OrangePi Zero kernel 5.3

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I'm not sure about what I'll say, but if you go to the home page of armbian, you'll see that minimal corresponds to XFCE.

The latest kernel that supports video output on the orange pi Zero is 3.14.

So I think you can install a Buster 5.3 image (I havent tried yet because I need this video output to chose on which network it connects).

Without video, so without desktop, it won't be named "minimal" but "server" (Maybe they will release the server version with 5.3 officially someday)

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20 minutes ago, gounthar said:

Sorry if this question is dumb, but why is the server version available with a 4.19 kernel and not with 5.3?

Its about to be changed this week. Still few tests to make, few bugs to solve ... before staring new release.


BTW. Armbian 4.19.y, since we have tons of patches, for Opi Zero is almost identical to the functionality of mainline 5.3.y ... Headless H3 will not get much if anything.

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Thanks a lot for this link @Werner.

I'd like to do a quick test, so your images could prove very handy, but I'm not against building it by myself, on the contrary.
If I know it's working for me, I can build regularly on my side.

Anyway, you don't seem to have a server-only image for the Zero/One, do you?
I don't need/want a desktop, I just want to try H.264 encoding features of the H2+/H3/H5/H6. ;)

I could not help myself, I ordered an OrangePi PC.

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