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  2. djurny

    SSH doesn't work on Orange Pi Zero

    Hi, I'm having the same recurring issue with the ssh service failing to startup as well on my OrangePi Zero. After lots of tinkering I found out that '/var/run' and/or '/run' was overlayed by a 'tmpfs' after/during the tmpfiles service was started. This caused the tmpfiles service to use a inode for /var/run or /run that wasn't accessible anymore due to the tmpfs overlay on '/run' or '/var/run'. (Details are lost on me, as this was quite some time ago already.) I modified the ssh service configuration to have ssh wait on the tmpfiles-setup service - see Spoiler below. The fixup worked for a while, but after a reboot over the holidays (lots of aptitude update+upgrades before the reboot), it appears that it's back to non-operational. Quite annoying, as it's a headless board. Perhaps the Spoiler below might also work for some people, as soon as I have a configuration change working, I'll share that here as well. Next search is to figure out when and by who the tmpfs overlay is done for /run and /var/run. I prefer to fix the configuration to get the ssh service to work and keep up-to-date with all packages in the meantime. Comments are welcome by the way, Groetjes, p.s. For all spoilers and fixups in this reply, use at your own risk and make sure you have backups of all files that you choose to modify. Also make sure that you have an alternative login method other than ssh to mend any typos or other collateral damage that might follow.
  3. Hi @km1kze, yes - that's correct. I made the overlay change as with the newer kernel and board support there are a number of boards that provide implicit support for 1.3v regulators, and as such this overlay explicitly should be used with 1.3v regulators. Similarly, I could make a 1.4v overclock overlay (e.g., for the NEO Core2) that would support 1.4GHz - I just haven't gotten around to doing this yet. In any case, I'm glad to hear that this is working for you now!
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  5. JMCC

    Rock PI 4

    This is what we use. It is meant to be applied on an Armbian Bionic Default image:
  6. dbsharpe

    Armbian for Amlogic S9xxx kernel 4.1x (>= ver 5.55)

    Can't help with the firmware problem as I've not run 5.0.0-rc4 but can you expand on the WiFi-regulatory.db issue and any fix. I've had intermittent issues with wifi AP's and this message in dmesg / syslog. Thanks.
  7. chwe

    Announcement : Odroid N2

    The concept of 'alternative facts' isn't it? Sine I'm barely interested in benchmarks I didn't even read the whole benchmarking tests from odroid ( But a few things which are for sure misleading. a graphical trick which is quite often used by populists to make a thing bigger than it is.. There are only a very few cases where a graph shouldn't go thorough zero as a nomination.. If we do so here: the whole story looks different.. doesn't it? (using 3d-ish plots for 2d data is also useless, but different story.) Besides the benchmarking which is somehow boring for me.. I still think about use-case for this board.. Lightweight desktop replacement? TV-box on linux? Or 'cluster like' replacement? For the first I would prefer to have at least on USB on the other side, for the second I don't care cause not my field and for the third others may comment on this. Btw. the same counts for this graph: which would better be summarized in a table not a graph..
  8. seraniz

    Designing of S905 development board

    I doubt you will be able to do the assembly yourself,
  9. seraniz

    Udoo Quad EOS

    I can't finish the clone. Hopefully I'll get a build going tonight
  10. Hi, Not sure where to post this so apologies if this is the wrong place. I currently have a email domain and I can confirm addresses if I change them. However I am in the process of migrating to a .email domain and the confirmation emails never arrive. I am running into minor issues with this domain so this is not unique to Armbian forums. The vast majority of sites work ok but a rare few claim my email address is invalid or (as with the armbian forum) I never receive anything. The only way I have been able to post this was to change my email back to and confirm via that. Is it possible to check if the software used for the forums is able to cope with .email addresses? This is the TLD so my email address is of the form Searching here found nothing but searching google found articles dating from 2017 stating the regex used by some sites to determine if the email was valid used the criteria of 2-4 characters for the TLD which obviously is one way that .email might be deemed invalid. Many thanks
  11. Yes, I found out that these small Km8-P TV boxes don't heat up too much, because the 8 cores are kept running at their low but optimal power/performance clock frequencies. Even during testing I have not seen the temperature of the S912 SoC go above 76C, and they idle at between 39~42C.
  12. tuxd3v

