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    NicoD reacted to IgorS in Ubuntu desktop with LXDM display manager XFCE4, Mate, LXDE and OpenBox desktops   
    If you don't like autologin in Armbian Ubuntu desktop, or if yo want to have several desktops to choose, here is how I did this.
    Tested on legacy image, but I belive that same setup should work on mainline too.
    1. Install ubuntu desktop image on MMC (I did it using Etcher)
    2. Install display manager. Because of simplicity, I choose LXDM.
       sudo apt-get install lxdm
    3. Set default session and disable nodm
       Edit /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf
       Find line:
       Replace it with:
       Fix for XFCE session entry from LXDM session menu:
         Open the /usr/share/xsessions/xfce.desktop file with a text editor.
         Find the name value and replace the space with a dash or hyphen.
       Disable nodm:
         sudo systemctl disable nodm
    4. Reboot.
    Now you should have login screen, and after login you should have XFCE4 desktop running.
    Optionally, you can install more desktops:
    sudo apt-get install mate-desktop-environment-extras indicator-application atril desktop-base engrampa mate-applets mate-media mate-notification-daemon mate-power-manager mate-screensaver mate-system-monitor mate-themes caja-gksu caja-image-converter caja-open-terminal caja-sendto caja-share caja-wallpaper dconf-editor mate-gnome-main-menu-applet mate-netspeed mate-sensors-applet mate-user-share
    apt-get install lxde lxde-common lxsession lxsession-logout lxlauncher
    If you did all of this, you can choose to login in XFCE4, Mate, LXDE or OpenBox desktop.
    Best regards! 
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    NicoD got a reaction from pfeerick in RK3328 Media Script (Rock64, Renegade)   
    @JMCC The video is ready.
    I don't think it will get too many views. But it can help other frustrated users
    Thanks for the help.
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    NicoD got a reaction from TornadoZX in PCDuino 3 Nano armbian alternative   
    Oh, I'm sorry.
    Is there any reason why you would want another A20 board? It's an old SoC. Support for it is going to dwindle.
    If you'd like to stay with Allwinner then an H3/H5/H6 board would have a lot longer lifetime/support.
    I believe you want SATA. I don't know that many boards with sata on-board. The Orange Pi +2 has an H3 and SATA and is supported.
    You could also go for an SBC with USB3 and connect your drivers over USB3-SATA. Then an H6 might be good. I like the Pine H64 model B the most. But it's still in development fase.
    The RK3399's are more expensive, but bring a lot more connectivity. The NanoPi M4 for example has PCIe over GPIO's what can fit a 4 x SATA hat. It's hot 2 USB3 controllers for each 2 ports.

    All I can find that's supported in Armbian with the A20 + SATA is the Olimex Lime 2 and the Cubietruck. I do not know those boards or board makers. Maybe someone else knows more about A20 boards.
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    NicoD reacted to TornadoZX in PCDuino 3 Nano armbian alternative   
    Thanks, that's basically what I'm trying to achieve. I've downloaded the pre-made OMV 4 cubietruck image. It boot, usb and hdmi works. Will try others.
    That's interesting but the price, 2GB RAM + SATA + BOARD is 90$ - to expensive and if try putting 4 drives which are not 2.5" that doesn't make sense at all compared to an generic x86 mobo. I've moved all of my sata drives to 2 servers (since I already have all of the components), they give more place to play around and you can host VMs. I have now 3 alwinner boards. Orange PI PC + PI ONE + PCDuino 3 Nano. The ONE is used as pi-hole and will be used as vpn gateway probably. Still makes room for the other two boards to run something less resource intensive.  =)
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    NicoD got a reaction from GreyGhostRos in Review Video : Odroid N2   
    Hi all.
    I've made a new review video about the Odroid N2.
    It an amzaing beast of an SBC. But it ain't perfect for everyone.
    Geetings, NicoD.

    @balbes150 Tanks for the great image.
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    NicoD reacted to GreyGhostRos in Good Armbian compatible boards   
    Thanks. I have watched quite a few of your reviews. I think you should do a video on "Best boards in entry level, mid and high budget". Will help new comers a lot I feel
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    NicoD reacted to JMCC in How to get Chromium HW acceleration on a Rock64 2GB?   
    Just try with the default options: click "Accept", "Yes" or "OK" every time, and let it run.
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    NicoD reacted to balbes150 in Armbian for Amlogic S9xxx kernel 5.x   
    The website has added images of the Server Disco
    By the way, all the latest images for N2 now have support for direct launch from USB.
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    NicoD reacted to martinayotte in Daily (tech related) news diet   
    I use VM to run Windows. I don't use any native Windows since more than 12 years, I think my first VM was Windows 2000, I have a backup of that VM somewhere ...
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    NicoD got a reaction from cybermod in Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip   
    Hi. I've only had that powering with barrel jack. With microUSB it's as stable as could be. It's the world in reverse.
    I expected the cables from OPi to not be good enough. I've got 2 and both are like that. I don't know.
    I havent tried with a PSU with barrel jack. Don't know if I've got one.
    I've showed this behaviour in my review video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2SIpXTOb9A&t=492s
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    NicoD reacted to Igor in Adding Debian buster   
    I made several test builds and tests installs on Debian Buster and IMHO it is ready for user level/extended testing. Most interesting for us is that our modifications and things defined in armbian-config remain working. Most of them will, but some will fail ... I did install a desktop over Buster, it works, but haven't done many tests, hostapd works (but it throws out some errors that need to be examined, ...)

