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  1. Judging by the description, Armbian should work. But without a real test there are not any guarantees.
  2. On this model TV box is the mode of "recovery" button translation in this mode ?
  3. 1. To install in eMMC you need to use another command "/root/" (before running you need to switch to root "su -"). In this thread it was discussed many times. 2. Try to connect SD card with Armbian and run with it. If the system can be run in multi-boot mode, you can either completely erase the internal memory and then you can earn program the firmware via USB. Either you will be able to immediately perform the correct installation of the system in eMMC.
  4. If You are still running on the Debian version 8, I see no reason to rush to upgrade (when there is no access to the device).
  5. Version 20170705. Changed algorithm activation HDMI. It now runs in two stages. Pay attention, changed the kernel image to be installed in the internal memory. In the image name removed KODI, as all desktop images by default with KODI.
  6. Test Assembly for s912.
  7. IMHO. You have a problem not the right build u-boot (possibly not used the correct GCC or src). I don't recommend to change (flash) u-boot and dtb, if they are collected using source not from the manufacturer of the TV set-top box.
  8. Request to all, who have the opportunity. Check run this test video in KODI on the last image 20170702. I am interested in the behavior of the system when playing on different TV boxes (with different dtb data). According to the test results to write the model and result (reproduce or not).
  9. login root paswd 1234 to All update Mate\XFCE + KODI v20170702
  10. Update images kernel 3.14.29. (20170701) Changes - added driver for qca9377. Its use is similar to the module "dhd" and "wifi_dummy". To check loaded, with the command "modprobe qca9377" if a WiFi network will work with it, write its startup in /etc/modules. I checked on the model Tronsmart S96 (s912) - with this module the WiFi and BT working. By the way, I didn't even need to manually copy the dtb file, the system could earn with regular dtb from the internal memory. I wonder how on other models, to run these images without manually adding the dtb file.
  11. Image update Mate\XFCE+KODI 20170630 (bug fixes). For those who already have images 20170628 you can only refresh the kodi package (download from the directory the deb on the website and install via "dpkg -i"
  12. Image update Mate\XFCE+KODI 20170628. Updated libs. Now has less to hang.
  13. As far as I know, Alsa is not able to output sound via BT. So Pulseaudio is part of my images.
  14. ver 20170625