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Orange Pi 3 LTS fails to mount root


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I have tried 3 Orange Pi 3 images on my orange Pi 3 LTS. None of them will mount the root fs and continue booting.  It shows btrfs, but the partition is ext4 and the armbianEnv.txt file has the correct UUID and ext4 stated.  I can boot an image from the OrangePi website, so I am 99% certain it is not the power supply or sd card.

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Armbian Linux community supported weekly builds download

1 hour ago, NeoFax said:

I have tried 3 Orange Pi 3 images on my orange Pi 3 LTS.

I can only tell you that Orange pi 3 LTS board is not supported in Armbian (or any other distro) yet. HW is different enough that it can't just work with the code for non LTS version. Certain things has to be ported to the modern kernel that we use. But that never starts without hardware on the desk and other necessities such as time.

We need to get them to the lab (they has been sent out from China last week), redistribute to people that want to spent their precious time talking with users problems and whispering to the hardware. 

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I have similar problem with OrangePi One Plus and Armbian 22.02

First boot work ok, after resize and configure if reboot the image dosen't boot because can't mount root fs.

If I use 21.05 all work fine.


I can suppose it's like this:


I have other board with H3 and H5 and the problem dosen't affect this models


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I can't test with other sd, I a have only 3 sdhc memory and all have same issue.


I compile linux in buildroot with all armbian patch (5.10, 5.15) and try with different uboot and atf and I have the same problem.

Also I use the libreelec/lakka patch with buildroot and the board boot always without issue with linux kernel 5.10.109. (uboot+atf+crust)

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