    Ubuntu Disco is in a similar state. CLI works, desktop upgrade works, ...

    How to extend this testing? Shell all nightly images only be Buster/Disco, most popular boards gets a CLI test version? Exotic ones? "Chosen" ones? Shell we unlock building but leave a mark "WIP" or something?
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    NicoD reacted to TonyMac32 in Bring up for Odroid N2 (Meson G12B)   
    The connector is a mini-spox connector, I'd say I'd make you one, but I think shipping would be an issue. ;-)

    Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk

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    NicoD got a reaction from JMCC in Remote Desktop with X11VNC   
    Hi all.
    I've made a new video about x11vnc. With this you can control your Linux desktop from any other PC/SBC.
    It even works for videos and games. Only there's no sound.
    I use lightdm as display manager. If you use another display manager, change the line "After=lightdm.service" with your display manager.

    Here's my video,
    To Install
    sudo apt install x11vnc To create a password file
    x11vnc -storepasswd The service script : /lib/systemd/system/x11vnc.service
    [Unit] Description="x11vnc" Requires=display-manager.service After=lightdm.service [Service] ExecStart=/usr/bin/x11vnc -auth guess -loop -forever -safer -shared -ultrafilexfer -bg -o /var/log/x11vnc.log ExecStop=/usr/bin/killall x11vnc [Install] WantedBy=multi-user.target Enable the service script
    sudo systemctl daemon-reload sudo systemctl enable x11vnc sudo systemctl start x11vnc  
    greetings. NicoD
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    NicoD reacted to Igor in Bring up for Odroid N2 (Meson G12B)   
    I noticed problems with zram but then it would need to wait few more days. It is strange why zram doesn't work oob while it does work on other boards by using the same build system. I checked kernel config, which seems fine and I will check and try to fix this next time, perhaps someone else will. It will be good to add a mainline kernel, no matter how good or bad support is there.
    Advertisement + change log is WIP. Many more things has been changed/improved.
    ... but family duties cut them short  I hope to catch this up tomorrow.
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    NicoD reacted to Igor in Pine H64 Model B   
    5.1.y images are out, but untested.
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    NicoD reacted to Igor in Bring up for Odroid N2 (Meson G12B)   

    Download: https://www.armbian.com/odroid-n2/
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    NicoD reacted to TonyMac32 in Bring up for Odroid N2 (Meson G12B)   
    Cool.  2 different people reached out to HardKernel about a board for me, so I have one coming.
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    NicoD reacted to Igor in Bring up for Odroid N2 (Meson G12B)   
    Official build is coming later on http://ix.io/1Ivj
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    NicoD reacted to balbes150 in Armbian for Amlogic S9xxx kernel 5.x   
    Added test images 5.84 to the server with the Buster and Disco.
    For vim1 VIM2 x96max Vega s95 etc models, there is remote support in all 5.84 images.
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    NicoD reacted to JrRockeTer in Nanopi-M4 SATA HAT   
    Thanks to @NicoD my sound problems are fixed, still have issues with bluetooth but that is for next weekend!
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    NicoD reacted to pkfox in M4 Died   
    Hats off to Amazon I told them the board had died ( via their online chat ) and they refunded me in full and presumably dealt with the seller
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    NicoD reacted to balbes150 in Announcement : Odroid N2   
    Drivers are in development but it won't be fast.
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    NicoD reacted to chwe in merge rockchip64 with rk3399   
    I prepared (last weekend? - don't remember anymore) a first step towards a merge of rk3399 (currently nanopi boards) with rockchip64 (more or less all the rest) so that both can be covered fully under one boardfamily (rockchip64). Patches are adjusted and dts support for nanopis in ayufans kernel is done as well.
    I would happily give it into 'someone others' hands cause time in the next month might be really rare.
    Basically it needs testing on the boards which got newly merged into rockchip64 (don't own any nanopi *4 board so I can't test it). And probably a small helper script to adjust the 'living' boards config so that they'll get updates in the future from their new boardfamily (this might be tricky and needs for sure a lot of testing, to ensure we don't break them)
    Would be nice if someone can review it and test it on the nanopis
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    NicoD reacted to sfx2000 in Announcement : Odroid N2   
    Anyways - would be fun to see a cage match between Nano Pi M4 vs. Odroid N2 vs nVidia Jetson Nano...
    Traditional benchmarks as well as some VPU/GPU work - as RK3399 has Mali T864 vs. Amlogic with G52 vs. nVidia with Maxwell
    Since all are supported in some way with Ubuntu 18.04LTS with Vendor supplied BSP's...
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    NicoD reacted to JrRockeTer in Nanopi-M4 SATA HAT   
    Thanks everyone. Bummer about having to remove it each time to change eMMC... And, am left with 4 nuts that I don't know what to do with but it is all put together, thanks @pkfox for the instructions and pictures @Da Alchemist for pictures and more ideas and of course as always for @NicoD without which I would not be moving forward very quickly with my SBC adventures!

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