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  1. Few remarks. I fixed other things, will continue later after the lunch. > It is installed on the desktop. On any Linux machine that sits in your network. > **Privacy concerns** There is none at this point. Data doesn't go anywhere. > Download the latest armbian image. is enough + link to getting started. >Put the SDcard into your device, power it up and let it sit for 2 minutes. Put the SDcard into your device, power it up and let it sit for few minutes. Script will display which board(s) will run tests on. >**Prepare your system** Remove everything what has to be installed. That is/will be done automatically. > 2. Edit `lib/configuration.sh` There below you describe how to find IP or choose subnet
  2. I already fixed this to only delete logs, but archive reports in another folder. This can be improved later, but its not that critical ATM. Yeah, will add that. If you have time. Or anyone. Icons would be nice to have from one source and such with a proper open licence. Current are just grabbed from the internet - I spent less then 5 seconds / icon. Also some are missing (cycle, board, memory, drive, stress, dvfs, ... and those might be used in the future).
  3. Igor


    You should be able to build on Fedora by using Docker (you should take care of Docker install by hand prior to using build engine). I don't use Fedora, so this is not first hand information, but others do: https://github.com/armbian/build/issues/1847
  4. That is something wrong on your side. HDMI 100% works. Was manually tested by me. It works. HDMI screen already starts in boot loader. Get a serial console and see what you got there. If anything? Not sure how it is configured - power, SD card activity, heartbeat ... This is not consistent over all boards. Its low priority to make this the same.
  5. Igor


    Not supported host OS. Use either 18.04 or 20.04 ... but its possible that it will also work here. Perhaps start from scratch once again. If it won't work, user docker or supported hosts OS. We will not fix scripts for 19.10 ...
  6. Even your donations multiplies by 100x (one hundred times) we will not plan any activities in that direction. But you are free to talk about here https://forum.armbian.com/forum/22-board-bring-up/ and express wishes here https://forum.armbian.com/forum/38-feature-requests/ Odds are tiny, but if you don't have any budget (like we don't have) that's the way.
  7. root username and password is essential, the rest not.
  8. Define HOSTS="" at your server and run the script. Wireless tests should be optional. Make at least 3 runs, that it switch to beta and back to stable ...
  9. What kind of "RAID sub-board" you are talking about?
  10. But you were able to build image?
  11. It will get automatically when key servers are synced - key has same ID. I think this error bumps out only when building docker image since we had only one keyserver there.
  12. Rename / delete userpatches directory and run the script again.
  13. Aha. Then its strange. I have to find this board somewhere and see for myself ... I hope someone else can confirm that SATA on latest images doesn't work.
  14. Igor

    Added Nanopi R2S

    We usually get stuff before mass production which under current condition might be problematic. I have to talk to FA to get my prediction confirmed.
  15. You are running the script on your desktop / server. It scans armbian boards on the network. If you set SUBNET, it will scan for devices on that subnet. I have dedicated subnet for testing armbian devices. I only hook power and network cable and they are ready for this script. I don't need to do nothing else. If you only run a few devices in your only subnet, use HOSTS and type there IP addresses of devices you want to run tests on. Put your phone BT to discoverable mode and run: hcitool scan on a Linux computer that has BT dongle. Welcome to try adding those hints.
  16. mUSB connector is barely enough to power the board, while USB ports on the Banana PRO gives out perhaps 50-100mA per port, with some voltage drop when on load. That is certainly not enough for "quite low power SSD". Use powered USB hub.
  17. It seems that images are corrupted while when I made one from sources, it works ... I will remake them in 15-20. Edit: @The Images were updated.
  18. Igor

    Added Nanopi R2S

    This information I do not have, but I will try to get it.
  19. I might give you some hints if you show me logs and WG module version. But you can just try to switch to nightly repository (current kernel). That includes up to date driver.
  20. You need to enable I2C ... basically the same problem as this one:
  21. That's alright. I am just pointing out that they are tested which is usually a good reference point when diagnosing troubles. I hope you find a serial console - it could save you some time. That task might not be simple: https://forum.armbian.com/forum/22-board-bring-up/ We already have (much) more hardware than possibility to bring them up.
  22. + updates to: rockpis, rockchip64 and odroidxu4 legacy kernel
  23. Describe your powering scheme / provide photo of the setup and armbianmonitor -u
  24. Explained here which is why I will not repeat myself: