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    TRS-80 reacted to martinayotte in Armbian_20.02.0-rc1_Odroidxu4_buster_current_5.4.11_minimal.img does not boot   
    This occurs usually when /etc/ssh/ssh_host* key files are corrupted from some reasons (bad SDCard, etc) ...
    To recover them, you need the Serial Debug, then you can delete those corrupted files and recreate them using "dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server".
    ... Or, take a new SDCard, write again the image, and retry the process ...
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    TRS-80 reacted to yoq in How can I set isolated cpu on orange pi zero?   
    You can free up a core using isolcpus kernel parameter and then move your task on the unused core using taskset:
    simply set it by adding extraargs=isolcpus=1 to your /boot/armbianEnv.txt
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    TRS-80 reacted to lanefu in Armbian 20.02 (Chiru) Release Thread   
    So good news.... I got a 1G Rock64 V2.  build RC1 image
    totally works

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    TRS-80 reacted to jshc1 in Armbian_20.02.0-rc1_Odroidxu4_buster_current_5.4.11_minimal.img does not boot   
    Odroid does not behave like PI.

    Odroid has one blue diode which signals heartbeat signal. After connecting the power it will light up. If it finds a boot and starts booting, it will start flashing. The blinking speed depends on the load.
    The red LED is on all the time when the current reaches the sbc.
    The green LED lights up when HDD is connected, blinks when HDD has activity.

    The first start of Armbian needs about 30 seconds before it is ready for the first login.
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    TRS-80 reacted to chwe in RK3399 -Smart Technologies AM40 iQ "Module"   
    it was highly overpriced with 400-600$ (IMO still 100$ are too much for it) it is mostly undocumented what you got is a 4GB ddr3 rk3399 'TV box' with 2x2 wifi over mPCIe and 32GB eMMC with a 'connector' I've not seen any specification what's populated on it
    . which may or may not work with a 'generic DT' (generic means here any rk3399 dt file we have most of them are quite similar cause they follow more or less the reference design) for rk3399 boards. You can also (try to) 'extract' the dtb file from 'whatever is preloaded' on this box.. decompile it and follow all the phadles to see how nodes are connected to each other.. to adjust a working DT to match the box better or write one from plain.. (you can also use this blob directly on any sort 'armbian' and see if it is compatible).
    at least it has a debug UART populated (likely 3v3 but who knows, you should check that first)
    Is it worth it.. well that's up to you.. if you're interested in going down the rabbit hole and learn new things.. maybe it is (you can spend a lot of time with bootloaders, device tree etc. on it.. IIRC ddr3 should be supported with mainline u-boot, and what they have labeled 'service only' looks like a SD-card holder, so you can likely do your 'try and error attempts' to get something 'armbian a like' booting on this board without corrupting the OS which is currently preflashed on the eMMC.
    likely similar to that stuff here:
    So to summarize you currently got a paperweight and it's up to you to transform it in something useful. Even then I don't see much of a reason to provide support on such a board. It has a 'unknown' availability (you got it cheap from ebay, but as soon as this sellers run out of stock, it's likely never appearing again). For 100$ you get the nanopi m4v2 with a case which offers known schematics, support from the boardvendor, known connectors (including eMMC, PCIe, hdmi, camera and display interfaces) and the vendor known in SBC marked for years (they may not do everything perfect but you mostly know what you get, and in general those boards work as they should). This box might be nice if you plan to learn and dig into what can make it a pain to support random boxes with 'somehow' proper working images. But you may have to build your images on your own for a long time in case non of the images we provide for rk3399 will work out of the box (I would focus on images built for ddr3 ram type boards).
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    TRS-80 reacted to sergvpurik in rk3399-bluetooth.service is still present in "systemctl list-jobs"   
    Thank for your advices. My PR has already been merged.
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    TRS-80 reacted to Arjan in [solved] Netbooting Rockpi 4B (blue LED flashing faster?)   
    I solved my issue! I isolated it to the set_fixed_mac call in the armbian-firstrun service, specifically after the "nmcli connection down <uuid>" call.
    I use ip=dhcp in my kernel command line and at this point the root filesystem is mounted over the active ethernet connection. I don't really understand the purpose of set_fixed_mac, but bringing the connection down is not going to work with nfsroot. I've commented out that set_fixed_mac call and now everything seems to work. Happy days!
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    TRS-80 reacted to piter75 in Armbian images do not boot on RockPi4a (with workaround)   
    Wanted to be sure of that. It was not that long ago that we were chasing issues with OrangePi 4 not booting from Armbian with SD that had Xunlong's BSP image on that card before (because of secondary GPT) ;-)
    Now it looks more clear and a bit unfortunate... ;-)
    U-Boot 2017.09-02676-g4490220395 (Jul 01 2019 - 07:49:56 +0000) The u-boot image is pretty ancient:
    g4490220395 =>
    in next commit Radxa added DOS partition support to it =>
    I have a later g674eaa57f0 in SPI and it boots Armbian fine  =>
    Full history here:
    Now the positive stuff...
    @raidboy to boot Armbian images without creating GPT on them you can simply connect pin 23 with 25 (or any other GND/black) pin on GPIO header. This disables onboard SPI.
    To erase the SPI you could use this guide:
    Writing zeroes with dd to /dev/mtdblock0 while being booted with Radxa's image should also do the trick ;-)
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    TRS-80 reacted to JuanEsf in V40/R40 Boards   
    Hi everyone. I have compiled sunxi-next u-boot and activated the SoC internal analog audio codec, now I am testing the mali node. Audio Working!
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    TRS-80 reacted to easyb in Armbian for TV box rk3328   
    For the interested, here you find my pull request for a device tree for the H96 Max+ (RK3328) which works with the mainline kernel:

