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    TRS-80 reacted to sfx2000 in Best SBC to run as network relay with "high" bandwidth   
    Atheros 9331 can do this all day long on 100-Base-T... 400MHz MIPS32
    [SUM]   0.00-10.00  sec   102 MBytes  85.5 Mbits/sec              sender [SUM]   0.00-10.00  sec   101 MBytes  84.4 Mbits/sec                  receiver  
    64MB RAM/16MB SPI-NOR - running OpenWRT
    If you need a bit more horsepower to route traffic - MV3720 on Gigabit can do wire speed there...
    Alternate for 1GB - QCA IPQ-40xx - I've got a IPQ-4019 board running QSDK (based on an older OpenWRT with QCA special sauce), and it can route actually better than the MV3720 - and that's a QuadCore Cortex-A7...
    Key thing here - AR9331/MV3720/IPQ4019 - these are all communications focused devices, not application processors/boards...
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    TRS-80 reacted to Igor in AppArmor: AppArmor disabled by boot time parameter   
    I don't remember why but now someone has to research this topic. Maybe the answer is in the git history, maybe on forum, ... Since maintainers and developers have plenty of planned research and development work this can easily take months just to start. If you need things faster, build tools are well maintained
    Everyone that comes on this forum has to pass this limitation and its good that you question this. You could also try to find an answer instead of bumping the topic? tl;dr; One reason is to keep this forum free from automatic spam and the other is to keep forum from human spam and excessive seeking for attention. There are 1/1000 of resources needed to keep support on the level you would like to have it. Fixing your problem in matter of days and with the support contract you have is near to impossible and making a pressure is not much tolerated.

    We try to keep forum as forum and this we hope you will understand in one week, after limitations is automatically disabled. If you don't, we (could) manually extend this "welcome" period for another week or block access since you have already broke forum rules by bumping the topic with no value to get attention to the issue. This is an offence and disrespectful to people that provide help on their expense and others that have asked for help before and are patiently waiting if someone would find time to help.
    If you need things faster, bumping the topic is not the way to operate in this community and I think elsewhere too. Covering a part of the costs you are creating additionally improves chances to get attention and removes the 1st week post limits at once. Automatically.
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    TRS-80 reacted to wurmfood in Openmediavault & zfs   
    I suggest checking out this post and the solution a little below it, as it sounds like your same problem.
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    TRS-80 got a reaction from Gediz in So, I bought a PinePhone :) (I used to be, well still am in fact, a Librem 5 guy)   
    Wherein I explain my conversion... 
    Pine64 was barely on my radar in the past.  There are so many SBC and companies just trying to sell crap it can be hard to tell who is who some times, until you look into one company / board / device or another, a little more in depth.
    I have been following Librem 5 development for a long time, so I was aware of PinePhone, but they seemed in my mind back then a bit like a "Johnny come lately" who were just trying to capitalize on whatever Purism were trying to do.
    Then @lanefu was raving about his PineBookPro in IRC, it was only then I started really poking around their forums the last month or so, and now I must say my opinion of them have really changed a lot.
    Now they seem to me like a really hacker mindset, hardware oriented company.  They really seem to just enjoy making and selling interesting/compelling hardware (for cheap! to get the stuff out there).  They sell spare parts for example, and have a wiki with lots of good information, and schematics, etc.  And they have a nice community forming around their devices, who are in turn, creating spin-off projects...  In short, they seem to be the genuine article (in a time where many other companies are riding on the wave of popularity of "open source" whilst in actuality being nothing of the sort).
    Purism seem more committed to pushing the supply chain in a F/LOSS direction, but how can we know that Pine64 are not (without being mind readers)?  Well, I have always realized Pine64 are simply taking a different approach.  Some times I fear Purism may have bit off more than they can chew.  They are shipping now, but only in low numbers.  r/Purism is a cesspool of nasty, disgruntled people (maybe I expect too much, it is Reddit, after all).  But if Purism fail, I fear that will set back GNU/Linux on phones overall.  Which is the only thing I really care about.  At any rate, even if I were to order one now, it seems I would be waiting at least a year, also with a less than nil chance of never receiving the device at all, unfortunately.
