bugs. Again. IMHO it is possible to merge, but if code remain unstable by the code freeze date (2022-05-14), we are merging after new images are generated. asking @Contributor/Maintainer board maintainers to engage in images building and testing (currently still from master branch) and bug reporting as earlier as possible (once PR 3736 gets merged) reproducible build framework in release branch. Which is most important long term consequence. Additionally, we would like to finish u-boot upgrade on Rockchip and release major forum refactoring @TonyMac32 @piter75 @balbes150
    Happy Workers' Day!
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    lanefu reacted to TRS-80 in Armbian 22.05 (Jade) Release Thread   
    Sorry could not make the meeting.  I just read the notes.
    I am back to work now but locally (almost no travel) so I can have a little time here and there maybe to help with the release somehow.
    I'll try to hang out in IRC.
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    lanefu reacted to Junkman in My apt search has become super slow recently   
    FYI, it worked for me:
    1. Backup the `/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/02-armbian-compress-indexes`
    2. Change `/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/02-armbian-compress-indexes`
    -Acquire::GzipIndexes "true";
    +Acquire::GzipIndexes "false";
    3. `sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*`
    4. apt search ...
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    lanefu reacted to Werner in In some forums tagging has been enforced   
    Was kind a painful to add 70 tags by hand one by one since invision refuses to deal with either spaces, tabs or line-breaks...
    anyway all supported boards got their individual tag. in bug tracker forums only those must be chosen, for some other forums tags are open but supported board tags are marked as recommended.
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    lanefu reacted to Igor in Git - code quality improvement attempt   
    Unifying TAGS as much as possible - as low count / universal as possible has been enforced to GitHub merge requests and issues. From now on, we have only 12 labels:

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    lanefu reacted to Igor in armbian-next development   
    Ban is still in place  I am writing an email right now. In general it would be better to use Google mirror primarily. Or we need to use Git for bundles?

    You mean like having our own full kernel mirror?

    I would not push on moving everything to distro compilers at once. What works, works and we do this gradually. Going on half now, removing them all in one year. Something like that. Even today, sometimes we will need to deal with a special compiler, so support has to remain. And a few of them if there is too much work with adopting the code.

    Thanks for update. Will do another cycle of review when possible.
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    lanefu got a reaction from Werner in Banana Pi BPI-M2S , BPI-R2 PRO   
    Or I guess Balbes support is free and easy.    
    Note this is balbes and not official support status
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    lanefu reacted to RSS Bot in [CNX-Software] - DIY SBC cases and SBC Case Builder tool based on OpenSCAD   
    Since you can’t always rely on single board computer (SBC) vendors to provide a case to match your needs, some went the DIY route. William Tarreau designed some laser-cut enclosures with Inkscape for various SBCs, while hominoids went a step further by developing the “SBC Case Builder” tool to automatically generate various types of 3D printable enclosures using OpenSCAD. William designed five similar enclosures for Khadas VIM3/VIM3L, FriendlyELEC NanoPi Fire3, SolidRun Clearfog Base networking SBC, Libre Computer AML-S805X-AC (aka “La Frite”), and AAEON UP Board. All cases are available in Inkscape SVG format, and William accepts contributions for other boards. You’ll need a laser engraver or CNC router to cut out those enclosures. Hominoids’ SBC Case Builder project attempt to automatize enclosure generation for SBCs using SBC Model Framework written in OpenSCAD. Work has focused on ODROID boards so far, but it should work for other vendors too. The parameters [...]
    The post DIY SBC cases and SBC Case Builder tool based on OpenSCAD appeared first on CNX Software - Embedded Systems News.
    View the full article
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    lanefu reacted to jimmij in [WANTED] YOUR pictures for the forums grid!   
    I wasn't sure where to put this...but this thread seemed closest. Armbian wallpaper / artwork rendered in Blender 3.1 with procedural text and materials.

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    lanefu reacted to Stan Pak in Odroid M1   
    This is quite interesting board and it would be really nice to have the Armbian powering it.
    What makes the board good are the features, like:
    8GB RAM - awesome! M.2 SSD connector - so the drive can be added with very low profile and no wires. I wished there were 2x M.2 connectors to easily create RAID.1 mirrors. Additional SATA so more drives can be connected or even the hub for NAS applications. Solid heatsink. Price is on the level of other 4GB RAM models of Odroid. Theses boards can be easily stacked to create compact but powerful clusters that make no noise and fit nicely into the closet data-center.
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    lanefu reacted to Igor in Armbian 22.05 (Jade) Release Thread   
    Its impossible to get all people together and this meeting was anyway on a short notice due to upcoming holidays and the fact we are late. 

