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I'm trying to follow the Armbian Quick Start Guide, specifically the section "How to install to eMMC, NAND, SATA & USB?".


It says to run nand-sata-install and I'll be able to choose to set up to "boot from eMMC / NAND, system on SATA / USB", which is what I want (to boot from NAND and have the system on USB). What I get on screen though is not what I expect. I see a menu that has two option


1. Boot from SD - system on SATA, USB or NVMe


5. Install/Update the bootloader on SD/eMMC


Why don't I get the option to set up to boot from NAND (which I guess might be option 3, going by the documentation)?


cubieboard 2, Armbian Bionic with Linux 5.4.20-sunxi


(already posted to reddit, but no replies, so sorry if you happen to see this twice)

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Donate and support the project!

The name "nand-sata-install" was established years ago when NAND was still supported. However in late '19 support for stone-age unsupported kernels 3.4.x and 3.10.x was dropped and NAND support with it.

The docs lacking the info for this scenario.



6 minutes ago, NahMate said:

already posted to reddit

We do not have any official subreddit.

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31 minutes ago, NahMate said:

tells me everything I need to know


  • Have you found a bug in the build tools?

    Try to recreate it with a clean build tools clone. Then search for existing and closed issues. If you don't find it there, open a new issue.
  • Do you have troubles elsewhere?

    Armbian is free software and provides best effort help through community forums. If you can't find answer there and/or with help of general project search engine and documentation, consider hiring an expert.
  • Personalised support?

    It is limited to active project supporters and sponsors. The shortest way to become one and receive our attention is a four figure donation to our non-profit project.

NO OFFICIAL SUPPORT (CSC) are devices which are supported by the 3rd party. We usually don’t have hardware samples nor conduct any tests but they might work. There is no support whatsoever.

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Congratulations on missing the point entirely.


You build it, you document it. Nobody else can, because, surprise surprise, nobody else knows what is in your head.




Again, completely missing the point. What is the name of this forum? "Official support"? No, it's "[...] peer to peer technical support". Both you and "Werner" have bandied the word "official" around as though that's what I was after. I did not ask for or expect that, that is entirely your assumption.


It's your project, you can do what you like, but as I said before, the attitude here tells me everything I need to know. No meaningful documentation, because it doesn't describe the current state of the project, and bad attitude from thin skinned people who can't be bothered to document what they create or behave in a reasonable manner towards people who ask questions. Ever wondered why "Raspbian has dozens of contributors to focus on a single SBC platform. Armbian has a dozen contributors to focus on 100+ SBCs"?

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1 hour ago, NahMate said:

what they create

We didn't created Cubieboard, Cubietech did.

We didn't create Linux. Roughly 15,600 developers from more than 1,400 companies have contributed to the Linux kernel since 2005, when the adoption of Git made detailed tracking possible, according to the 2017 Linux Kernel Development Report released at the Linux Kernel Summit in Prague. (I didn't bother to find more recent versions:)

We didn't create Linux userland packages. Tens and hundreds of thousands people out there did. 


We "only" created build system, we fix and maintain it, we maintain kernels, we are maintaning some utilities and support code which compiles this into a meaningful system. Maintaining costs us around 3.000 EUR (in term of working hours) per day and your share there is close to zero. If you don't at a least help with something, you can't complain about anything. This is not corporate fueled proprietary project like Raspbian. We have zero budget for R&D, zero for writing manual, zero for talking with/educating you (script already told you that what you want is not available) Community / "you" cover server electricity and you recently co-funded our build server.

On top of that you want us - I assume complaining about manual is directed to project maintainers, those which you can only say thanks ... - to write you precise manuals for kernel functions that are changing all the time and are work of ... Also for the hardware we don't deal with any more ... I am amazed on demands that pops up here every day.

1 hour ago, NahMate said:

in a reasonable manner towards people who ask questions.


Reminding you on your support contract is reasonable and polite manner.

1 hour ago, NahMate said:

Ever wondered why "Raspbian has dozens of contributors to focus on a single SBC platform

Isn't that obvious? But it has nothing to do with Armbian.


1 hour ago, NahMate said:

Both you and "Werner" have bandied the word "official"

"Official" is something we are dealing with. If we are not dealing with, we will certainly not start because someone has some problem. Not because there is something wrong with you or your question, but we simply can't afford. There are "1000x" more people that takes and give nothing vs those that give.

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On 11/28/2020 at 2:09 PM, NahMate said:

That nobody could be bothered to update the documentation tells me everything I need to know.

Now I wasted my time reading this nonsense. Time I could have spent writing documentations/testing things/improving things.
I don't know in what world you live. In this world we aught to be thankful towards people who put their free time, energy and money into providing software for these boards.
This is a community project done by way too few people. Having you complain like a little baby doesn't help anything.
"Community project" == people who do this for free == You didn't pay for it == If something isn't to your liking == You can't complain

If you want to complain, buy a pc and Microsoft Windows. And see how much they care.

We all want things to improve, and we all are working on that. But you are not helping one little bit like this. @Werner explained you nice and polite how the status is about this.



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On 11/30/2020 at 8:11 AM, NahMate said:

"Raspbian has dozens of contributors to focus on a single SBC platform. Armbian has a dozen contributors to focus on 100+ SBCs"?

And I STILL can't get my pi's to do some things that I want ... it's amazing how far Armbian supported boards have taken me and my classes.


Keep it up, Armbian crew! No one beats you.

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