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  1. https://docs.armbian.com/Hardware_Allwinner-H3/ https://linux-sunxi.org/H3 Why all are enabled? Simply because there is nothing wrong if they are (on this particular board) and it would require either a test or seeing documentation to be able to know which to enable. Even this is almost nothing is one of those from the mountain of mini cosmetic tasks. KISS and indolence prevails https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/config/boards/zeropi.conf#L5 (you are welcome to check on hardware which is actually needed and send a MR)
  2. - news for users - support terms - communication rules According to our tiny capacity which you don't support and existing plans I think this task might be addressed fastest by the end of the year https://armbian.atlassian.net/browse/AR-191 It might not be big, but it require time and focus. Perhaps the same amount then answering on this post.
  3. Checking ... it works perfectly correct here too (H3 / Nanopi Neo, no heatsink) http://ix.io/2mf8 but it still reaches critical temperature (100°) which initiates shutdown. @megi How to tune things to go lower than 1008Mhz since temps go up and up ... to the 100?
  4. Yes. Docker works on all officially supported Armbian builds since a few years. It can be installed via preinstalled armbian-config -> software -> softy -> "Install Docker" For this particular build I don't know since it is not an official build. Perhaps it will just work ... or not.
  5. This has to be adjusted since with next release we only have xz https://armbian.atlassian.net/browse/AR-213 Odroid C1 is already made on new standards https://dl.armbian.com/odroidc1/ ... what bothers me is: https://dl.armbian.com/odroidc1/Focal_current_minimal_nightly https://dl.armbian.com/odroidc1/Focal_current_minimal_nightly.asc (signature) https://dl.armbian.com/odroidc1/archive/Armbian_20.02.14_Odroidc1_buster_current_5.4.39_minimal.img.xz https://dl.armbian.com/odroidc1/archive/Armbian_20.02.14_Odroidc1_buster_current_5.4.39_minimal.img.asc (signed is image, not compressed image. Is that alright?)
  6. I know. Its 5.4.y kernel ... I expected to get HDMI with this, but it also doesn't work. If someone has a wish to proceed, it can be replaced with a working sources ...
  7. Today stress test killed: "Orange Pi Zero Plus" "Orange Pi Prime" "NanoPi Neo" "Pine H64" ... Houston, We Have a Problem. @megi Before I start to dig in ... do you think this is generally broken or is it a consequence of our improvements?
  8. Welcome to the time wasting club Most of the bugs we have to ignore, since a few people can't support 1000 people work. We can only do "best effort" way. I will book this one for inspection when time permits. This is the best I can do ATM - it can easily take months.
  9. Yesterday stress test https://dl.armbian.com/_test-reports/2020-05-15_19.45.41.html was fatal for OPi Lite 2. Board powered off ... probably throttling is not working well (on all H6 ?) and critical temperature was reached. @guidol Thanks.
  10. FYI fixed yesterday https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/9130021688e048e698b8282fb1da32fe0763cb3f
  11. C1 images were reclassified to "Community support" since there were some activity / help to bring it up from ashes: https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/483d7e96a743b5ae2775ca02701487c1c7c9c8b6 https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/6af0c504738b3a1f009891a8985e5c0c07103056 https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/f054caca02deae5fe70a41245e89eee7745a8f86 Official images (with kernel 5.4.y) for C1 works reasonable good (headless!) ... when you find a proper SD card. Some will just crash a file system and this will probably not be fixed. The same problem is with 5.6.y and 5.7.y ... both were briefly tested, but they bring nothing even in 5.7.y a HDMI might work ... but it doesn't. If someone has time to proceed from here, support exists in the build system. We lost several days for this board, upgrade was tested and board will remain in test rig ... but its the first to go when we ran out of space. Images are not the same as from @balbes150 - he build them from a different source.
  12. I am slowly pushing things forward, so we could slowly make .1 build. Nightly images are out and are now identical to stable in term of availability. If some variant is missing in nightly, it will miss on stable. In case you see a missing one or you think it should be there, please add missing variants to https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/config/targets.conf Must solve bugs: https://armbian.atlassian.net/browse/AR-239 Remaining bugs to solve hopefully within this release: https://bit.ly/3bBGP8k Need help on testings: - upgrades from older builds Testing procedure: - armbian-config -> system -> switch to nightly builds - reboot - armbian-config -> system -> Default desktop install Hardware that is not so important to test - our automated test rig: https://dl.armbian.com/_test-reports/2020-05-14_05.54.16.html
  13. Possible in the thermal throttling configuration, yep. I also noticed few devices does not sustain stress tests in automated testings ... but I don't have serial consoles yet there so I don't know what actually happened. I suspect the same ...
  14. Great opportunity for simple contribution https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/lib/configuration.sh#L267 Thanks for bringing this up.
  15. We have no capacity to test this function on upgrade yet, but at least testing - that we will know it fails - will be probably established by the end of this year. Who needs more information? Check support terms https://github.com/armbian/build#support
  16. The problem is not critical - just ext4 driver debug is on ... use most recent image or (do a backup since in some cases it might fail) and switch to more recent builds:
  17. Anything is possible when using bleeding edge stuff
  18. TV boxes are not an official Armbian project - its more like a community hacking approach to make use of those Android boxes ... which are hardware wise very similar to single board computers. With a few exceptions like - we have no schematics, so its a lot of guessing / hacking involved which is why developers stay away and they are usually lower quality. But on the other side you have people that finds exactly such approach entertaining. Mainstream is dominated by Raspberry Pi and Openhab creatros doesn't seems to look away from that and their beloved OpenHabian, which they trust but I would never use it From our perspective its poorly maintained (but users take it as gold since its official, even possible total crap) and it require a toy grade hardware to run it. Earlier this year I update our installer and made this official manual. This is not something urgent, but it's nice to get it fixed or improved. Also a good opportunity to make a first pull request on this tool.
  19. Good to know, thanks. ... I also noticed some other problems related to haveged, which requires apparmor and when that is enabled it still doesn't work. Perhaps Bullseye is too fragile atm and since it will remain unsupported (at this release), this is low priority to fix atm
  20. It's good to have a backup but for maintaining reasons we better keep consistency over targets for basic services such as this. Its better to fix chrony than changing it only for Ubuntu 20.04 where it suppose to breaks. 19.10 is EOL so that's not relevant, but we should check this on Debian Sid / Bullseye.
  21. I didn't dug much deep with this since system already works as smooth as I would expect and have many other things to take care. But possibility to fine tune things are good to cover corner cases. I am not sure I will do any changes in our installer anytime soon, but feel free to improve it. I saw those remarks on OH forums, but still can't remember why I didn't proceed to more convenient repository install. Is version there older or something is missing ... ?
  22. Is this method working everywhere? Those does: https://github.com/armbian/config/blob/master/debian-software#L796-L854 https://github.com/armbian/config/commit/f19c4cd5e9a771a1edce7b13dbd8a7e506ecb2b6#diff-a9db3e595a4f6439b45e27165146ce15 I am sure it can be improved further ... thanks.