    Helios4 Support

    Indeed, One other thing is yet to look if you are running NFS.. I had one problem with NFS , wen I mounted on the client, machine, just shutdown and start, the disks are always going down and start.. The disks power was cut abruptly when system went down every time.., and even with system up, they had that behaviour Solution until now... not mounting NFS, until I understand what is causing that problem( That was NOT happening in Helios4, but in another ARM based system.. ) To me, his problem its or related with one of: park/unpark heads aggressively( Which he needs to fix APM modes and timers on each disk.. ) NFS or any other think, munted and is creating kernel panics or so.. So to check, I would deactivate nfs,samba, and so on. Only OS running without application layers.. Then check if problem persists, if yes: Mesure power cycles and load/unload heads, and see if it happening with frequency.. for blockid in {a..c};do smartctl --attributes /dev/sd${blockid}|grep -E "^ 12|^193"; done I also Have Seagate disks, in APM mode 127, so they enter in mode 1( standby, after the timers defined period ), but they don't park and unpark like crazy, they work very nicely.. In the past I had WD REd, and that disks, were parking and unparking like crazy, I could only aliviate the problem encreasing the timmers to tnter in APM mode 1, but I couldn't do much more.. Does he, configured timers for APM modes?If you do that with small timers, heads will start parking/Unparking at that intervals defines, and need to be adjusted again.. Use OpenSeaChest Utilities to verify more information not present in SMART, since this tools are made for Seagate disks, and implement Seagate Technology..
  13. guidol

    Soundcard vanishing on OrangePi Zero

    yes- a normal USB-Soundcard would be a test. 2.4A sounds fine, but maybe it isnt the power-supply but a bad (thin) USB-cable - so the full power would come to the board. Try again with a highpower-USB-cable. I got many (5-6) SBCs on a ANKER-Multi-USB-Poweroutlet and didnt got any problems, also using a normal USB-Soundcard or USB-TTL-RS232. Maybe the amplifier in the USB-Box (or cargeable battery) needs to much power? AND - as we wish from other people with a problem: Please do a "armbianmonitor -u" and write us the link here, so that we can read the config of your board and the logs from booting
  14. But why VPN service provider optimized such issues?? as most of VPN users are not too much technical to optimized it
  15. sadsadsad

    Kernel update -> no longer bootable

    @tido I dont know, how to figure that out? edit: Now I got it armbian bionic is bionic beaver Ubuntu and armbian Streatch is Debian Stretch. So I'm pretty sure that I have a debian kernel. @guidol I did use apt upgrade and 4.9.0-8 was installed, but not fully configured as it seems. I don't think it is a problem to upgrade kernel to 4.19, but I'd really like to avoid creating the system from scratch. I patched the .scr to use tty0 and now I see that it loops because the bootfile environment variable is not set. as it is not set within boot.scr, where is it set? I think there is no /boot/armbianEnv.txt but I cannot check right now. @maiestro: oh dear. makes me afraid of more issues after solving the bootfile stuff...
  16. Nao

    UART with NanoPi M4

    well I checked the connection so many times so it should be correct Also, with a default DTB I can log in via UART with the following command % sudo screen -L /dev/tty.usbserial-FTADURC2 1500000 I attached the pic of my USB-TTL on nano pi so you can check it I will try with this kernel EDIT: good news. with the nightly, nano pi booted after editing the DTB /dev/spidev0.0 appeared so I tested with it but nothing happened, I remembered that spi0 is for other use I'll try with the other spi, not spi@ff1d0000 ->well, with spi@ff1e0000 spidev0.0 appeared...and this doesn't work I think something was wrong so I'll try again -> whichever spi@ff1***** I edited, /dev/spidev0.0 always appeared I edited rk3399-nanopi4-rev01.dtb but this isn't the DTB that I should fix? by accident I destroyed that file and I rebooted it but it was fine and the results were the same....
  17. I've figured out what causes part of the memory leak. When SSL is disabled for the FTP server (within Openmediavault, which I had enabled at first), then there will still be a memory leak, but just not as fast. Yes, that means two memory leaks! ProFTPd just leaks all the faster when you have SSL turned on. With non-SSL encrypted FTP transfers, the memory is still leaking, just much slower. As the RAM usage slowly creeps up, at a rate of about 1MB every 5 seconds, my 60GB file upload might actually make it across, before all the RAM runs out. Boo, proftpd!! I'll see about opening a bug later...
  18. FlashBurn

    Espressobin support development efforts

    As I had a deeper look into the clk source code I can say that I know what the programer wanted to do with the last two lines of armada37xx_cpufreq_dvfs_setup(). This is the place where the right TBG clock should be set, but this could never be worked. As in the clk.c file one can see that nothing is done when the parent clock to be set is the same as the one already set. I will try what happens if I first set NULL as parent and then the old parent. Maybe this will work.
  19. constantius

