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We want YOU for armbian


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Donate your old hardware to community. Start a giveaway Raffle!

Hi Werner, 


I'm more of an enthusiast than IT guy, so my technical skills are limited. However, I can put together some good graphics, should you have a requirement for that. I can also put together picture mock-ups of t-shirts and mugs for your store.





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Thank you!

As you can see our graphics elements are poor. We had some initial setup by people that are skilled at this mainly for website, the rest is more or less amateur made. We are good in tinkering hardware, sw development, but graphics ... as you can see ;) Beside our store - Twitter has almost no branding, we have no release template graphics - for twitter / forum / elsewhere, official wallpapers might need some refreshment, perhaps just playing with colors. Device pictures are also prepared by amateurs, we might need overall refreshment and order in our stationary + wallpapers which are poorly organised in here:



The idea for release graphics is - from our perspective - we "only" need a template, where a number is changed, but if you want to play with custom per release, its up to you. Also pointing out that release is coming - this is google scrapped graphics. Then in the same form, a bug fix release would also need some different style. Screens of different Armbian desktops - we only have this. And for introducing new feature standard way ...

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On 5/29/2021 at 10:23 PM, jimmij said:

I can put together some good graphics


@NicoD was looking for a video thumbnail just the other day in fact.  Maybe you guys can eventually link up and do some collaboration?  Besides other things mentioned.


Thanks for reporting back.  Don't worry, we all come and go.  I disappear for weeks and months some times.  We all do what we can.  Cheers!

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I would like to help out. I have never been involved in open source community and this has been a dream of mine to collaborate.


Little bit about me.

1. I have 3 years of working in Yocto projects. During this time I have supported and developed on NXP chips and Raspberry pi.

2. I have written device side divers for them.

3. I have a masters in Electrical engineering and have been working in embedded Industry for 6 years.

4. I have a very good understanding of the Linux system been working and supporting one for more than 4 years.

5. And I am not afraid of VIM (I have a list of cheat sheets in front of my desk )


I am more comfortable in supporting and collaborating for Linux but open to learn and help in whatever way I can







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3 hours ago, thesillywhat said:

I would like to help out. I have never been involved in open source community and this has been a dream of mine to collaborate.


Thank you! Many people here are speaking this 1,2,3,4,5 language ;) Most helpful to Armbian is help on maintaining our core build system and second hardware that we are stuffed with ... I have sent you an welcome to the email associated with this account.



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I'm a SW developer with experience in:

  • linux, bash, systemd
  • java, c, c++, python, spring-boot, spring-data, jpa
  • openapi
  • Virtualbox, Vagrant
  • cryptography: openssl, X509, publik-key (rsa, ec)
  • IAM: keycloak, spring security, JWT, spring cloud


I would like to help.





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