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    Is it the one we all know ?
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    But leaving a link messes with the unread status ("star") for subforums, so I prefer to move without leaving a link. Users can easily find moved stuff via their profile pages or "Find Content" function.
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    pfeerick reacted to martinayotte in Problems with Orange PC+   
    Yes, I figured out when I came back to the original thread ...
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    pfeerick got a reaction from Tido in Moderator duties   
    No worries there... I only edit when it's some thing silly like those quote-within-quote-within-quote posts (which don't seem to happen here), or code formatting hasn't been used. Basically readability stuff, and I make it known that is why the edit was done.  And point taken, all hail the mighty Igor! 
    @Igor When it's obvious human spam, do we temporal ban or just kick? Case in point: jessica951 Just want to ensure I toe the company line!
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    Granted! Thank you.
    Some more general thoughts:

    We have a very strong spam protection, so you won't have much job dealing with robots, but human creations which sometimes are spam. Since our moderator team got stronger now, we can keep forum in better condition - keeping posts on topics, which was somehow neglected.
    Our job is also to limit down repeated questions the best way possible with as little impact as possible - with tools mentioned above and procedures which should be summed above. You have right for post editing - use it to update "Moderator duties", when we come up with something to add. I'll do so, but sometimes I won't be able to react promptly. Don't edit other people posts unless it's really necessary.
    And remember we need to stay humble. We are all just people with ability to make certain moves, which shall be in common interest. Authority will be needed in case of troubles.
    Prohibiting (ban) and deleting content should be last option - if warnings does not produce any effect - our forum is in general very good in this manner - we issued one temporal ban and currently we don't have banned users. 
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    pfeerick got a reaction from Tido in Moderator duties   
    I'll bite. I did say I was willing to help out any way I can. If it means spam control, so be it!  And thanks for the link to the article... I'll have to ram that down the throat of another "moderator" that I know someday...
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    pfeerick reacted to Igor in Nightly images?

    More volunteers for this job? Not much to do but still it's better if load is shared.
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    pfeerick reacted to Igor in Nightly images?   
    A20 boards are generally just fine, while R1 ... we all know it's shitty by design and If we had EOS section since start, it would be already long gone simply because it sucked so much of our time, more than any other board, without any point & value.
    There are four images for R1 for download - all are working now - I remake last image with last working mainline kernel (4.9.7) and that's all. EOS means we will officially not deal anymore with the board, but this does not prohibit anyone to make moves. Kernel updates will continue to run out so their is still hope for the board.

    I also added two A10 boards there too. Why? They are working O.K., they are stable, but make just enough troubles on upgrades. Do we need to deal with them? No. They are rare and we don't have more than one sample around.