    Le Potato general topics kernel 4.20 is not supported? On your www page board is marked as supported This bug does not depend on kernel best regards Radek
  20. Your current saved U-Boot parameters need to be changed ? Here are some people also booting Armbian AND Refer to more help with "Setting U-Boot parameters"
  21. Tido

    Orange Pi Zero Plus2 H5 + OV5647

    Hi, Please do not bump. Did you try the search function in the right hand corner for: OV5647
  22. A newer 4.9.118 seems to be included in their Android Pie BSP.
  23. AndrewDB

    Armbian for Amlogic S912

    Ah, I understand now. It must be some kind of failsafe feature in the Android image, if the original u-boot detects that the Android partitions have been changed, it automatically launches a reinstall/reboot process. Good to know. I'll have to try the eMMC install on my Km8-P's and see what happens. Thank you for the warning. Edit ==== OK, I have installed Armbian on the eMMC of my Km8-P 1G/8G Android TV box using the script, and it works perfectly - zero problems!
  24. Not much of a tutorial, but it is something that often needs some googling and head scratching. This is how I got my particular modem working, your mileage may vary. Step 1) Get a modem that will work. I got a Huawei E397u LTE/UMTS/GSM modem. It's Cricket branded, but I'm on Google Fi, it will work with my data SIM. Step 2) Plug it in and see that it doesn't work. Step 3a) apt update Step 3b) apt upgrade Step 4) Install usb-modeswitcher Step 4, optional part 2) install modem-manager, modem-manager-gui (for general playing around) Step 5) unplug/replug the USB modem, see that it should magically have a different VID:PID when you type lsusb. You should also have some ttyUSB's, and you can check out modem details in the modem-manager-gui Step 6) set up network connection via the network dropdown at the top right of the desktop. You will need APN information for your carrier. I put in modem-manager so I could debug. It will cause issues if you do certain things with it while connected. My modem was $15, Ebay has them. So does amazon.
  25. StuxNet

    Armbian Coaching (Will pay)

    pcdoodle. That name rings a bell to a local comp rep shop. You local to mn? I could def teach you a thing or two. Hit me up if interested.
  26. RyoTanaka

    About DSI's RGB888 format

    Hi I set the DSI format to RGB888. However, looking at the output of DSI seemed to be BGR888 format, why?. About DSI format I confirmed the Allwinner A64 SoC specification, but I did not understand it well. The software and hardware used are as follows. software: Armbian hardware: Pine A64-LTS Thank you.
  27. jshc1

    Broken Chromium, can anyone confirm?

    jshc1@ODROID-HC1:~$ chromium Received signal 11 SEGV_MAPERR 000000000000 #0 0x0000022d9030 <unknown> #1 0x000002267920 <unknown> #2 0x0000022d937e <unknown> #3 0x0000022d95ac <unknown> #4 0x0000b2cf5fe0 <unknown> #5 0x000000b0214c <unknown> #6 0x0000025be95c <unknown> #7 0x000002a8f91e <unknown> #8 0x0000036afee0 <unknown> #9 0x0000036b0512 <unknown> #10 0x0000036b059c <unknown> #11 0x0000036b05d2 <unknown> #12 0x000002139a56 <unknown> #13 0x000002139a92 <unknown> #14 0x000001fba092 <unknown> #15 0x000001fc5c2e <unknown> #16 0x000001fc6130 <unknown> #17 0x000001098de8 <unknown> #18 0x000001356e64 <unknown> #19 0x00000109a7f6 <unknown> #20 0x00000109b422 <unknown> #21 0x00000108f790 <unknown> #22 0x000001f914bc <unknown> #23 0x000001f91626 <unknown> #24 0x000001f918a8 <unknown> #25 0x000001f9880e <unknown> #26 0x000001f90228 <unknown> #27 0x00000097e510 ChromeMain #28 0x0000b2ce74aa __libc_start_main [end of stack trace] Calling _exit(1). Core file will not be generated. ATTENTION: default value of option force_s3tc_enable overridden by environment. jshc1@ODROID-HC1:~$ [28554:28554:0221/] InitializeSandbox() called with multiple threads in process gpu-process. jshc1@ODROID-HC1:~$ firefox ExceptionHandler::GenerateDump cloned child 28758 ExceptionHandler::SendContinueSignalToChild sent continue signal to child ExceptionHandler::WaitForContinueSignal waiting for continue signal...
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