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  2. unfortunately, it didn't work I applied the first step, it's show me nothing but when I applied second way it's lagging after that show me these windows
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  4. We officially don't support such upgrades because they are out of our control. Sometimes this works well, but sometimes it totally fails. In this case it is expected - kernel 3.4.y is too old for Stretch. Desktop on legacy kernels is compiled for that kernel and will only work there ... and allow you video acceleration etc. Those libraries doesn't work on Debian Stretch or Buster ... repairing this mess would take me a day. How much you will need, I don't know.
  5. @amirul but you are speaking of a Rk3399 , here we talking of rk3229. Maybe I misunderstood ? @hexdump sure this is a nice idea: maybe opening a whole new thread would be the best in the meanwhile I would like to share how difficult is working on those boards !! Look here: two board apparentely ugual but one is emmc the other is nand! On one the whole stuf is booting out of box, on other wont boot because uboot don't recognizes nand By the way actually have a stable 4.4 kernel with a decent rootfs from linaro debian stretch 9 with decent usabe desktop what is missing is the propietary acceleration , I am trying to adapt some scripts I found on this forum for other boards but need collaboration Ok let me know what is the best to do,if continue here or open a new thread
  6. yesterday I did try to compile a new aml-s912 Image for my Sunvell T95K Pro, but it failed with: CC drivers/xen/xlate_mmu.o AR drivers/xen/built-in.a AR drivers/built-in.a [ error ] ERROR in function compile_kernel [ ] [ error ] Kernel was not built [ @host ] [ o.k. ] Process terminated root@core2duo( As compile options I did add the WIREGUARD=no but it didnt help Then @martinayotte give me the right additional idea (in another thread about a RockPi 4): ( ) Add to the WIREGUARD=no also AUFS=no Normally I do use/compile debian buster, but the created image got OOPS with the kernel (kernel crashes/exceptions). So I did give Ubuntu Bionic a try and and now my Sunvell T95K Pro is booting: ____ ___ _ ____ / ___|/ _ \/ |___ \ \___ \ (_) | | __) | ___) \__, | |/ __/ |____/ /_/|_|_____| Welcome to Ubuntu Bionic with Armbian Linux 5.4.0-rc3-next-20191017-aml-s912 package bsp-kernel[5.98] dtb[5.98] firmware[5.98] config[5.98] CPU temperature does work and not the frequecy in htop. armbianmonitor -m does also show the cpu-freq/Mhz: root@t95k-pro( armbianmonitor -m Stop monitoring using [ctrl]-[c] Time big.LITTLE load %cpu %sys %usr %nice %io %irq CPU C.St. 11:44:00: 500/ 500MHz 0.82 2% 0% 1% 0% 0% 0% 52.0°C 0/6 11:44:05: 500/ 500MHz 0.75 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 52.0°C 0/6 11:44:10: 500/ 500MHz 0.69 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 52.0°C 0/6 but echo 'heartbeat' > /sys/class/leds/vim:red:power/trigger doesnt work anymore - which it does before under debian buster with kernel 5.3.0 I do use the Vim2 DTB for this LED, because with GXM Q201 the LED wasnt available
  7. Hi there, I have upgraded from Jessie to Stretch, apt-get update apt-get upgrade change repo name in apt config files update, upgrade. Now I lost some functionality: - X does not start, nor automatic nor manual, message "no screens found" - Firefox crashes even before main window open, no error message (remote X). In armbian-config I tried to install desktop, but command returns quite fast (much faster than on fresh Stretch). It seems no distribution problem, because I have installed Stretch on another card and there everything works fine. (except extreme slow screen update on remote X). What to check? How to repair? Laurent
  8. Network is configured to connect to network automatically. If a DHCP server is running on it. More Wifi dongles are supported in modern kernel images - use that and documentation.
  9. Hi how can i access to internet using OPI 1 ??? i tried to drive a wifi dongle but i didnt work then i decid to connect with lan by creating a bridge but it didnt work too ... any help???