    Anytime, at once - found something?, file a bug. Focus is CURRENT kernel, others are optional. Check once again in Jira if closed and on device, after code freeze. That would be ideal process for now. I hope we are going to bump automated testings on a better level soon, so not much manual intervention will be needed.
    Other general things like bug in 1st run script or similar, should also be booked to Jira. Unless they are not already present. In case something else, not something from your field needs to be closed or moved ahead (to this version), help is welcome. Somebody has to do it ...
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    lanefu reacted to Igor in Armbian 22.05 (Jade) Release Thread   
    Release Candidate Code Freeze Date: 2022-05-14 Release Planning Meeting Date:  2022-04-23 14:00 UTC+1  Release Planning Meeting Location: Armbian IRC Release Date: 2022-05-28 Release Coordinator: Igor  
    Board maintainers:
    Open / close bugs related to your board  in Jira for your board and close them if they are resolved before release date. Record also bugs that were closed but they were not recorded to Jira (to have this info in release documentation) Bugs that are resolved change field "Fix versions" to "22.05". Optional select board and SOC.
    Everyone with Jira access:
    claim ownership of closed tasks (Assignee) close issues if they are done (change field "Fix versions" to "22.05") move issues to next release cycle (this needs to be done) or backlog (one day)
    Anyone that wants to join:
    we are fairly good in maintain hardware, a little less in tweaking OS and desktops, ... We are good with infrastructure, except forums. Here we need help in moderating and reorganising. We also need help in leading projects. Like this release cycle and many small projects. If you wanna join coordinating release, read this ...  
    Meeting preface:


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    lanefu reacted to balbes150 in Khadas Vim4   
    Presumably this is a crosstalk problem, USB 3.0 uses a high frequency that interferes with WiFi (the chips are too close to each other). Details are available on the khadas official forum.
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    lanefu reacted to Raulin in My experience with armbian   
    Hello to everyone and greetings for the great work they do, just to tell them about the experience of having armbian, installed in my tv box, to the purpose the operating system I have installed it in a tv box, with rk322x processor, of 1gb branch and 8 storage, so far it is working with normal detail to the following:
    wifi: works with your own wifi, if I put external antenna (door dongle) also works the same.
    bluetooth: it works perfectly with outside dongle.
    searched by voice with external microphone (in fact the tv box, has not incorporated), works perfectly with ob-type sound card.
    print documents? of course, with any printer connected to the ob port.
    scan documents? effectively without problems.
    Also works with normal an external disk connected directly to an ob port.
    I hope this information will serve someone, I only intend to share my experience of using armbian on a tv box, rk322x, any very grateful comment, and again congratulations to the developers of this excellent distribution...and to the people who make possible the installation on the tv box, long life to you...ya linux.
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    lanefu got a reaction from Sigma7 in Backup and restore using rsync and NFS (NAS) ?   
    You're probably going to need to be a little more hands on with the tool you choose.    
    I like borg and borgmatic.
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    lanefu got a reaction from Werner in Backup and restore using rsync and NFS (NAS) ?   
    You're probably going to need to be a little more hands on with the tool you choose.    
    I like borg and borgmatic.
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    lanefu reacted to going in GPIO depreciation sysfs on O-PI; No /sys/class/gpio/... anymore?   
    Gentlemen, thank you very much for the topic raised.
    I discovered libgpiod. Today I checked on orangepipc2. All the functionality described in the help for teams works. And I saw more advantages.
    If the pin is configured as an input, then I get a timestamp about the event automatically.
    Two different processes will not be able to access the pin at the same time.
    There are more advantages.
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    lanefu got a reaction from NicoD in Issues: Forum vs. GitHub   
    Hi great question.  Def can be confusing.  We're working to be more clear.
    GitHub issues (NOT PRs) are meant to be specific to the Armbian build engine and not specific to devices.
    Raise device issues on forum for conversation and hopefully find the attention of a maintainer.  (Part of reason we do it on forum is it creates too much noise on GitHub for such a small team of devs)
    If it's an issue a maintainer or armbian developer thinks it needs to be prioritized, they will add to our Jira
    For those that don't like posting on forum anybody can open a draft PR with a proposed solution and explanation of what's being solved in GitHub 
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    lanefu reacted to Hans Kurscheidt in Issues: Forum vs. GitHub   
    I have recently posted several issues wrt. OPi0+. GPIO (sysfs), armbian-config (bug confirmed by Igor), WiFi AP, GPIO event handling. Except for GPIO, where high activity is going on, I cannot find anything in "GitHub-issues" about the other problems, I have raised. I therefore would like to know, what would be the right place to rise issues? Here in the forum, or in GitHub?
    I mean "issues", not "how tos"
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    lanefu reacted to littlecxm in Anyone using PDF documentation?   
    now I merged it to releases 🙂
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    lanefu reacted to jimmij in armbian added to the distrowatch list