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Hi, I wrote this news about Orange Pi Zero Plus (SBC with SIM and Bluetooth) but I have a question.

I didn't hear about this processor RDA8810PL and my question is if armbian will support this board. I don't know if xunlong send you preliminary boards or not.




P.S. The answer will be release in news :-)

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Renamed - removed references to Zero Plus since the board was released
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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

Performance seems to be impressively low:  :)

I don't think this device is about performance, it's about a combination of a GSM modem and a camera interface IMO, so combined with a good camera (maybe with IR backlight) and a good case it can be a base for a DIY alarm / monitoring system or any kind of system with SMS control and GSM based internet connectivity.

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I don't think this device is about performance


Of course, was just kidding since if OPI Zero Plus is cheap enough the usual suspects will start to ask whether it could be used as desktop replacement and whether the GPU can properly decode 4K video (hoping for an LCD to be connected to the larger FCP connector). Regarding GSM:

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So far there is no documentation (apart from the schematics) and no sources; also doesn't look like this SoC has even a tiny bit of mainlining progress, so chances of getting a fully supported Armbian image are very low.

For the curious people default (for the BootROM and image preflashed in the NAND) baud rate for the "debug" serial console is 921600


Edit: software package was released

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16 minutes ago, zador.blood.stained said:

I won't mirror the full thing because it contains some things that it should not contain and I would prefer not to mirror those, and also it's 13.2GB unpacked.

... unless you know where to dump 7 or 13GB without a complicated registration procedure

Whatever you can share, thanks! Looks like who Ziped that SDK ziped img, obj, temp files, etc... Sure a clean would reduce that to half.

Mega is a pain for me, over quota every time.

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