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  1. Armbain for Tinkerboard is not stable - system hang on very often..... there is no audio..... i have to use external usb sound card.
  2. This is only my perception. I have this three SBC.: PINE 64 +, Nano PI A64, Banana pi M64. Everything on A64 allwinner chip. Armbian Image for Pine 64 works both Pine and Bananapi M64. But does not work NANO PI A64. Other third party software ( systems ) Remix, Ubuntu, work pine and banana pi and dont work nano pi. Only android 5.1.1 works on these three SBC....
  3. hello. I have found that you made firmware for MiQi board ( Rockchip RK3288 ). Is this firmware compatibile with Tinker Board ASUS ? It has the same SOC.
  4. when i triaing change monitor in NANO PI M1 from HDMI to DVI ( H3disp 1080p ), then i cannot start system in a DVI monitor. After changed HDMI monitor is also blocked. Then you have to delete into another computer in sd card your scirpt bin file and rename script.bin.back to script.bin to return to HDMI monitor. DVI does not work at all . maybe it is producer error not software.
  5. Orange PI PC 2 with Allwinner H5 CPU is widely avalaible in Germany and Poland. Wrong info.: Only android 5.1 is working on it. Avalaible is Ubuntu XFCE, but it has no support ( for egzample how to change screen resolution how to change from hdmi to dvi, no support for pulseaudio itd ). Other ISO avalaible only via BAIDU but someone without chaneesee keyboard cannot download it. I bought it in Poland via internet and installed Android. Board is operating very quickly. CPU stays cool. When can i expected ARMBIAN for H5???? :) I must say that Armbian is clutching and straws for Orange PI... They have no intrest to deliver one working operating system.
  6. "but Friendy ARM OS images are pretty nice" Nano M2 image ubuntu 15.04 after update to 15.10 does not work, Kali linux no sound, Debian 8 suppoert 720p resolution. To change resolution 1080p please compile kernel - doesnot work. Android - works . Nano M3 the same as Nano M2 but without Kali and Ubuntu which doesnot exist
  7. Hi short question.: Will you make Armbian for Nano pi M2 and M3 or not.... best regards Radek
  8. hi i have installed armbain on microsd card on banana pi m2+. Pulseaudio via pavucontrol recognized the sound card. Every seems to be ok. But when i tried play radio via rythmbox or play you tube audio voice is very interruped. it does not work in fact, because interruption are very often..... the same problem is with images provident by banana pi team. Only Raspbian MATE images works out of box.