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Vanilla kernel on Opi PC+ install to emmc


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I'm trying to install Armbian 5.20 vanilla kernel to eMMC on my Opi PC+.

After nand-sata-install finishes I shutdown the Opi PC+ and power it back on.

At least, I enable the power, I don't see anything happening in minicom on my pc.

Only when powering it with a microsd in the slot (with armbian) will the uboot show in minicom on my pc.


Doing a nand-sata-install with 5.14 legacy worked.


What am I doing wrong (especially seeing nothing after a reboot with my ttl-to-usb connected is a bit strange for this noob)?

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It seems that there is a bug with improper path while trying to copy the u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin into the eMMC.


The workaround for now is booting from your sdcard and writing the u-boot manually :

dd if=/usr/lib/linux-u-boot-dev-orangepipcplus_5.20_armhf/u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/dev/mmcblk2 bs=1024 seek=8

Then reboot without sdcard, it should work.

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