    (I guess) compared to other DTBs it adds support for things like the remote control and the blue LED. I am planning on doing the same for the T9 (RK3328) box (as soon as I receive it).
    Feel free to review the PR if you think you have some input, thanks.
    Here the DTB (for testing with mainline Linux images):
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    TRS-80 reacted to Povl H. Pedersen in Armbian for Amlogic S905X3   
    Answer to myself (and others) - you need the right dtb. Did that, and it boots.
    Found in the single Armbian image thread. Only issue now is funny colors, and that it reboots (nice shutdown) on entering root password.
    Tried using ssh and I am asked to change password. Strange behaviour.
    No way to install to eMMC - tools not included - tried eoan. Now trying Bionic.
    Both aoen and bionic fails to reboot from SD. Goes in a reboot loop. Powercycle and it boots ok.
    Next problem,  no install menu option, and no nano-installs script. You have to look in the homedir of root :-)
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    TRS-80 reacted to bubbadestroy in RK3399 -Smart Technologies AM40 iQ "Module"   
    It arrived!
    This is going to be a non-professional tear-down and quite a WIP!
    The intent of posting this up was not just to show off a cheaply found / obscurely deployed rk3399 board, but to possibly open development using Armbian.
    If possible, boards like this and other hidden gems that might pop out of the woodwork as we may find them may come with amazing things only found at usually outrageous prices  for the business market.
    As I found this, it was intended to be a $400-600 DIGITAL SIGNAGE MODULE sold to education private and public I suppose. For one reason or another the modules themselves are being sold near mint, at anywhere from $40-100. A fair price for something that is just parts at worst. Still, the hope and GOAL here is to attempt as much hillbilly hackery as possible to see what else can be done, and armbian seems to be the most hopeful solution for an OS.
    Any suggestions are welcome, technical, critical, or otherwise that might improve interest as such;  BUBBA proudly present and DESTROY
    smart technologies am40 rk3399 module - now with more pie and banna!
    Technical Stuff
    guideam40installv31aug17.pdf - The manual that comes with the module product new in box. It also requires a smart tv with touch capability to insert it into. I would rather install a 3rd party touch screen such as raspberry pi 7-10 inch touch screens like any normal rk3399 sbc..
    For now however, I've attached the "module" to something more familiar, pictured here:

