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Armbian with preinstalled OpenMediaVault (OMV)

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Download Armbian with OpenMediaVault (OMV) 

Currently (for testing) only 4 targets were build: rock5-itx, odroid m1, odroid xu4 and x86. Once its confirmed that works well, other targets will be assembled. 

Then boot the image, wait few minutes and login via:


U: admin

P: openmediavault


Test setup on Odroid M1:




Tested on:




How was this assembled?

- you need a build framework which assembles Armbian (Debian variant is the only supported by OMV) https://github.com/armbian/build (can be compiled in GitHub free runners too)

- OMV extension: https://github.com/armbian/os/blob/main/userpatches/extensions/omv.sh (download this extension and place it into your build directory)


./compile.sh BOARD="uefi-x86" BRANCH=current RELEASE=bookworm ENABLE_EXTENSIONS="omv" KERNEL_CONFIGURE="no" BUILD_MINIMAL="yes"


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  • Igor featured this topic

Hello Igor,


try to build OMV for rpi4.


./compile.sh BOARD="rpi4b" BRANCH=current RELEASE=bookworm ENABLE_EXTENSIONS="omv" KERNEL_CONFIGURE="no" BUILD_MINIMAL="yes"


Got these error messages:


[🌿] Enabling extension [ omv ]

[🔨]   ERR: Extension problem -- cant find extension 'omv' anywhere - called by /home/master/build/lib/functions/general/extensions.sh

[💥] Exiting with error 17 [ at /home/master/build/lib/functions/general/extensions.sh:1

               enable_extension() --> lib/functions/general/extensions.sh:1

   initialize_extension_manager() --> lib/functions/general/extensions.sh:135

          do_main_configuration() --> lib/functions/configuration/main-config.sh:317

                do_with_logging() --> lib/functions/logging/section-logging.sh:81

    do_with_conditional_logging() --> lib/functions/logging/section-logging.sh:111

    prep_conf_main_build_single() --> lib/functions/main/config-prepare.sh:29

         cli_standard_build_run() --> lib/functions/cli/cli-build.sh:22

        armbian_cli_run_command() --> lib/functions/cli/utils-cli.sh:136

                 cli_entrypoint() --> lib/functions/cli/entrypoint.sh:176

                           main() --> compile.sh:50


[💥] Cleaning up [ please wait for cleanups to finish ]


What I'm doing wrong?



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The instructions on above (under DIY) should be clearer to explain that.  When I looked at this earlier, I was guessing that is what the instructions assumed you needed to do (download that referenced file).


Edited the above instructions to clarify.

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