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OPI3 without LAN and WIFI



HI to all,


excuse me but this is my first msg.


I have a OPI3 board and I try different OS (Arabian, Ubuntu, Debian) all in different release but I do not have wifi and lan.


for wifi I have already try with copy firmware file but is is the same 

for lan I have in dmesg eth0. UP and DOWN.


In my experience I have found only Ubuntu Xenial 4.9.118 on the Orange.org web site with wifi OK.


can you help me?



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Help Armbian team helping you

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excuse me for my bad spell "Arabian", I am sorry.


I have found :

for lan I see it is all ok if I use a lan switch.

wifi is broken.

i have try with all Arabian version, All Ubuntu version and all Debian version. 

I have wifi ok only with Ubuntu Xenial 4.9.118 on the raspberry web site. It use a BRCMHD module.

I hope this is important to you.



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If it is indeed Arabian and not Armbian I think this is not the right place for you.

I also did not know that Raspberrypi deals with OrangePi devices. In this case also not the right place for your ;)


If it is Armbian however then I need to mention that broken ethernet is a known issue at the moment and might be fixed in the next release on February. Support state of internal WiFi is unknown.

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