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    sfx2000 got a reaction from Jens Bauer in Raspberry Pi 4 Released - From $35 USD   
    Interesting - some casual benchmarking of Pi4 vs Pi3...
    For virtualization - the new Broadcom SoC is a good step forward for the Pi Folks...
    A lot of this comes from how the new chip does interrupt handling.
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    sfx2000 got a reaction from TonyMac32 in Raspberry Pi 4 Released - From $35 USD   
    USB-C power is very specific on how to design a circuit - too many folks take shortcuts....Looks like the Pi folks did as well...
    Any competent EE will see the issue at hand...
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    sfx2000 reacted to TonyMac32 in Raspberry Pi 4 Released - From $35 USD   
    - 4 big cores on 28 nm, see the Tinker Board for a lesson in cooling that form factor.  (the Pi seems oddly underclocked, if I'm being honest, a 3288 will go 1.8 GHz, @wtarreau will tell you 2.0+)
    - As far as USB3/Gb, the tunnel-vision Pi people would have seen an insane improvement with just 4x USB2 on their own channels and a 100 Mb PHY.  So yes, they are going to think they're lighting the world on fire performance wise.
    - That USB-C does not appear to be intelligent PD type, so I'd be interested to see when people use smart supplies with it, if it will run on the 500 mA they'll probably limit to.  (correct me if I've gotten it mixed up)
    It looks more interesting than the Pi 3, I bought a few 3's and have since let them rot.  I still used a 2 until recently for music.
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    sfx2000 got a reaction from Tido in Very Small Platforms - Rockchip 3308 and Allwinner V3s   
    Not quite accurate - 2G (GSM/GPRS) is a completely different radio access network, including waveforms and modulation scheme.
    2G was turned down some time back here in the US, and now the major operators have scheduled the 3G sunset in the next couple.
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    sfx2000 got a reaction from gstoyanov in SBC recommendations for a wireless router   
    espressoBIN is a decent choice - good performance at a decent price, and a community here on Armbian that can support it
    The ClearFogs are a step up, even though their on an older ARMv7A Armada - the 8K is newer and is ARMv8, but not sure where the BSP support is there.
    There's been a trio of QC-Atheros IPQ-40xx devices recently announced, and they have integrated 802.11ac dual band radios - but most of them are somewhat tight - e.g. to get best performance out of them, one has to use the QSDK, which is built on an older version of OpenWRT - there is support for some IPQ40xx in OpenWRT 18.06 and Master, but I'm not sure it's stable enough yet for daily-driver use on the WiFi (ath10k drivers are under heavy development, and there's issues with the Switch outside of typical setup - see DSA on this chip over on OpenWRT forums...)
    I was starting to develop a fairly open board based on AR9331/AR9531 - not ARM based, as these are MIPS cores, but the SOC is very well documented, and strong OpenWRT support, but that got set aside when work stepped up and my free time was reduced quite a bit.
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    sfx2000 got a reaction from NicoD in Announcement : Odroid N2   
    Anyways - would be fun to see a cage match between Nano Pi M4 vs. Odroid N2 vs nVidia Jetson Nano...
    Traditional benchmarks as well as some VPU/GPU work - as RK3399 has Mali T864 vs. Amlogic with G52 vs. nVidia with Maxwell
    Since all are supported in some way with Ubuntu 18.04LTS with Vendor supplied BSP's...
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    sfx2000 got a reaction from NicoD in Announcement : Odroid N2   
    Would be interesting to see how it competes with Jetson Nano with a good power supply...
    Jetson has a fairly large heatsink, but it's generally cool to the touch right now with 2.5A over MicroUSB - 5 amp Power Supply is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, and then we can turn up the Jetson clocks and see what it can really do...
    (Jetson Nano under full load can easily consume 20w when doing GPU compute tasks - not too much different than Google Coral)
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    sfx2000 got a reaction from gounthar in Which boards to get a VPN server and a VPN client?   
    But it works... wg is cool as CPU load is minimal, compared to the CPU intense OpenVPN -
    Enter MIPS24Kc, which would be comparable to ARM11 - Pre-ARM Cortex-A7... the other day, two clients attached, and CPU load was 3 percent, and that's with Stubby and WG active over a 4G mobile hotspot (USB-150 was WiFi to the phone as WAN, and routing from there to two WiFi clients)
    I suppose this is the difference between an Application focused SoC vs a Network focused platform.
    There's another thread where I chat a bit about MIPS - interesting arch there for networking stuff...
    Anyways - the openwrt repo's also support Tor, which may be of some interest to some...
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    sfx2000 got a reaction from gounthar in Which boards to get a VPN server and a VPN client?   
    Something to consider...
    MIPS based - but full OpenWRT/Linux under the hood - wireguard client/server and OpenVPN client/server - plug into the PC/Mac/Linux and it is an ethernet device, but not needed, just give it power and it'll run...
    If one is bent toward WiFi hacking, the SoC WiFi is ATH9K based, which is one of the better WiFi chips for documentation purposes...
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    sfx2000 reacted to PDP11 in Geezer goes GaGa over Terminus console font!   
    It's *amazing* what you can find reading the Armbian documentation! 
    I dig the shell, even old-school in a virtual terminal or minimal server type setup.  Normally that means going through some squinty-eyed hoops to get the Terminus console font installed with larger sizes in the first place on large monitors.
    Wait - what's this?
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup
    I did this in a virtual terminal, and allowed setup to pick the right character set for me.  Then I blasted the framebuffer with the largest Terminus font size allowed.
