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  1. When the change was made, more things were fixed in that kernel. Today it might be perhaps better to switch back and see what happens. No particular reason - in any case, mainline support is not "pretty nice", at least not with 5.4.y, but perhaps it will be emerged, MALI can be brought up, I saw that but this is little interest for me personally ... We will get there soon. If you do something about, sooner. @m][sko I will change to mainline + patches later today. I need help with testing and comparing this change to understand what is gone, what is solved. I see at least this gone: -CONFIG_SND_SOC_MESON_GX=m -CONFIG_SND_SOC_MESON_GX_I2S=m -CONFIG_SND_SOC_MESON_GX_SPDIF=m
  2. There are no spikes in the Google analytics which suggest more for some bot activity.
  3. Support for Rock64 is still not matured while maker is already on their future products ... there are three (3) HW board revisions which only raises support expenses. No problem about that. You found a bug which was fixed while typing this. I tested the exact same image on my Rock64 Revision 3. No problems. First login: "Desktop environment will not be enabled if you abort the new user creation" We want to keep system clean, so there are no users on the system beside system ones and running desktop under root is not a good idea. Some applications will also not work. If you skipped our scripts and created new user manually ... there will be no desktop and you are on your own to get it up. My mouse and keyboard works straight up. Even over KVM ... but USB troubles are known. Try other port.
  4. Understand. I can't help you around that. If you don't understand hints, study study study or hire someone that have time and ability to use them. I don't have the time to study the problem once again - it has been years since - and guide you there. It is way too expensive for something that only generates costs.
  5. Another hint for new moderators: When a person paste wall of text, we edit text and put it under the spoilers (eye) or inside code <> + (eye) spoilers I also do that quite often. And note that under "edit reasons".
  6. Igor

    NanoPC T4

    Images are made in automated fashion, they are also mainly tested. Yes, sometimes things go wrong which is why I test this image: https://dl.armbian.com/nanopct4/archive/Armbian_19.11.7_Nanopct4_bionic_legacy_4.4.208_desktop.7z and it works. This means problem is 100% not ours. Since you don't have OS on the card, two things remains: - failed SD card https://forum.armbian.com/forum/31-sd-card-and-psu-issues/ - wrong writing method or troubles with the computer where you write that image https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Getting-Started/#how-to-prepare-a-sd-card
  7. This method has been changed few times in past years. Last time I had to apply this patch: https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/patch/u-boot/u-boot-sunxi/remove-boot-messages-from-hdmi.patch.disabled ... but its also outdated due to code changes. But it gives you an idea what to look for.
  8. Igor

    NanoPC T4

    1. Attach power 2. Hold boot button 3. Power the board and wait until leds start to flash, then release.
  9. Igor

    NanoPC T4

    It is expected to behave like this. If you don't hold boot button, you boot with boot-loader which is present on eMMC. Which is out of our control ...
  10. Granted! Thank you. Great! Forum is our common problem and it should be moderated according to that. We created some https://forum.armbian.com/terms and https://forum.armbian.com/guidelines. Read and use them, change if needed and keep in mind that people usually don't read them ... remember when you read the small print last time? I have no intention to lead forum moderation - tell you what to do, but I will tell you if you went to far ... I expect the same treatment - I am just a forum user. (even I do have the same power and more as you do). There are topics which need to be sorted out - merge or move - and there are important topics which are floating in the see of banal - I work on this when I find some time which is less and less. Important stuff should be pinned and some, that are there are not relevant anymore, unpinned. If you can not decide on a specific case, but its important, speak up here, publicly. Only if there is a special need for privacy, in private. Administrator rights - for changing more critical things on the forum - contact @lanefu and me. We are both quite busy, so perhaps we shell also expand this role later on if you will come up with lots of ideas for changes. Can't believe how quick we sorted this out. And as a side effect, perhaps an IRC channel might get live soon. Thank you!
  11. https://dl.armbian.com/_old/ contain older images. Otherwise you can perhaps just switch kernel to 4.19.y with armbian-config -> alternative kernels.
  12. Igor

    NanoPC T4

    Do you hold boot button? Otherwise it boots something from your eMMC ... I just tried this image and works normally on my T4.
  13. Igor

    NanoPC T4

    T4 and this image https://dl.armbian.com/nanopct4/Bionic_legacy_desktop ?
  14. I welcome you to the forum and to the moderators team! First task is perhaps to get this thread in order - remove not needed posts? Edit: In case someone doesn't have rights - logout - login might help.
  15. I also like to keep things in order, but forum and this project is too big for me since a long time ago. Keeping this thing organised can only be done together. I appreciate your willingness to do your share! #armbian channel is unofficial for one very banal reason It doesn't have a recording device -> irclogs.armbian.com I tried to fix this once - by reaching out to IRC server staff to acquire OP status which is needed to install a bot, now its years ago, but failed. Then this task simply faded off the radar. It has been more than 25 years since I was installing IRC bots so I also feel a bit rusted doing that ... if you can fix this, #armbian can become official at once and I will also be there more often. Herzlich willkommen!
  16. Moderating forum mainly does not require deep understanding of technology we are working with. Most of the needs are pretty obvious and are connected with people's bugs - laziness, egoism, impatience, ... somebody needs to take action. More people, ideally from different time zones, would bring the pressure of maintaining this forum down to the normal levels. And make this place nicer to use. If we focus just on forum. Perhaps it needs some adjustment, cleanup (old stuff), changes (forum re-arranging), preparing and leading new moderator actions like this one once activity fades out? I don't know. I am present everywhere ... and nowhere Forum also has many features we don't use ... but one might find useful. Its a toy which I have little time / joy to play with. What about BASH scripting? If you (anyone) have some experiences or just want to expand know-how, scripts around https://github.com/armbian/config needs more people than two to be able to bring it out of beta stage. Code need reviewers, comments, analysis. Welcome!
  17. Also here: https://armbian.atlassian.net/ and here: https://github.com/armbian/build
  18. In that case, no changes were officially made.
  19. If its not here https://docs.armbian.com/Release_Changelog/ then it was not specifically fixed.
  20. Igor


    I understand. But if they don't support Armbian, I will not even talk with them. Since we don't put much into the advertisement, and today only a box matters, most of them thinks this is a cheap service, while I normally lost way more money only by talking to them then they are ever planned to invest into this relationship. And we didn't done anything yet.
  21. Thank you! For this and for your help in the past. I don't know if we are generally there yet, but forum ( and me) is getting out of control from time to time. That's my observation, which could be wrong. We need reinforcements, otherwise it will remain as is not so good. Hopefully more people will step up since it will be easier for everyone and the only way to keep forum readable, conduct some minimal policy and trying to improve forums on a long run. We want as flat structure as possible - being a moderator should be technical not a political function to limit our power games. Armbian is a technical forum - we don't delete content, but merge, move, reorganise. We ban bots that breaks automated spam machine, we don't ban people unless idiot level is obvious, but warn users when derived from https://forum.armbian.com/terms and https://forum.armbian.com/guidelines Mistakes will be done on both sides. Which is normal and expected. People that have moderators rights and are relatively active are: @NicoD @JMCC @chwe @TonyMac32 @balbes150 @lanefu Any objections, otherwise welcome! Inactive: @pfeerick @Xalius @StuxNet (and will be removed shortly if no response)
  22. BTW. Armbian images are PGP signed. https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Getting-Started/#how-to-check-download-authenticity
  23. Igor

    NanoPC T4

    Possible if you sent (possible tested) changes to configs. Their location is here: https://github.com/armbian/build/tree/master/config/kernel How-to, if you are not familiar with Git, here: https://docs.armbian.com/Process_Contribute/