    The Pine64 approach, whilst admittedly not as appealing to my inner rms zealot , is perhaps more realistic and attainable.  The older I get, and more real world project / life experience, I start to wonder if this may be the better approach.  Smaller steps, and iteration.  Who knows where it will lead, if we can get more numbers of Linux phones actually in the hands of more people.  For example, apparently some guy already reverse engineered the PinePhone modem OS, and has it running with plain Linux, without blobs!  Amazing!
    At some point I guess I realized that PinePhone and Librem 5 are not competing with one another, and that none of this is an either/or proposition.  In fact, both projects are advancing the state of the art of GNU/Linux phones; just in different ways.
    Very recently, I was trying to upgrade to the latest LineageOS on my Galaxy s5.  Of course this is a pain in the arse and why I only get around to really doing it every year or two it seems.  And every time, it seems Google / carriers / whoever have tightened the noose a little bit more.  So, this time around, I finally reached the point where I became so disgusted, that I was willing to actually cancel my cellular service altogether, rather than continue dealing with this nonsense (specifically: VoLTE is becoming mandatory on US carriers, and LineageOS have said they cannot / will not support VoLTE for whatever reason).
    Importantly, I think it's important to point out that I think any human being needs to reach some tipping point, where our disgust for ${current platform} exceeds the hassle and/or learning curve of switching to ${new platform}.  I have said this many times to people who are curious about switching from Windows -> Linux for example.  Also, this point varies for different people (I get there sooner as I care more about Freedom and have less patience for dinosaur sociopathic proprietary business models, etc.).
    Anyway, reading some recent threads/posts at Pine64 forums revealed that the PinePhone is currently actually apparently quite usable as a "daily driver" at least for the bare minimum of things I would say that entails: phone/voice (including VoLTE(!)), SMS, and data (on most carriers in US, anyway[0]).  Which was honestly better than I was expecting.  Of course, there are many, many programs in the repositories that do not work properly (or at all) on a phone interface.  And what any individual will consider "bare minimum" acceptable will vary greatly!  But for me at least, that basic phone/data/SMS functionality is enough.  All the rest will not only come in time, if I have a PinePhone in hand I will be able to actively contribute to making it happen, sooner.
    So, yeah, I pulled the trigger on a PinePhone.      And I plan to use it (more or less) as my "daily driver", likely with my old s5 along side for some period of time, just in case (I figure I should be able to tether it if needed, as tethering is also already working on PinePhone).
    Long term, I think we still need to continue to push the supply chain in a more explicitly F/LOSS/H direction.  Therefore (assuming they don't go bankrupt before then) I will likely also purchase one or more Librem devices from Purism in the future to support that goal.
    But buying a PinePhone now gets me in the game, sooner.  And I really started to like what they have going on over there.
    Please discuss.
    [0] some times requiring workarounds
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    TRS-80 reacted to Igor in Installation of Wireguard   
    This is open source. You can track authors of this and that part of the code. Then you have to expect that authors or maintainers might not have time to deal with problems you have in real time. Sometimes yes, mostly not.
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    TRS-80 got a reaction from bunducafe in eth1 (2.5) vanished: Upgrade to 20.11.3 / 5.9.14-rockchip64   
    Rare mistake by Igor!
    In few years I been lurking here, this is only time I can recall such thing happening.  Of course everyone make mistakes, and there were probably some I was not aware of, but this is first time I can remember such thing happening.
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    TRS-80 got a reaction from starman345 in Holiday shopping the easy way   
    I never know what to get anyone.  If I'm being honest I have more than a little disdain for how commercialized the holidays have become nowadays.  We were not raised in a materialistic way growing up.  A lot of gifts were socks and other actually useful things like that (which I only appreciate now as I get older ).  Anyway...
    So when some of the guys shared some pictures of themselves with some Armbian swag in IRC a while back, a little light bulb went off in my head. 
    So this morning, I went nuts and spent > 400 USD sending everyone in my family some Armbian swag.    I figure, it's a good way to get the word out there to friends and family about a project I care a lot about, while supporting the project a bit financially at the same time.
    I don't expect anyone else to spend that sort of money, in fact I am a tight wad and rarely do, myself.  But a coffee mug or something might be nice?
    I also don't like to rush people (because I don't like to be rushed, myself), however if you are going for delivery before the holidays I would place your order ASAP, maybe even today.
    One final gotcha, their credit card processor apparently only allow 2 orders per day.  Luckily I had sent orders to other family first, because my third order was denied.  I called their customer support and they confirmed this issue and told me to try again after 24 hours.  So the stuff that is coming here for us I will place that order (again) tomorrow.  I just wanted to give everyone a heads up about that though.
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    TRS-80 reacted to Lope in [SOLVED] Orange Pi Zero analog audio not working (using expansion board)   
    Hi @guidol Thank you
    I just did some more searching and found your very useful forum posts about audio issues you had with orange pi zero
    I did try making /etc/asound.conf as per examples on the orange pi forums, which didn't help.

    I'm going to see if I've got all the modules loaded.
    I've edited my first post with more commands and outputs.
    I added
    sun4i_codec sun8i_codec_analog to /etc/modules
    YES, progress!!!
    $ aplay -l **** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices **** card 0: Codec [H3 Audio Codec], device 0: CDC PCM Codec-0 [] Subdevices: 1/1 Subdevice #0: subdevice #0 YES!!! IT WORKS. IT WORKS!!!

    It's ALIVE!!!!! (demented laughter)

    Wow! I'm impressed with the sound quality!!!
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    TRS-80 reacted to markonmoto2 in NanoPi M4V2 + SataHAT + OMV - pcie fail to train after reboot   
    I also tried to go with mainline earlier this year but as you both mentioned stability issues get me back to legacy ;P i didn't have time to investigate that further, temporary fix is "do not reboot", in case of mainline kernel there is probably still an issue with it because there is still some reports here and there that are no older than 1-2months, and there is hardly any evidence of it resolved, except of various fix by locking clock speeds and changing governor's which in the and usually still ends with instabilities

    v1 is more stable, so it even can be hardware level bug in case of v2... the issue persist from early days and there is still no clear resolution for this (i have v2 almost from first days of its availability) especially that rockpi with also ddr4 works without a hitch.

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    TRS-80 reacted to Igor in How does armbian have dts files that mainline linux doesn't?   
    Because mainline kernel is a RAW generic material which we use, make certain (actually quite a lot of - we deal with base development) changes, add certain boards to it and distribute. Integration and acceptance to mainline kernel takes a lot of time and many things are never accepted / integrated. While they can be a part of Armbian for weeks, months, years. It's our burden of maintaining and advantage at the same time. The same goes for u-boot.
    All changes are public and you can study them in the following folders:
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    TRS-80 reacted to hexdump in Free and Libre Open Source SBC List Thread   
    i think you can run some allwinner socs (at least the h6) and some rockchip socs nearly blob free as they do the memory setup themself, have open source atf (and sometimes optee too) and u-boot. maybe a free usb wifi might be required as boards sometimes come with wifi requiring blobs. this way one might even be able to make a cheap h6 tv box into a blob free system
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    TRS-80 reacted to piter75 in Free and Libre Open Source SBC List Thread   
    I might have been a little bit too braggy (and tired)  last night.
    SPI boot for ROCK Pi 4 still uses a single blob file
    The other part of the message is correct however - it takes a simple change to the configuration file to enable both blobless boot for both SD/eMMC and SPI and I run my ROCK Pi 4B this way.
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    TRS-80 reacted to Werner in Apache/Nextcloud issue   
    I split the topic at this point because its getting offtopic and has most likely nothing more to do with the Helios64.
