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i would like to know if there will be armbian stretch for rock64pro. I tried images on official website, but there are all with alot of buggs + they have everything messed up with user.

I need that clean new image for emmc card. I would start from basic debian stretch image, but i couldnt make it work with etcher.


p.s. sorry for my bad English, this is not my native language


Best regards, Bekim

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We had to put bootloader together and according to this official Rockchip documentation, I can't get to the usable bootloader or I don't see it right. Everything else is prepared, several RK3399 boards run fine, also Firefly 3399.


I am currently busy with other things.


Perhaps @pfeerick or @ayufan might shed some light?

Currently, this part is missing:

and the following are my tries which don't work:

tools/mkimage -n rk3399 -T rksd -d $SRC/cache/sources/rkbin-tools/rk33/rk3399_ddr_933MHz_v1.13.bin idbloader.bin
tools/mkimage -n rk3399 -T rksd -d spl/u-boot-spl.bin idbspl.img
cat idbspl.img >> idbloader.img
loaderimage --pack --uboot ./u-boot.bin uboot.img

dd if=idbloader.bin of=SDCARD seek=64 conv=notrunc status=none
dd if=uboot.img of=SDCARD seek=16384 conv=notrunc status=none
dd if=trust.bin of=SDCARD seek=24576 conv=notrunc status=none


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