Beelink x2 wifi problems


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19 minutes ago, manuti said:

the last image for Beelink X2 is too old

I would propose to build most recent ./compile EXPERT="yes" # to see EOS targets - that should give you latest latest, but since its unmaintained ... I have no idea if it works. Probably it does.


20 minutes ago, manuti said:

the internal Wi-Fi din't work

This box came with at least two different onboard wifi chips, which means you have to play with a device tree blob configuration to make it work. Drivers are most likely present in the kernel for all variants.


21 minutes ago, manuti said:

The temperature don't go high

If you don't have support for DVFS, CPU runs at IIRC 50 or 60% of full speed ... which is why temps will stay low.


22 minutes ago, manuti said:

If there and easy way

It depends who's asking :P TV boxes are without schematics and without certainty that one model is identical to the same model, which means this job is more like a hacking ... 

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10 hours ago, manuti said:

Last question @Igor this 20GB or more are needed in /  partitiion,  or in the folder I choose to download Armbian Sript ?


Yes. Besides some essential system packages that may be installed via apt as common the required toolchains, the source cache stuff will be in th same directory.

One exception is ccache which will be under /home/<youruser>/.ccache


My current build directory without clearing anything has 41G and ccache has 4G.

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27 minutes ago, Werner said:


Thanks @Werner I need to clean that.

I have 21GB free in the /home unit, and the script warned when only have 9GB.

I really love these pieces of junk, the Beelink X2 and the Sunvell R69, and armbian to give they a decent Linux live.

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On 7/21/2020 at 12:28 AM, vlna said:

I've built fresh image for Beelink X2 on 2020-07-18. Focal with Xorg only. It looks even wifi works out of box.


Download image at


Thanks for your work! New Ubuntu version and Wifi works :)

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