    You may want to ask at nextcloud forums/irc/whatever but they probably will tell you the same: check your logs and if there is nothing enable debug modes where available
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    TRS-80 got a reaction from flower in Booting Windows Linux ESXi etc. with UEFI on rk3399   
    Windows / Microsoft tried hard to kill GNU/Linux and F/LOSS for many years.  They don't deserve any Nice Things, IMO.  Let them die off already.
    And ESXi is proprietary software.  Which also does not therefore deserve any community support, IMO.
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    TRS-80 got a reaction from Igor in MAC-Address of eth0 changes on every boot.   
    Well, you guys here in this thread do seem to "get it" and I for one certainly appreciate that.  And in fairness, probably even the majority do.  However, and unfortunately, a few others do not.  And that just wears on Igor after a while.  He is only a human bean like the rest of us, after all.
    In fact that is one of main reasons I try and help out around forums, to try and relieve some pressure from devs by not only taking care of some "low hanging fruit" type issues, but also some times act as some sort of buffer.  Because I see both sides of the issue.  And I really worry that Igor will have enough one day and quit.  I have seen it too many times over the years in F/LOSS projects.  And then, well, "this is why we can't have nice things." 
    If anyone would like to assist me in this task, it would be enough to simply scan forum's "All Activity" stream and reply anywhere you think you can help.  Currently I am doing this at level of part time job (many hours every day) however I have the luxury of taking a break from regular "work" at the moment.  All of that comes to an end after the first of the year however as I need to go back to making money...  However my hope is a few other people will step up and "with many hands make light work" but that is perhaps only wishful thinking on my part...
    So yes, the forums (to my understanding) were designed as a sort of middle ground, "bug reporting" area, and place where users can help one another until devs can get around to particular issues.  Therefore please continue to do those things.
    I guess all we can do is continue to try and set realistic expectations in the meantime.  I have for instance seen threads go un-answered for months, years even before achieving resolution.  And a lot of people (especially nowadays) seem to have some sort of "instant gratification" mentality.  Not you guys.  Just talking in general.
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    TRS-80 reacted to MariuszJo in MAC-Address of eth0 changes on every boot.   
    Hi @Igor,
    First of all - I think you are doing a great job with Armbian. That's why I've decided to use it and it is also a reason I've wrote the message on this forum  . Thank you for that. 
    I am the code contributor to a couple of open source projects myself and I've always treated creating a bug report as a contribution to the project as well. For me it was often a good starting point in the project. I was able to find out how to gather more information about the issue and learn about the project on the way. Later on it was easier for me to start with the coding.
    I am sorry if my posts sound like complaining about development work - it wasn't my intention. I don't think you should cover development you don't need from your private resources.
    I still think it would be nice to be able to create a ticket even if you would not prioritize it and decide to close it when it become stale. It is because I could track it e.g. to find out if other users have the same problem. Even if I would not be able to contribute a solution, I could close it one day if I will find out it is working again. 
    I believe this forum, at least partially, fulfills that, so it is also fine. I just had an impression I should report it somewhere, if it is confirmed, so it is more visible for people working on the project. It was all in good faith . 
    Anyway, sorry for offtopic, but you've asked a question, so I had to answer ;). 
    Keep up the good work!
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    TRS-80 reacted to Gord_W in MAC-Address of eth0 changes on every boot.   
    I too thought that it was important to file bug reports when things aren't working.  Open source is always a sort of beta test and one way people with less skills than developers could contribute is identifying problems, providing details, answering questions and testing solutions.
    No one is "demanding" anything gets fixed - this is open source.  It is important, though, that known problems are identified and confirmed by other people so other users that run into the same problem in the future will know and can act accordingly.
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    TRS-80 got a reaction from balbes150 in Booting Windows Linux ESXi etc. with UEFI on rk3399   
    Windows / Microsoft tried hard to kill GNU/Linux and F/LOSS for many years.  They don't deserve any Nice Things, IMO.  Let them die off already.
