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18 minutes ago, talraash said:

Any chance for black... or not white forum theme?

If you find one dark that works perfectly well. I can add it and adjust.


1 minute ago, TonyMac32 said:

I had to manually switch back to Armbian theme as well, Android 8/ Chrome


I'll see how can I force change for all users. 

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I get a bunch of approval messages for stuff which is already approved..  From the experience I had before.. those didn't show up that much when they were approved by another mod before (not 100% but more). Seems once more that the UI isn't really friendly for low resolution displays like mine (13XX) but at least coding template works quite well even when not fullscale window. :) Seems that there is a 'Add tag' feature which is broken:

Sorry, there is a problem

There are no tags available
Error code: 2S131/3



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6 minutes ago, chwe said:

Yet an other small error..

It looks like a theme issue, let's collect more and report here:


8 minutes ago, chwe said:

Code highlighting is done by CKEditor right?




To customise how the editor looks, Invision Community uses CKEditor Skins. You can obtain new skins for the editor from CKEditor's website (must be compatible with version 4.9). Each theme can use a different editor skin.


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15 minutes ago, Igor said:
25 minutes ago, chwe said:

Code highlighting is done by CKEditor right?


so,  'CodeSnippet' should be part of CKEditor core.. 


  bash: 'Bash'

might do the work.. 


According to this one:


this should be possible.


And it is compatible with 4.9 and also actively maintained... Maybe the symbol looks than a little bit different.. 

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1 hour ago, JMCC said:

Got it! Now you need to click twice on the icon.

hmm... sounds familiar... :P 



btw.. the like looks a bit messed up (looks quite that they wanna implement more reaction possibilities - I think we had this once before but disabled it?).


quote is also a mess.. the button shows up random somewhere on my browser.. :P  --> maybe a 'opera only' feature? :P 





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I see two things... one minor cosmetic, the other bloody annoying! :P


Firstly the bloody annoying 'feature'... :lol:



And then the minor cosmetic detail... probably a legacy of the multi-reaction thingy... you mouse over the heart, that grey slider starts trying to pop out...




On Chrome, Windows 10. 

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Just now, Rfreire said:

Hi @Igor!


Still no Shell syntax highlighting in the new extension?

I haven't read posts here and install anything yet since I do try to get some rest on weekends ... It has been a busy week and upcoming looks even more. Fixing cosmetic issues on a forum has low priority and can wait for a while. In any case, I will seek help from theme designer since I don't want to spend precious weekends solving this. 

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I must admit, that the Armbian forum isn't the only forum that I visit regularly. Therefore I'm aggregating various forum posts as RSS feed via feedly. @Igor If you have the time you might check the forum RSS export function. RSS feeds from other forums contain additional metadata, like the author's nickname or real name.

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