  10. The question is closed - the problem was in the Board OrangePi PC Plus itself.
  11. hi @fabiobassa - it might be good to write down your information how to get it working on rk3229 either here or maybe make a new thread for the rk3229. this way the information would be publicly available and others might join your effort or try it out. best wishes - hexdump
  12. This is Armbian support forum. I don't know how things are made there but after you switch to Armbian you can add parameters to /boot/armbianEnv.txt this way: extraargs=key=value
  13. No. I have not, since the stress test didn't show any problem with power supply. The workaround has kept the box up for 11 days now: $ uptime 04:42:34 up 11 days, 5:02, 9 users, load average: 0.21, 0.28, 0.28
  14. How to modify kernel command line (cmdline) in nanoPC-T4 Lubuntu image ? I am using "rk3399-sd-lubuntu-desktop-xenial-4.4-armhf-20190926" image. I couldn't find u-boot config under /boot/ ! Can someone please suggest how to change the kernel command line without rebuilding the full image ?
  15. Yeah I should have mentioned that also. Through the same USB Type-C we also support Flash over USB with the rockchip dev/flash tools available. The recovery button is on one of 3 push button on the board. Each on-board memory (SPI and eMMC) can be disabled with a proper jumper ( No need to have 16 fingers to flash the board ). We will try our best. Also we will sell a simple adapter kit in order for people to use Helios64 with any mini-ITX and ATX PSU. This way people could recycle their old case and save money.
  16. Hi Coming back to resolv.conf file.I dont have static ip address so i am using dns ( freednsafraid ) .So my outer link is I want i can also access from internal network.So please guide me. When i enter into browser i get the router login page that is But i want to get this ip
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  18. First, thanks for the openness even in such a early announcement. It's really appreciated. a lot of notebooks switch to such a powering as well (including mine going up to 65W). I do believe it becomes a standard (and therefore cheaper) in the future and it's one I actually like. I don't need several different chargers in the future one will fit. Might be more complicated with all the features you already implemented on this USB-C. great! Flash over USB? Rockchip has tools to do this (e.g. rkflashtool). E.g. is the recovery pin properly wired out (without the pain touching two testpads etc). IMO if you could hold the price (including case etc.) this seems to be a really good deal. But I assume it will be a challenge..
  19. Community supported build configuration exists, but we don't provide images. This way: remember to call out build script with: ./ EXPERT="yes"
  20. Thank you for checking. I tried the Ubuntu 5.3 image from Khadas and it's the same there. Also no 1440p, but 4k works. Strange thing is, with the RK3399's 1440p works fine but not 4k. We know it's not an issue with your image. Probably kernel/display problem I guess. I'm happy to use my M4 with my 4K display, and the VIM3 with my 1080p display. I guess 1440p wouldn't work well with it since no VPU drivers. Thanks.
  21. dolphs

    Rock PI 4

    thank you that indeed works out, also for me!
  22. I have the Magicsee N6 Max. Currently running Armbian_5.98_Rk3399-tv_Ubuntu_bionic_next_5.4.0-rc2-next-20191011_desktop from @balbes150 Running great but lost wifi in the move from kernel 4. Waiting for panfrost to get up to speed for some hw acc goodness on the desktop
  23. In my case, the watchdog was installed but wasn´t working. Try with a fork bomb in python and if it hangs the system, it is not working properly. You can write in the /dev/watchdog each few seconds with a cron script and this time, the watchdog will reset the system.
  24. I did some private builds with that branch, the compile error is cause by AUFS patches, so I've disabled it by passing AUFS=no to
  25. Hello, is there any working image for Odroid N2 s922x that supports hardware transcode (emby,plex)? Regards.
  26. I've been using Arch Linux Arm with the generic linux-aarch64 kernel for a while now on my LibreComputer Renegade. Works nicely and I don't have to stay with an outdated vendor kernel. That said, I use it as a headless server. I don't know what limitations there would be when it comes to graphics performance.
  27. Think I'll go back to default. Cannot get wifi to work in next
  28. Hi Is there Armbian for Banana pi p2 zero?
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