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  1. Not taken that way. I am just correcting your wrong association since it looks like you don't know what Armbian is and how things are. Not a problem - it's common. Use Armbian with old kernel / hardware interface and this function will work. If you use Armbian with modern kernel, this function might not work. I don't know if it works and researching is my private cost. Should we enable / develop this function because someone find that its not working? No, because neither Hardkernel nor you cover any costs. And this is not Armbian specific problem - but Linux in general. This functi
  2. What's wrong with the driver that is shipped with the kernel? Why are you asking for support here and not here https://github.com/aircrack-ng/rtl8814au/issues
  3. Fix is coming up, images are rebuilding ... version - once uploaded - 20.11.7 will be fine. Tested. https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/e2104390d9998462ba30202cd55134f349ce8d7a
  4. I also use Linux Mint for my desktop, but on ARM SBC it is totally useless. Like most of other distros. The cheap component (common scripts and apps) obviously doesn't matter. https://docs.armbian.com/#what-is-armbian Sadly for the expensive part I don't have any direct answers how to fix since that require research. Don't know, never used audio input on modern kernel, but i think it should be supported. Which means its probably just a device / tree hw misconfiguration or ... Features that aren't wired on boards (board doesn't have audio in) are disabled by default. Now start
  5. https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread/17565-nightly-images-for-a64-h3-h5-h6-and-r40-boards/
  6. Now the problem is that my only C4 is racked for CI tests and can't do much ... previous images are known to work. Try them - and it would be good to know if upgrade also gets your here.
  7. First you need to tell us filename of that image so we can verify.
  8. This function does not exists. Also implementation is questionable since code quality of this app is not the best which is why we planned long time ago to write this application from scratch and perhaps implement backup functionality ... but we just throw away insane amount of our money and got nowhere. This task sadly exceeds our resources - we can't afford to cover. Proper easy way? No. But why you want to clone image? Use Ansible or similar to recreate your system on top of clean Armbian image, backup data. We are only interested in a solution for all board
  9. Just make a PR to the master and try not to create special things for this board such as dedicated kernel config or similar. Kernel is shared, u-boot can be per board. If it's done the way that it can't break anything, we accept it. config/board/thisboard configuration must have .CSC suffix that its clear we don't maintain it. Thank you! Welcome to join. It's a lot to do and we are always short on people.
  10. A build system that gives you superb option to boot your hardware with a specially prepared kernel and its not called Buildroot or Yocto. I would kill for having x86 Armbian when preparing our Threadripper server. Or my desktop machine - both are based on latest hardware which doesn't just work OOB on Ubuntu or Debian based distros, Arch is too reckless on the other hand. Just about every kernel out there sucks and preparing custom build with userland of choice is what we have achieved here. I would also use Armbian on other x86 builds, if this would be simple, since those possibilities and ha
  11. The problem is also that generic x86 distros doesn't just work that perfectly on this hardware ...
  12. It can't hurt. Its a bit longer way and includes https://docs.armbian.com/Developer-Guide_Build-Preparation/ Ideal is to implement fix there and you don't need to mention this anywhere since it will work out of the box at next release. This is regular MO around here. Making documentation sometimes represent more work than fixing the actual problem. Of course not for you since you have to get familiar with a build system a bit, .. but I already give you directions where to implement this fix in the process of making an image. You need to create a file or copy some predefined f
  13. Don't know. But even more basic hw function have no gain so I would not have big expectations on Rockchip: https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/2462 Why? (if it's not here https://www.armbian.com/download/ it does not exists) What about give??
  14. https://www.armbian.com/bugs/ For now or when / if we come out with own solution.
  15. Typo: "roperly" power your board
  16. Who to ask to get rid of Google and implement within Wordpress? I should not be hard since I think such plugins exists. Worth doing some investigation ...
  17. Three things that matters: - tar of filesystem is just fine - you need to adjust UUID in /boot/armbianEnv.txt on a new system - transfer boot loader Or you want that Armbian developers also finance development of SATISFACTORY backup and restore applications that will cover this job for you? Well, you can also do that.
  18. consoleblank=0 is set twice in that line. Probably that is the reason why it doesn't work.
  19. It's not exactly Armbian problem, but board low level support. It works on some, on others don't and eventually it get fixed. If you want the luxury of modern Linux, you have to compromise with lack of this and that functionality. Is our responsibility to do anything about? The same as yours (Hardkernel doesn't) to finance our R&D and asking your questions. Since you don't - also helping you to understand all new things are our direct private cost - we have very limited resources to sponsor your curiosity, Hardkernel and your needs. Elsewhere (other distributions) situation is just w
  20. Check https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/config/bootscripts/boot-meson64.cmd#L99-L114 and change in /boot/boot.ini consoleblank from 0 to 1
  21. armbian-config -> system -> dtb editor
  22. I assume its this problem, but since I have no hardware to test, someone will need to build from sources to confirm: https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/535650da96bb585a7dad47237f283a780189f0fb
  23. https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/95b0b601b72d5b28ee22496a42e657bc89ffb420 Help us build good testing facility https://github.com/armbian/autotests and this will not happening ...