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  1. Images done. Process finished without troubles this time.
  2. DI is a separate suite and for some boards this would be a nice way to start. But its a lot of work to get there. We barely maintain this stuff, while can not afford any bigger and not really necessary things. If you have (big) wishes, consider covering them https://www.armbian.com/get-involved or just dump it on the top of https://forum.armbian.com/forum/38-feature-requests/ which will never be addressed. There is just a few of us and we have our own agenda, cover that you don't have problems with the basic usage. We cover this functionality with armbian-config (which btw. nobody helps me maintaining). Remember that most of the hardware we support have no other media than media that they are booted off. Which is why this embedded approach is just fine. Debian is very rough system and we improve it here and there. This is improvement is due to the fact that most of the systems run from SD card, which life span gets shortened with writings of small chunks of data. This improvement prolong life and raise overall performance. If you need other functionality, to catch logs, you have to disable this and return to slow stock Debian. Armbian is Debian (or Ubuntu) on package relations levels. It does not contain the same set of packages. Core yes, but the rest is again a matter of adaptation. The case is that, because of relations compatibility, you can install whatever, while if this would be a custom Linux distro, you will not be able to do that in a very simple manner. There are applications that works on Debian, while some only works on Ubuntu. This and that version. We provide all and its on you to pick the one that goes with your software best. Hardware support, the expensive stuff, which is in Debian only generic, is the same. https://linux-sunxi.org/USB/UAS https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/239782/connection-problem-with-usb3-external-storage-on-linux-uas-driver-problem For more, use search above, Google. It has been discussed. Less problem you will have with native SATA or PCI/NvME implementation. I don't need to use samba which is why I use NFS and got full network utilisation. But I do test it from time to time and it doesn't always work as expected.
  3. Where do you think they came from and why are not yet in the mainline? It seems nothing out of advanced functions really works atm. But at least we are now attached to the mainline + patches.Which needs maintenance attention if we want to move on faster..
  4. Don't exactly understand what you mean by that, but that FriendlyDesktop you can install only on Nanopi M4 and its siblings (T4, Neo4). And nowhere else. This support forum requires that: you use Armbian (support is tied to Armbian, not to Nanopi M4) you have provide logs with our tools. No logs = no help. things you attach to the board are officially not supported, but someone can give you some hints. I don't work with cameras, so I don't know how good or bad they are. That will require some work/configuring. You need to use 3rd party application such as XRDP or VNC. After you establish network connection to the same router where your laptop is connected to ... In case video stream is accelerated, it will not go over XRDP & VNC protocols which means you need to upgrade your laboratory equipment.
  5. https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/74a2e23f8a92e9f45520421dc6d845a999565b3f
  6. Yet another tip. Before moving from my average/low website-ux-designfu created website I was studying this book: "Don't make me think". It's covering some UX basics. Light read. Enough to understand why its better to hire professionals to do the website for you then wasting time producing crap that makes more troubles than gain. Graphical and UX design was applied to the website, never to forum. It was planed, never executed. Eliminating confusion is the key element to lower the need for moderating. IMO its a serious job, but still, we can do it better if we known methods that works and those who doesn't. (design is probably just fine and a matter of personal taste/preference and skin can also be changed without much effort)
  7. This forum is dedicated for digitally signed Armbian images. Support for Tinkerboard is done by ASUS. If. Armbian with kernel 4.4.y should behave the same way as stock (ASUS/Linaro) while to get this functionality on a modern kernel, some patches needs to be implemented. Perhaps they already are, just not properly enabled. If you would use a Google, you wound find a patch since someone did something about. If you need this feature, proceed with implementing a patch with our build system or manually. If it works for you, send a patch to the build system. This is how I would solve this.
  8. What I had in mind is to make use of communication tools and techniques. Armbian doesn't have 3rd party advertisements and banners, but we could use its tooling to communicate a selection of short forum tips. Over and over again. What do you think? It will be some work to come up with something cool and usable in term of content and see how the tooling works.
  9. It's a kernel feature which need a hook within OS - observed behaviour is IMO random and I don't know which kernels you have compared since you didn't provide any data. https://www.google.com/search?q=hibernation+rk3288
  10. Thanks. Asking bumper politely to not bump after they done it is one thing ... how to prevent this to happen? Or at least how to limit this down as much as possible?
  11. This way of communication we would also like to limit: Pushing on developers with "is it ready" , "where can I see the results of your work", "where can I test" ... and when that brave abuser tries to get even more attention by calling out others or by sending this topic to private comm, he can (and IMO must) only get a ban. I will not discuss with them about their actions and consequences. One option is to remove or hide topic bump message, talk to the bumper and/or give warning points, but IHMO avoid to discuss if this measure is needed or not. We also have a rule not to support development kernels - but at the end this is upon each person. Main reason is that code is changing too quickly, telling users how to solve problems is changing with the same speed, its hard to stay up2date and at the end helps little. "tomorrow" fix will not work anymore. Such information is valuable to share among developers. Users has to wait until maintenance levels become ... on users levels, without too much waste of time to support. Its yet another grey zone. Bottom up. Post bumping is against "the forum law"
  12. I propose to upload known to work packages to apt.armbian.com bionic-desktop and change their version. It's an ugly hack, but patch the problem.
  13. It doesn't differ (much). Major difference is that when you start with a Debian / Ubuntu you start with a DI (Debian Installer) and install Debian to some drive. That process is identical on all x86 Ubuntu based Linuxes. Only background / colours, configurations, perhaps an application / GRUB versions is changed ... We only provide "LIVE" image because of different hardware design / scenarios. Its more suitable this way. Once you login into Armbian, all tutorials and install cases will work the same way as they work on particular Debian / Ubuntu version https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials with rare exceptions when application does not come with arm/arm64 binaries (in such case you need to build app from sources). Armbian is clean Debian (or Ubuntu). The problem you have with Samba can be explained with common cheap/broken USB to SATA implementation and the fact that USB based NAS solutions are ... crap/problematical. But also Samba is not the best. I only use NFS and which works as expected.
  14. It looks like administrator has to approve the public ones. This one is approved now. Can you edit it?
  15. Another tip related to this: Searching with most probable keywords on the topic "XU4 emmc" solves the problem without more knowledgeable people. I also had to do that since I completely forget about this.
  16. https://forum.armbian.com/replies/ Do you see a button "New canned reply" and you have "edit" on the right side?
  17. Because boot loader which was once flashed by Hardkernel to eMMC (and which can't be flashed with Etcher) is simply too old and only support booting from (Windows) FAT partition ... while Armbian use (proper) Linux partitions You need to do this:
  18. We left last build sources which should be able to build that here: https://github.com/armbian/build/tree/v19.08 We provide binaries and sources, while support costs are yours now.
  19. Jessie is gone. There is nothing I can do about this. If you need something based on 3.4.y, use Xenial builds and use BUILD_TAG="v19.08" ... but if things doesn't work, nobody will fix it.
  20. It is possible that its only related to ARM builds. If you find up something, we can fix but perhaps we shall focus on 20.04 (Focal). It's inside the build system but chroot is / (was?) completely broken so we can't build some needed packages.
  21. Yes, but its just Android which is booting off at that time. But its on the table ... @chwe I meant Orangepi 4 Don't have Pinebook PRO. Yet.
  22. I also trying to get somewhere. How far did you get?
  23. Testing with help of that scripts - all of them are at least booting 20.02-RC images.