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Windows Dev Kit 2023

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2 hours ago, m][sko said:

UEFI can be way how to boot it maybe

With extensive hacking, in theory, perhaps, in reality? No.

Same situation is with Lenovo X13s featuring the same SoC. You can boot Linaro hacked Debian with kernel 6.1.y / 6.2.y leaning on device tree.

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19 часов назад, m][sko сказал:

Can you explain how UEFI is working on arm?

Is it passing some dts or how the linux kernel know what drivers should it start ?

Running u-boot-EFI uses DTBS, which are described in grub.cfg. There is an EDK2-EFI variant, it uses two variants - DTB or ACPI.

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I was able to boot

with this branch


and with microsoft dev kit patches on top of that



and this kernel command line

 clk_ignore_unused efi=novamap earlycon=efifb console=efifb 


build in ethernet don't work as not all usb-c ports are active

so you will need to connect usb-c ethernet  to usb-c ports on the side


for speed

Cpufreq-info show 3GHz but device is running as on lowest freq(800MHz) as that is my experience with running benchmarks 

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when windows dev boot from acpi



display is working over efifb

build in ethernet is working

build in wifi use ath11k and armbian firmware is missing all of this https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/firmware/linux-firmware.git/log/ath11k/WCN6855/hw2.0/

all usb ports working

cpufreq don't

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