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Orange Pi One Plus

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Hi, I need help to configure PINs of Orange PI One Plus with H6. I'm using official distribution Ubuntu 16.04. I view in /sys/class/gpio_sw only:
PD6  PL4  PL7  normal_led  standby_led
but I need PC9 and others pins.
Can You help me ?

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On 2/1/2018 at 1:03 AM, chwe said:

Hoped to find something like voltage monitoring (on input) but as far as I understand the manual of the AXP805, there is no such possibility.  :( Would it make a goods beginners board (as soon as kernel is 'in a good shape') cause it would avoid 'powering gone wrong'...  :P - anyway, every barrel plug powered board is a bit more beginners friendly..

I don't follow sunxi mailing list fully (mostly cause I wouldn't understand most of the things discussed there.. :P ), but as I saw for the A64s PMIC was a bit problematic (handled by AR100, whereas complier for it is not GPL). As I understand, this issue was solved with those commits. Is the H6 also affected by such problems? (Allwinner had PMIC since a long time on the AR100 but it was possible to avoid using it). 

More experienced users have to decide if it's worth to use this kernel... But nice to see that allwinner publishes this stuff faster than in the past. :) btw. for those interested in it: https://github.com/Allwinner-Homlet?tab=repositories there you go. :) 

I tried to compile a kernel from these 4.9 sources for the One Plus but it runs into kernel panic after boot so obviously I messed up.

Someone here that was smart enough to compile a working kernel image and would not mind to share the success?




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5 hours ago, Abdullah said:

Is the board beginner friendly yet? For running web server / ad blocking dns service.

Headless it is perfectly fine in my opinion. No idea about HDMI output though.

Keep in mind that the CPU is capped to 1,5GHz for stability reasons. Older images offering the full 1.8 GHz did not work properly for some people.

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