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  1. Show the config. Found why I gave the error (used the experimental source in which a lot changed).
  2. Adding this option to the config, causes a build error in the kernel.
  3. update dtb meson8m2_n200_m8s_plus
  4. Try this file. The reason is not in the kernel. The reason for the dtb. Need to choose the parameters.
  5. Try this version of the dtb file with 20170526.
  6. All files means - all the files including meson8_k200.
  7. 1. All versions with kernel 4.x is intended for testing or experimental users (they have a lot not working). 2. ArchLinux from my site is the minimal (console) images for self-fulfillment. They have no graphics. 3. All images Armbian (Ubuntu\Debian) when you first enter the user "root" with password "1234". In the image of ArchLinux user "root" and password "root". In the image openSUSE user "root" password is "linux".
  8. The name of the dtb file that you would use in 20170113 ? In the image 20170526 have you tried all the dtb files that are in the directory /dtb ?
  9. What dtb are used ?
  10. What dtb are used ?
  11. Uploaded the new version of the initialization script monitor ( with support of resolution 1080. To use simply replace the script in the image to a new version. Please try in both modes (720 and 1080). For use on older images you need to rename or change the call line in /etc/rc.local .
  12. You have the source code from the regular dtb (used in firmware) ?