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  1. Modern kernel luxury comes with a price: https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_FAQ/#why-does-hardware-feature-xy-work-in-old-kernel-but-not-in-more-recent-one If you want Armbian with the same functionality, but also no updates to the kernel, pick Armbian with a kernel 4.4.y which is still provided for this hardware.
  2. All A20 boards have the same problem - check those posts for workaround.
  3. Updating u-boot: https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Recovery/
  4. IIRC there were some issues on Debian user land and 3d acceleration and I assume they still exists (Buster is too old for fancy stuff). Its known that it works on Focal / Hirsute. Since we just started on adding 3D support, this is certainly not present on images that are currently available. Its coming with a next release 21.08 / this month. We only have packages for Ubuntu based builds - they came from here. We have no plans to support 3d on Debian desktops since this represent extra work and maintenance burden. As i notice https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/config/targets.conf#L522-L530 we didn't enable on 32bit probably because we need someone to test if it works. Build from sources is needed at this point. And remember to enable 3D since its not enabled by default.
  5. General rules: we only try to support our builds / work. That is already close to impossible due to lack of resources. When you are using custom build, support costs goes sky high and its again problematic to ask for support. Too much resources to understand what was changed. IIRC 3D support works OOB on Focal user land or higher. If you build image with our tools and enable 3D, it should work but I am not sure if there are 32bit packages for this. I know it works on 64bit. That's all i can help you here.
  6. Many other things can be wrong - like lack of most important data for example. @Werner have provided you link to some page where you have to go trough few steps to understand what is minimum requirements to ask for technical oriented help on this forum. Ofc you can also choose to provide no data, data you think is relevant or just vague description of the problem. tl;dr; There is too little information about software you are using, so nobody with competence can give you valuable data. If you count on our supernatural skills of mind reading - don't know anyone around to have that Welcome!
  7. Overall I think we are providing better quality Linux than anyone else, but still its not perfect, it has problems and there is nothing we can do about - we are already spending more private resources than we should to keep this level. We are trying to implement professional quality control and testings (can be easily full time position, senior in any case), but since this is very expensive process nobody is willing to cover on the needed degree, things are as they are. Even we are trying hard to fix problems, we can't guarantee it will not break and manual testing on all boards + functions + combinations is simply too insane operation / out of question.
  8. Functions that works on stock kernel (image) can be relatively easily copied from presentation stock image or its derivatives, but if you want to have the same with a quality up2date kernel, serious work and costs could be needed / comes with. I assume components for this feature exist in modern kernel, "just" lacks implementation and maintenance. Like many other common troubles. In our nonstandard non mainstream (ARM single board computers) world, such generic tools might not just work. We are using this, to get some common grounds: https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/packages/bsp/common/usr/lib/armbian/armbian-hardware-monitor#L22-L56 ... to display board temperature when you login: https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/packages/bsp/common/etc/update-motd.d/30-armbian-sysinfo#L50-L65 https://github.com/cgomesu/nanopim4-satahat-fan This script handles it for RK3399, which is similar chip but different enough that it won't just work, but it can give you an idea where & how to start. IIRC it also works on modern kernel without much adjustments: Check if you can contribute on our common agenda: https://forum.armbian.com/forum/54-help-wanted/
  9. There is easier approach. This below is common for all H2/H3 boards but not all boards have easy access to all functions. armbian-config -> system -> hardware There (armbian-config) is also full featured DTB editor in there for advanced hacking which automatically decompile / compile device tree blob.
  10. Re-adding https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/v20.11/patch/u-boot/u-boot-sunxi/add-orangepi3.patch to the same position in master branch is the solution.
  11. This is the problem and the solution:
  12. Here https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/config/targets.conf you can see which variants are build for which hardware variant. We don't provide Bionic for any hardware anymore since we switched to latest Ubuntu LTS base (Focal). The same goes for Debian based images. They are made around Buster package base and when we will get new Debian stable, Buster goes out. In general, you can search for older builds in our archive (at the bottom of each board download page), but there is no warranty that those builds work, nor they are supported. We can only afford to try to support latest builds.
  13. I just successfully build and boot image with legacy u-boot and legacy kernel. A lot of dirty things around, but it works. I am unable to push things further, so anyone can proceed from here. Enabling Wifi and BT https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/2620
  14. Porting features to mainline kernel and maintaining them there usually represent a serious cost and usually can't be done by amateurs ... Perhaps I am wrong and this feature was indeed ported, just doesn't work or hasn't been accepted to the upstream kernel yet. You will probably need to use old kernel if this is critical feature. Perhaps its just a missing driver ... without logs, nobody can help.
  15. Can be none of above. Usually the problem is USB2SATA converter UASP support. We are blacklisting those known to fail working well, but its impossible to catch them all. Two things you can do - add ID of your converters to the kernel boot parameter to usb-storage.quirks=, /boot/armbianEnv.txt or /boot/boot.ini and try to upgrade kernel to 5.4.y. .... 4.14.y is abandoned by Hardkernel for some time afaik. Also possible, you can try (armbian-config -> system -> alternative kernel) latest and greatest 5.13.y.
  16. I think we have to get rid of our Nanopi R2S patch since I would assume mainline version is just fine and cleaned out. Then adjusting R1 related commits accordingly. Also one quick look into u-boot if upstream version is good enough to boot the board properly and remove patches there too. And it should work. https://armbian.atlassian.net/browse/AR-573
  17. Attaching driver from Allwinner kernel. uwe5622_linux5.4_driver.tar.gz
  18. Put few thousands on our account if you have such ideas or hire someone to get you that information. We have shared all we know - we always do that. To get a better information, to find a bug, additional time has to be lost. Perhaps a day is enough, perhaps a week wont. And we have other, much more important things to do. We would improve this service ...
  19. ARM is all about diversity and customisation. It is very hard and very expensive to put things on a common ground. This multi million problem is certainly not Armbian fault. We - in this whole ecosystem - generates close to nothing. but despite all deliver you a value - providing same experience on all hardware despite this diversity. Armbian acts and works (almost) the same, regardless the hardware. But yes, you need a different - the expensive part - boot / hw layer.
  20. Or thermal? Opi4 needs some extra cooling and / or lowering CPU speed.
  21. Yes. apt update / upgrade + nand-sata-install + update bootloader + reboot .... should do. Or manually.
  22. You also should support us before telling what we should and should not do. Perhaps just this way. Otherwise fork the project, leave your daily job and start maintaining it. Perhaps you will get help, perhaps not. Everyday you will bump into a person which expects you will work free of charge hours in their interest ...
  23. The same is with each ARM chip, just only a few people understands.
  24. Whenever you are asking for help, hints or solutions to your problem - provide full logs, not just some small detail.