ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X
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On 17.11.2017 at 2:36 AM, fatugazuhati said:

Any news about the problem with the bluetooth?

Briefly tested the built-in BT on Telos, the adapter is there, but not working as it should. Checked the external BT adapter, you can connect different devices. But playing sound through BT is a big distortion, choppy (maybe I'm not correctly set up).




Some of the owners of TV boxes with Amlogic S9xxx is available for one of these options USB-DAC ?

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20 hours ago, hillz said:

Browsing the web with chromium on ubuntu mate is really slow, opening a few tabs will put the CPU at 100%, I can't even watch youtube videos without lags at full screen 720p, is it just me ? I'm using Tanix TX3 Mini with S905W processor. Is it the problem with the CPU power being too little or is it because the CPU is just too hot that it can't make use of its full CPU performance ?

It's a little bit of both. A53 cores are not exactly speed demons and nowadays websites can be very taxing for CPU. Combine that with poor multithreading and some throttling and you get the result. Also, there is no gpu or media acceleration, so all the work goes to cpu.


It also doesn't help the fact, that these devices come only with 1-2GB of ram

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