    Well, I would complain too, but it doesn't make any good

    Yes, I'll update and make it more visible asap. In any case nothing major before September.
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    pfeerick reacted to Tido in Nightly images?   
    Launch --- Due in 149 Days (or when it is ready)
    and please put that somewhere were we can see that, like here (it is already written just needs a link to the lines above) 
        Countdown instead of frozen numbers ?
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    pfeerick reacted to Tido in Nightly images?   
    Really R1 ?
    I know TK smashes on it by every chance, but
    - no one ever beside TK complained about the design problem (just some speed junkies how want to have real Gigabit)
    - short cable and IKEA PowerSupply I still power mine via MicroUSB - works like a charm other can use battery adapter explained on sunxi.
    - it runs an A20  which is better supported than any other (which is the greenest in the table H3, H5??    NOOOO  it is the A10 A20)
    - nowhere you find this 'smart design' HDD attached on the board.
    - Igor ran the forum on an A20
    I have no clue, why it didn't turn on the network properly after the changes, but it always did in the past.
    And you want to kick this board - beside me there are many who use it and willing to test. Btw, even a customer of TK is having an R1 running, unless he replace the HW.
    The loudest is not necessarily right.
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    pfeerick reacted to zador.blood.stained in Nightly images?   
    I would prefer to adjust milestones to kernel and u-boot releases so we can migrate with the mainline and still have enough time to test and fix possible issues.
    The wiki idea was discussed before, having a wiki means spending time in updating it, fixing possible issues from other people edits, managing access permissions, etc.
    And regarding supported features - this example is far from complete but is already almost unreadable for an average user:
    And this is only Allwinner based boards.
    And regarding the 5.30 networking issue - the problem exists in mainline u-boot since April, at least 2 people missed this issue completely, and we are talking about u-boot with more or less strict review procedures for patches and basic automated testing set up AFAIK. So even strict rules don't save from (kind of obvious to me) failures. And now we will be sitting on top of the fix (and another fix for H3/H5 I2C copy-paste issue in the DT) because we don't have a person who is willing to relay these bugs upstream or has a proper environment set up to send a patch.
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    pfeerick reacted to tkaiser in Nightly images?   
    OK, understood. Everything is fine, no need to improve (and yeah, really no need to babble any more since useless)
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    pfeerick reacted to bozden in Nightly images?   
    Thank you for this... This is a quite valuable resource...
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    pfeerick reacted to Bubba in Nightly images?   
    Put up a "bounty" have those who wish to have a board supported or a feature added, have them put up some funds, plus the boards.
    I donated because I find the process entertaining, gives my brain something to do, but if I had a project I could see paying for a feature or 2.
    You guys need to offer more "fun", ...more projects which will draw in programmers and end users.
    I see a bunch of folks hoping to do projects that are really pushing these boards, how about some IOT projects, Magic mirror, leggo bots an so on.
    Igor's menu is a good start for those just starting out (reminds of Doug's menu for IBM DOS).
     Maybe offer access to the scripts, so folks can alter / add to it.
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    pfeerick reacted to tkaiser in Nightly images?   
    Ok: how to define a process to decide whether we want to support a new device or not?
    Current situation: a hardware vendor sends out dev samples worth 50 bucks and we waste our time worth tens of thousands of bucks on these devices without even starting a discussion whether it's worth the efforts or not. Or someone with commit rights simply adds a board since... no idea. That sucks.
    Can we agree on a process like and if not what are your ideas?
    Current situation: We support way too much boards to deal with, we scare away potential contributors (IMO due to lack of clear communication and the feeling for 'externals' there's an 'inner circle' or something like that) and we always just talk and talk and talk but nothing happens. This also sucks.
    Using Armbian and having to fear an 'apt upgrade' really sucks. There was a lot of babbling about what has to happen prior to releasing major releases ('team testers' and stuff) but... today we're on 5.30 for whatever reasons (maybe I just missed discussion, call for testers and announcement?)
    If we're not able to test through all those boards we claim to support why do we provide upgrades that break the most important things? This is not the first time and if we don't start to think about why we update all the time without most basic testing more of these situations will follow. If we don't have the resources to test through every f*cking u-boot update every two months everywhere why do we roll out these updates? We have devices where u-boot is from 2013 or maybe even older and that's just fine. Using 'latest and greatest' without even testing is quite the opposite of the distros we put on top of this (horribly outdated AKA stable Debian variants). 
    This is how I would sum up Armbian engagement today:
    (sorry for this rant but I consider current situation extremely discouraging)
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    pfeerick reacted to Igor in Nightly images?   
    OK, once per week and interessant only. I'll clear them out during this week. Will also push 5.30 updated images out.
    Fine with me.
    I made a third and I hope last adjustements. Now each one has it's own page, accessible from menu, below "Download". In /download, we only have stable, nothing else. I was only thinking to add links from there to WIP and deprecated section? Also some more explanation needs to be added to WIP and deprecated.
    Specific is to big waste of time for us ... no, perhaps some general infomation that users will understand get some ideas / hints, why we don't support just every board on the market and that shitty boards exits and there is nothing much we can do about.