    And ESXi is proprietary software.  Which also does not therefore deserve any community support, IMO.
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    TRS-80 got a reaction from alsc in HDMI-CEC won't work on Buster Legacy (4.4.213-rockchip64)   
    Beside your current problem, they are super cool, anyway!  I mean, if you are into SBC, maybe you are (or will get) into these, too.  Many of us are doing Home Automation stuff, as well, with our SBCs! 
    There is a whole world of different radios you can use, but for this the Wi-Fi based ones (searching Tasmota will get you started, but there are others, too) will probably fit your need best.
    Wi-Fi switches (Tasmota especially) are even quite easy to get working these days, there is a pretty big community around them, etc.
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    TRS-80 reacted to olehs in any clues for the creation of a dtoverlay for fbtft on 5.4.y?   
    Try this one
    You only need spi-add-cs1 overlay enabled
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    TRS-80 got a reaction from lanefu in put stable image as pinebook-a64 image, because now it displays nothing after kernel starts   
    To be honest this has been bothering me ever since your OP.  FWIW I had put this in my own personal issue tracker to follow up on until now.
    So when some discussion came up today in IRC about this, and another user confirm that it's working again (I specifically ask him about screen), it made me think about this again.
    I know it's stated in other thread you linked already, but apparently there was some issue with newer kernel, and therefore PineBook A64 was rolled back to legacy (5.4.y) in the meantime, which works well enough apparently.  As I am sure you are aware by now.
    However I realize your OP was more about the term "Supported" on the download page.  I think misunderstanding may have come from not understanding what "Supported" means in terms of Armbian, so I will try to expand a bit on what has already been written at that link.
    Supported is a more general and longer term condition, based on a lot of factors mentioned in linked article above.  And so, just because something breaks (even something so important as display on a laptop) does not mean that device suddenly becomes "not Supported."  If situation were impossible, or constant breakage, etc. then that would be a different story.
    So I hope I help clear that up a bit and again I thank you for your concern and your report.  Cheers!
    I am taking the liberty to mark my own post as solution in this case.
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    TRS-80 got a reaction from NicoD in Holiday shopping the easy way   
    Of course not!  But they are about to... 
    All jokes aside, I talk to anyone who seems even the slightest bit interested about the importance of Free Software every chance I get.  So my family have all heard the words of our Lord and Saviour rms many times by now. 
    Second order shipped yesterday.  Projected to arrive 12/28.  It seems like they suddenly got busy.  I guess I am not the only one ordering "last minute" holiday gifts.
    They contacted me about third order, because some colors (black) of design (penguin) were too close to item they were being printed on (dark blue).  Which I thought was nice of them.  Third order have not shipped as of time of writing (but I placed it one day after first two, and there was that confirmation delay).
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    TRS-80 reacted to frauhottelmann in ROC-RK3399-PC (Renegade Elite)   
    If anyone is interested: I designed a new cover instead of the acrylic plate. I broke it because I tried to drill a hole into it to get access to the power pins:
    I made a new one in Fusion 360 to be 3D-printed or laser cut:
    With it you get access to all pins (power, PCIe, GPIO, serial and SPI) and the reset button. The picture is of version 1. The newer version on thingiverse has larger cutouts and holes.
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    TRS-80 reacted to clostro in eth1 (2.5) vanished: Upgrade to 20.11.3 / 5.9.14-rockchip64   
    I think so, I did a fresh install on the sd card from this file - Armbian_20.11.4_Helios64_buster_current_5.9.14.img.xz
    Here is the dmesg output from after reboot. Can't access the previous boot records though. This one shows a lot of eth1 errors and warnings, but it hasn't crashed yet.
    I tried to put the output in both spoiler and code. Hope it works.
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    TRS-80 reacted to alsc in RK3399 Legacy Multimedia Framework   
    Thank you very much for your work. I've been following your other thread once your tool's been one of the only ways I found to use Kodi on a RockPro64 in a server, without have to necessarily use LibreELEC.
    I really appreciate what you've been doing!