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    pazzoide reacted to guidol in htop has strange "layout"   
    Both pictures show the tree lines, but the Banana Pi may have not used a UTF-8 font in his terminal-window?
    The tree-view is enabled/toggled in htop with the lowercase Key "t" or F5
    If you leave htop with F10 the current view will be saved ( with Ctrl-C it wouldnt saved)
    With the uppercase Key "S" (or F2) you could enter the Setup-Mode of htop
    "man htop" is your friend
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    pazzoide reacted to guidol in htop has strange "layout"   
    you could set a UTF8 language in armbian-config at the SBC-side
    and in puTTY terminal you could under configurations you could also set utf8
    both together should show you the right screen in htop
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    pazzoide reacted to ftp-bin2fex in htop has strange "layout"   
    hello pazzoide  still shows enough to help, why don't you try to change your htop version.
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    pazzoide reacted to @lex in htop has strange "layout"   
    Type in the shell:
    printf   "This is ASCII representation:\n|\n\`\n\`-\nThis is UTF-8 representation:\n\xe2\x94\x82\n\xe2\x94\x9c\n\xe2\x94\x94\xe2\x94\x80\n"
    You should see this:
    This is ASCII representation:
    This is UTF-8 representation:

    If you don't see the above representation, you should set UTF-8 for your language in Terminal.
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    pazzoide reacted to @lex in htop has strange "layout"   
    htop was built without support for ncursessw (shared libraries for terminal handling (wide character support)).
    I realized that is not the problem, i found out if you run htop from ssh terminal and from a console terminal you get ASCII on one and UTF-8 on the other (or vice-versa) and both have UTF-8 support.
    Can you please check if you have the same behavior?  
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    pazzoide reacted to Tido in Banana PI - ghostly swap   
    RAM and compressed
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    pazzoide reacted to Igor in problems?   
    Change back to the main server.
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    pazzoide reacted to Igor in SwiftBoard-Data Rockchip NAS board   
    There will be more and more vendors using ARMBIAN as a reference because good support is one of the most important selling points. They will use "Armbian (will) support(s) ..." in their sales speeches even it's a complete fiction. Sales are not engineering
    We can't do anything if they use that. A threshold for legal actions for abusing trademark is pretty high, it is a lot of work and it is not worth the troubles.

    It's sad that they (and others) will just use this solo for their gain without asking and giving something in return.