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OrangePi Zero2 - Allwinner H616


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Before complaining about an issue read this!


tl;dr: Put your Zero2 and/or any other H616 based device on the shelf and WAIT for proper support to come. And no. There is no ETA. Assuming usable state end 2021/beginning 2022.


Software support is still work in progress and under heavy development. Provided preview images can break any time. Do not report this, we are aware of that and can/will not help you with that if you are not willing to investigate and research by yourself.

Feel free to join fellow developers to their efforts to create proper software support. But don't waste our time with complains. Thank you!









I started to play with this board and obviously failed miserably creating a basic Armbian integration.


Anyway. These are the information I collected so far:


dtb extraction from Xulong image: https://pastebin.com/raw/Uni2JzBF


orangepimonitor 🙄  http://ix.io/2FM0



root@orangepizero2:/etc/apt# lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by
zram                   36864  2
sprdwl_ng             438272  0
sprdbt_tty             36864  2
uwe5622_bsp_sdio      294912  2 sprdbt_tty,sprdwl_ng


kernel config: https://pastebin.com/raw/e2jTTZ7A

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Hi all

I was tested the last image orangepi xfce 5.16 kernel released few dais back in orangepi web. 


But I was therified... The usage of its is 0, worst experience even whit compare to old rpi zero with desktop test. 


There I think is broken wifi can't conect to 2.4ghz 40mhz wide (20mhz is OK). 


And my question is, is there any usable kernel right now that has working h265 hw decode? 

Because in the last opi image it was impossible to play it even on sw. I have tride default player in opi image and vlc. 


I have plans for this board I want swap for rpi4 in multimedia home center, because lower powerconsumotion.. But still not usable...  I thin more months to wait now... :-(

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