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    mar0ni reacted to araynard in PWM Fan on Nanopi M4 ??   
    Hello mar0ni,
    I'm trying your last script with a NanoPiM4v2, but bash gives me the following error:
    /usr/bin/ line 33: echo: write error: Invalid argument But I can't find the problem in your code.
    Any idea ?
    I had to add quotes around the file path:
    echo $DUTY > "/sys/class/pwm/pwmchip1/pwm0/duty_cycle"; It's working great now !
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    mar0ni reacted to chwe in NanopiM4v2 booting. this is weird

    should explain most of it..
    this whole mess should be cleaned once we've moved all boards to upstream u-boot for rk3399 boards...
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    mar0ni reacted to JMCC in [Development] RK3399 media script   
    Yes, it is a known issue with glamor, that instead of "accelerating" it slows down certain 2D operations. In the case of Rockchip's modified glamor to work with OpenGL-ES, It is even worse. It is the trade-off for having the possibility of an accelerated canvas for 3D, video playing, browser, etc.
    However, in the mainline kernel and current X server, they are tweaking glamor to be much more efficient. Hopefully we can see a stable version soon.
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    mar0ni reacted to hexdump in [Development] RK3399 media script   
    @mar0ni - yes this is normal behaviour i think as there is some inefficient memory copying happening between the gpu and the x server and there is no proper 2d acceleration (used for such window moves) around ... but i guess @JMCC can explain it in more detail ...
    best wishes - hexdump
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    mar0ni got a reaction from justin.wills in PWM Fan on Nanopi M4 ??   
    Hi Justin, thank you for the hint, worked like a charm for me also.
    Attached the service file and bash script.
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    mar0ni reacted to justin.wills in PWM Fan on Nanopi M4 ??   
    I just copied the pwm-fan.service and associated script from the friendly distro.  can't remember the name, rk3399-something, but it is defined in the service file
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    mar0ni got a reaction from NicoD in Video : NanoPi M4 storage speed tests   
    At the weekend, I tested the 64GB eMMC module and here are the results, just for the records
    64GB eMMC module read : 180 MB/s write : 165 MB/s ... and also a Samsung 970 Evo Plus (500GB) with an amazing write speed of 730 MB/s
    500GB 970 Evo Plus read : 736 MB/s write : 730 MB/s
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    mar0ni reacted to Sir Lazarus in NanoPI M4   
    It seems, that there is no driver for fan in armbian. So I wrote a little program in C to control fan on the hat. This nice program adjust the fan speed on cpu temperature accordingly. It starts the fan as 60 °C with 30% power. At 70 °C up to 60% and at 80 °C to 90%. You can adjust it within the code easily.
    Compile it with "gcc fancontrol.c -o fancontrol". I configured the program as service. If you want it too, do the following steps:
    Create a file fancontrol.service with the following content:
    [Unit] Description=Fan control [Service] Type=simple User=root Group=root WorkingDirectory=/usr/bin ExecStart=/usr/bin/fancontrol [Install] do the following steps
    sudo cp fancontrol /usr/bin sudo cp fancontrol.service /etc/systemd/system sudo systemctl enable fancontrol sudo systemctl start fancontrol  and that's it.
    It works perfekt for me.
    Have fun.