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testers wanted v5.51 (desktop on top of cli, xu4 next upgrade, ...)

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Hi guys,


I downloaded and burned to SDCard the last nightly image Armbian_5.58.180812_Orangepipc_Ubuntu_bionic_next_4.17.14 for OrangePI PC. Added desktop with apps, and it boots to desktop upon login. How to boot straight to desktop, without login and typing startx?


I have 4K HDMI display, so must run development images, since stable don't support 4K as I was explained here earlier. The display has 2 main resolutions: 4K and 1080P. But in Armbian Display settings, choosing 4K gives full screen image, and choosing 1080P results in only a portion of display area used by the system. How I can activate in Armbian the 2nd main display resolution 1080P, so the desktop would occupy the entire screen with lower CPU & GPU load than 4K?

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