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I will just add a bit more. 


We want to rewrite / make this from scratch with Ansible. Basically we seek Ansible expert or someone who wants to become one.  We have this know-how but we are simply too overloaded to move on. This is yet another job for common good! To make Armbian support better. To make Debian support better. To make Arch better, OpenWrt, ... To make every Linux distro out there running better on your board.


The person(s) should focus only on testing. Creating and maintaining scripts for automated testing and later, when our support hardware is out of beta testing, implement that as well. It's a continuous project and will not end tomorrow. Also you don't need to stay on it forever. Do what you can. Help us get going ...


We would like to automate:


- initial board setup (after you flash the image, automated 1st login, setup network, different local repository, ...)
- simple tasks such as upgrade, change to beta repository, downgrade to specific kernel, etc.
- run various of tasks which can be added without limits
- run various of benchmarks which can be added without limits
- run tasks in parallel
- make reporting in HTML, XML (common and per board)

Most of those ideas are covered in some basic form in our first try:


More ideas:



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