    Comparison of the different modules you may find for various prices with a similar chip-set. The am50 do look cool, but Bubba can't find one priced to destroy.
    sorry for the terrible camera filter I had on. posted anyhow to show general size of board. surprised it 1 pound!
    Front - with added 1 antenna (can have 2)

    Rear - Serial Port (including power) aka: Open Plug-gable Specification

    Side - Service Switch (used for booting operating system of SD I believe, hope for armbian)

    "disclosure fitting for rockchip"
    Bubba am not certified to do anything except destroy. To give you an idea, Bubba had to carry a rock to tech school during basic electronic week for dumb as rock answer. A week how long it took to realize there's rocks everywhere and Bub didn't have to carry a rock for  a week in the first place!
    Anyone who already didn't know, (me had to research) the Rockchip that's not under the heat-sink is : RK808 is a complete power supply solution for Portable systems. The highly integrated device includes four buck DC-DC converters, eight high performance ldos, two low Rds switches, I2C interface, programmable power sequencing and an RTC.
    Have yet to remove the heat sink, its a beast now that I think about it.. I'll put my m4 on top of it for a comparison photo later.

    Heatsink HEATSINK!

    UART Debug and logic levels

    RTL8822BE removable

    "service switch" labled ADB

    Power I/O
    seemed hidden by chasis housing, Bubba destroy a hole into it later for easy access

    From these photos, does anyone know if this is a carrier or dev board native to any Armbian already supports? Thoughts, corrections, and feedback are welcome.
    Destroy with caution!

    This was tricky. The board was free of all mounting, except the adhesive around the front pannel jacks. Bubba destroy carefully here




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    TRS-80 reacted to mbop in Armbian for Amlogic S9xxx kernel 5.x   
    The most straightforward way is to build the wifi driver yourself. You can follow the instructions in this post:
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    TRS-80 reacted to nico_hey in [solved] Firefly RK3288 firmware uploading failed   
    you wrote
    ef update.img

    but the right command is:

    uf update.img

    that's why. EF erases, UF uploads. topic's end and SOLVED.

    e97 i've found that debian stops at the 8th version about it (premade images). the main problem was that /lib/modules is empty and even if i found a solution to get debian buster in it, the libmali-midgard0 driver still shout repeatedly some error about rk3x-i2c in dmesg :'(
    i hope arch will do better if the armbian image don't.
    i'll start a new thread and register, if any find it useful.
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    TRS-80 reacted to Cornelius in Read-Only File System on Install of Armbian (Libre Renegade)   
    I'm not sure how much more I can tell you about it, but I can try and help you. Using the same server image (or headless? which ever you prefer) start the board and login. Once in, run the following command - sudo lsmod
    My Renegade lsmod:
    sudo lsmod Module Size Used by zram 24576 4 rk_vcodec 65536 0 uio_pdrv_genirq 16384 0 uio 20480 1 uio_pdrv_genirq ip_tables 24576 0 x_tables 28672 1 ip_tables autofs4 40960 2 That should present you with a list of all the loaded modules and "hopefully" something that is not on my list that looks audio related.
    Once said module is found, we can then unload it and place it in a blacklist. 
    sudo rmmod pesky_rk3328_codec
    Now with it unloaded, let us add it to the blacklist.
    sudo echo pesky_rk3328_codec > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf
    For that to take full effect we will need to reboot, but before we do that lets tackle the Wifi.
    As for your Wifi troubles, let us try running - sudo nmtui
    That should present you with three options, one being "Activate a connection" and from there you should see your available Wifi. Make your selection, enter your passkey and connect.
    If anyone else has some suggestions, thoughts or corrections. Please feel free to interject.
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    TRS-80 reacted to dkxls in ZFS on Helios4   
    @SvenHz I made some progress on tracking down this issue with zfs 0.8 on the Helios4, more precisely James Robertson (@jsrlabs) identified and fixed the missing Thumb-2 instructions used by the Armbian kernel, see the discussion on the ZFS mailinglist.
    I went ahead and opened a bug report (zfsonlinux/zfs#9957), and one of the zfs developers proposed a fix in this pull request: zfsonlinux/zfs#9967. However, the fix needs testing, so I thought to bring this up here in the hope that someone else will give this a shot as well.
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    TRS-80 reacted to Daniel Denson in PC Engines APU boards as distributed storage nodes   
    I'm biased, I actually run a PC Engines distributor... (embeddor) 
    All APU2/3/4 run the same quad 1Ghz AMD Jaguar CPU.  They have zero 'IME' or similar options and run coreboot open source bios.
    These units can support SATA controllers on the mPCIe which means you can potentially put 13 SATA drives on or more if you get fancy.
    These units absolutely smash an esspressobin.  They are not in the same league.  I've build a couple of hobby CEPH clusters on 2C4 units.
    They have good intel nics (seems a strange mix of an AMD SoC and Intel nic but I'm not complaining)
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    TRS-80 reacted to jshc1 in Armbian_20.02.0-rc1_Odroidxu4_buster_current_5.4.11_minimal.img does not boot   
    Are you sure you're doing everything right? Not long ago I tested buster and 4.14 on HC1 and it was ok.

