Nanopi M4 and other RK3399 need TCP/UDP offloading disabled

Jerry Jyrer

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Hi all,


I'd just like to share a problem I experienced and what solved after a bit of Googling. Basically, I have Nextcloud installed on my Nanopi M4 (v1) with Armbian:

$ uname -a

Linux nanopim4 4.4.192-rk3399


When I sync files from my Android phone via local wifi, often the transfers were just failed. Not always but usually, it's when a directory contains lot of large files. After a bit of Googling and came across this:


It works. The problem's solved after:


ethtool -K eth0 rx off tx off


and put the command in /etc/network/if-up.d/ethtool


Just wondering if anyone knows the root cause and have better solution than disabling things. 











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Yes, TCP/UDP offloading MUST be disabled for NanoPi, NanoPC.


With offloading enabled, Samba becomes completely useless, as you will find that transfers to a Windows PC freeze randomly (usually on large files).


Disabling offloading should be the default for RK3399 Armbian builds, as I spent months thinking there existed a bug with Samba/ARM64 before finding this post.


For the record, this is what I added to my NanoPC Armbian installation as /etc/network/if-up.d/disable-rk3399-eth-offloading:



[ "$IFACE" == "eth0" ] || exit 0
[ -f $ETHTOOL ] || exit 2

[ -d /sys/devices/platform/fe300000.ethernet/net/$IFACE ] || exit 6
$ETHTOOL -K eth0 rx off tx off

exit 0


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15 minutes ago, piter75 said:

I did not try to fix it in legacy as I thought it was not a problem there ;-)

I also don't tend to use / pay much attention to / legacy anymore ... So we add one more IF sentence to check kernel version so that it won't touch modern kernels ... since there, its not needed, right?

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