    Perfection!  Not a big deal to most, but having this be part of the standard distribution image made my day.  Soooo easy.  thanks!
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    sfx2000 got a reaction from Jack953 in Orange Pi 4G-IOT   
    Not ready to say, as it fills a gap that is currently missing...
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    sfx2000 got a reaction from TonyMac32 in What does your workbench look like?   
    Hehe - my first calculator back when I was 12 or so...
    So stepping into HP RPN calcs was not a problem
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    sfx2000 reacted to TonyMac32 in What does your workbench look like?   
    I see dust and overpriced coffee... 
    I have a 50G as part of having been an EE major.  The professors wouldn't support the TI hardware.  And, since I'd done assembly coding of an 8087 math co-processor, RPN made perfect sense to me right away...    I also got the 50 and not the 49 because the 49 was complete garbage, quality wise.
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    sfx2000 got a reaction from TonyMac32 in Armbian in 3D   
    @NicoD - Nice concept...
    Put some muscles on the penguin - big ARM's for Armbian...
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    sfx2000 got a reaction from lanefu in Reliable SMTP for forum notifications?   
    Goes back to what I was saying about DKIM/SPF/DMARC as this establishes the trust and credibility for being an SMTP sender... Requires a bit of DNS work to update the records, but once done, generally works.... then just keep on top of certificates, which isn't much overhead there once they're set up.
    One can use postfix, qmail, or sendmail even (don't consider sendmail - it's powerful, but it's a curve all it's own).
    postfix works well as a smarthost for outbound, and works equally well for inbound as an full blown MTA
    BTW - I used to be the MMS admin for the 7th largest Wireless Telecom with over 7m users in the US - and MMS has the SMTP gateway...
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    sfx2000 got a reaction from rooted in Random Automotive off-topic   
    that's not the same Ranger...
    Going back to Slant Six - when I was a kid - my dad had a older Dodge Van (the one where you sat over the front wheels, and no protection if you had a front end hit...)
    It had I suppose 150,000 miles, and it threw a rod...  dad welded up the side of the block in the driveway, ground down the broken rod end, and drove it for 3 more years as a slant five...
    beast of a motor, even wounded...
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    sfx2000 reacted to TonyMac32 in Random Automotive off-topic   
    Indeed.  Had failure of idiotic plastic thermostat housing (replaced with Aluminum), then the timing chains flew out the side and bent a bunch of valves at 117k (miles).  The shortest lived engine I've ever had in an American car (I had a Stratus, but I may have crashed it)
    To be fair to Cologne, the pushrod version of the engine was far better, but the weird fetish with overhead cams was it's undoing.  I'm swapping in a 5.0L V8 from an Explorer, since they were the same vehicle from the drivers seat forward it will be extremely easy, the donor vehicle with the engine in it costs about as much as a new head for that V6...  I agree the LS is solid, but the GM people are too insufferable, I can't do that to the Ford.  If a Dodge 318 fit in there, I'd gladly do that, the community would give me a high five for something different...
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    sfx2000 got a reaction from Werner in Build Armbian as User   
    I have a dedicated KVM image, as I don't want to introduce changes from the distribution that might impact the build process - it's an old habit of mine.
    Anyways - root is a major deity on a *nix system, and an errant script could do a fair amount of damage - it doesn't have to be a "bad actor" but even a typo...
    Started looking at fakeroot as an option, as this does provide the opportunity to do file manipulation as needed to build an image.
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    sfx2000 reacted to markbirss in Lichee Pi zero   
    Here is the Lichee Pi Zero with 4.3inch 800x480, keyboard and Li-Po battery. (also using a ESP8266 ESP-01 for Serial console over wifi)

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    sfx2000 got a reaction from ftp-bin2fex in Post your Speed Tests   
    Couple of things - I used to work for a Wireless Carrier that did 3G and LTE - 7th largest in the US until it was consumed by AT&T...
 is private addressing - we used this plus the other ranges internally inside the engineering plant, from core to edge.
 - this is carrier grade NAT, we used this extensively on the customer facing network, as it scales nicely
    We didn't allow public IP's ever - just didn't happen, we didn't want to be hosting private servers on our network.
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    sfx2000 reacted to guidol in Armbian for Amlogic S9xxx kernel 5.x   
    No its the password from the Movie "Wargames" which is WOPR searching for
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    sfx2000 reacted to Igor in Integrate WireGuard into kernel   
    It's in by default. Now it will be in remaining kernels as well.
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    sfx2000 reacted to TonyMac32 in Pi-Factor power solution   
    Well, Oshpark turned around my order in 5 days, so I was able to build one today:

    So far no problems, 5.16 V open circuit voltage, nominal design intent was 5.20, so within tolerance.
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    sfx2000 got a reaction from WarHawk_AVG in Best device for an "internet ethernet condom"   
    If one is running a DNS server for the LAN/WLAN - probably better to keep it on the wire
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    sfx2000 reacted to TonyMac32 in Pi-Factor power solution   
    the new one has 2, and a big inductor that looks like a small office building.  
    Yes, all of my components sit on the "top", other than the header to connect to the other board.  
    I've taken to using a hot plate with thick steel "heat diffuser" to keep the surface consistent, I don't get any charring that way, the only tricky part is removing boards to cool them acceptably, but I've more or less worked that out, and the hot plate was $25.  I will admit SMT is new for me (I hand soldered the boards in this thread, for instance), but so far I'm having decent success.