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    pfeerick reacted to tkaiser in orange pi zero reaches 85 degrees with heatsink!   
    That works surprisingly well even with zero airflow around. If you use the search function you'll find numbers.
    Wrt real topic: (nobody uses search function here and nobody tries to nail the culprit down)
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    pfeerick reacted to tkaiser in Not the usual ethernet problem on PINE64 (solved)   
    It would be nice if you adjust thread topic (adding 'Solved' to it) and edit your very first posting inserting a single line at the top descibing the problem 'switch fault, check your switch first' or something like that). Might save other people some time googling around...
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    pfeerick reacted to winterflaw in Not the usual ethernet problem on PINE64 (solved)   
    It turned out to be the Cisco switch.
    Cisco make a range of SOHO products.  I can't speak very much for the products in that range outside of the line which I bought from, but I bought an SG100D-05 and it turns out they are basically, to quote one comment I read, "broken from the factory".  This is a far description, in fact.  The switch was loosing contact with the dev boards plugged into it (and needed to be rebooted) was unable to communicate normally with the PINE64.  There are plenty of other problems which you can find by Googling - including, for example (although I can't remember if it's my model or the ones in the next range up from this, the SSG220s) blocking all SYN packets on ports <= 1024 (which is staggering for an *unmanaged level 2 switch*).  I think Cisco never did release a working firmware which fixed the problem - a broken firmware came out after about two years...(!)
    If you're going to buy Cisco SOHO, make bloody sure you have a good Google first, because what you find will probably convince you not to buy Cisco SOHO.  That was surprising, of course - I *assumed* if it's Cisco, it's going to be solid kit.  It looks however like they just don't take the SOHO market seriously.
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    pfeerick reacted to winterflaw in Not the usual ethernet problem on PINE64 (solved)   
    (One liner added later : the problem turned out to be the Cisco SOHO switch.  They're "broken from the factory".  Not what you'd expect, normally or in particular from Cisco.)
    Hi, everyone.
    I've taken the liberty of posting here with regard to my problem as I have the understanding the PINE64 forums proper are run by crazy people; my thought being to stay away from there.
    So, I have a 1 GB PINE64.  I have ethernet performance problems - but NOT, I believe, in any way related to the early production models with their hardware fault or with gigabit ethernet being flakey.
    My PINE64 is in fact connected to a 100mbit hub, and is as such running a 100mbit, not 1gbit, and it a fairly later model (as my original order was accidentally sent the wrong continent, and it took some time for this to be sorted out =-)
    I'm testing performance using nuttcp.
    This is a representative result;
    10.9375 MB / 1.00 sec = 91.7470 Mbps 0 retrans 11.2500 MB / 1.00 sec = 94.3755 Mbps 0 retrans 11.1875 MB / 1.00 sec = 93.8451 Mbps 0 retrans 11.2500 MB / 1.00 sec = 94.3732 Mbps 0 retrans 11.1875 MB / 1.00 sec = 93.8461 Mbps 0 retrans 11.1875 MB / 1.00 sec = 93.8466 Mbps 0 retrans 11.2500 MB / 1.00 sec = 94.3731 Mbps 0 retrans 5.1875 MB / 1.00 sec = 43.5160 Mbps 0 retrans 0.0000 MB / 1.00 sec = 0.0000 Mbps 0 retrans 0.0000 MB / 1.00 sec = 0.0000 Mbps 0 retrans 0.0000 MB / 1.00 sec = 0.0000 Mbps 0 retrans 0.0000 MB / 1.00 sec = 0.0000 Mbps 0 retrans 0.0000 MB / 1.00 sec = 0.0000 Mbps 0 retrans 0.1875 MB / 1.00 sec = 1.5729 Mbps 0 retrans I've tried changing the cable and I've tried changing the port and I've tried changing the power supply (I have a USB multimeter, and the load is fine - much less than the 2 amp the socket is rated for).
    I also have a Raspberry Pi 2 and a Createo Ci20 plugged into the same hub, and they work fine - the Pi shows a consistent 93/94, with no drop outs, the Ci20 about 70 (which is also odd, but seems to be the way it is on that board).
    I also see these results on the PINE64 on the Debian distro.
    Googling for other people's experiences is hard because you can't get away from all the posts about the gigabit ethernet problems.
    Does anyone have any advice?
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    pfeerick reacted to tkaiser in ROCK64   
    ROCK64 product page online with links to various resources/documentation:
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    pfeerick reacted to zador.blood.stained in Quick Pinebook Preview / Review   
    As I said, I personally won't touch suspend/resume at all (on the legacy kernel) unless ARISC firmware sources are provided, but I'll try to fix other issues if I can.
    Lid switch works in the kernel (there is an input device that sends events on lid open/close), so this just needs propagation to the power management suftware (upower, systemd-logind, ...)
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    pfeerick reacted to zador.blood.stained in Quick Pinebook Preview / Review   
    Regarding backlight control issues:
    Jun 06 15:41:31 pinebook pkexec[3562]: zador: Error executing command as another user: Not authorized [USER=root] [TTY=unknown] [CWD=/] [COMMAND=/usr/sbin/xfpm-power-backlight-helper --set-brightness 51]  
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    pfeerick reacted to zador.blood.stained in Quick Pinebook Preview / Review   
    No idea why defaults are there as they are, but brightness is controllable after editing /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.xfce.power.policy, so we should add an override for this file somewhere (in /etc?)
    Edit: fixed
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    pfeerick reacted to bozden in New OPi Zero - Yet another high temperature issue...   
    Yes, that is what I wrote to OPi forums. I think the point they have is "we boosted it, cool it - or underclock it to reverse". The Zero's were already hot and they made them hotter. Not suitable for summer projects  
    I never used WiFi on these boards yet as I read about the performance in your tests.
    I'll test them whenever possible with similar setup like your tests. I'm working with OPi One's now and I have to finish them first.