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Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 available



On 21.12.2016 at 1:54 PM, tkaiser said:

Yes, this new version will most probably target the market for NanoPi Air now. Equipped with H5, eMMC, AP6212 (WiFi/BT -- same as on NanoPi Air), 512 MB DRAM and Xunlong's 24 pin camera connector.


Funnily with Zero Plus 2 a silent downgrade to H3 happened (I would assume that's related to Xunlong's software guy Buddy not being able to resolve voltage regulation issues with Allwinner's BSP and H5): http://www.cnx-software.com/2017/03/17/18-9-orange-pi-zero-plus-2-board-allwinner-h3-wifi-bluetooth-le-hdmi-and-8gb-emmc-flash/

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