    Until recently there was a problem with 5.y on HC. And as @Igor said, wait or make yourself.
    Or just start with buster and 4.14 and for some time when 5.x will be stable for HC then you will change.

    As for OMV and clouds, I don't know what exactly doesn't work for you. For omv use armbian-config. But remember that omv 5.x is still beta. I still use 4.x because of 5.x there are a lot of problems all the time so I prefer to wait until the end of the year. You can run the clouds in the docker ... If you prefer video help, watch "Techno Dad Life" has a lot of material about OMV and docker but on x86 basis so you will have to show some independence in adoption.

    As for HC1, try this one don't worry, let etcher take care of the partitions. It should work ... If it still doesn't work and somehow this is a problem with 20.y then maybe
    Or go into old age and just install stretch 19.x / 4.14.x for me on HC1 works 100%. If that doesn't work, then you either do something wrong or you have hardware problems.
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    TRS-80 reacted to count-doku in Which SBC, or chipset, has most complete and stable Armbian support   
    I agree with the previous posters. Any supported / recommended board will run stable with most features working if you use good PSU (not micro-usb), sd card (or even better root on emmc or sata) and is sufficiently cooled. I'd suggest you go for boards with good mainline linux support (ie. 4.19 or 5.4) because more hardware is supported & if something breaks there are possibly more people fixing it versus boards which only have some old vendor kernel.
    Apart from that unfortunately it is like you said, not every feature works on every board. In my experience this is mainly due to hardware producers advertising (hardware) functions although there is no real software support for it. Or randomly changing hardware (see espressobin) which breaks existing software... I suggest thinking about stuff you really need and picking a board afterwards. (You probably don't need an "Eierlegendewollmilchsau").
    Personal experience: I'm running a Router/NAS based on ClearfogPro with M.2 SSD for OS, 2x HDD for storage (with mPCIe-SATA bridge) for about  3 years now with no problems (apart from stuff which I broke be installing dev kernels and so on). 
    So, I am sending in the Clearfog Army!
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    TRS-80 reacted to Cornelius in Read-Only File System on Install of Armbian (Libre Renegade)   
    In my experience this is caused by the Alsa for SoC audio support > Codec Drivers: X Rockchip RK3328 Codec
    When that is enabled in the kernel config, the sdcard will get read/write errors during boot and throw you into readonly mode.
    As a temp solution you could try to blacklist the module or build ur own img and disable it in the kernel config.
    This by the way, does not happen when using an eMMC and yes, I believe TonyMac32 is already on the case.
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    TRS-80 reacted to Gavinb in Pine A64 MIPI DSI mainline   
    Update - Touch panel is now working :)
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    TRS-80 reacted to glukolog in Armbian for Amlogic S905X3   
    sudo ethtool -s eth0 autoneg off I have some device on s905x3 with rt8211 and ethernet not worked. So i take meson-sm1-sei610-ethfix.dtb from previos post.
    Use AML+RK+AW linux image. But still no ethernet. Only tihs code help, it took 2 days ))
    Thanks, to balbes150 ! good work. 
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    TRS-80 reacted to mantouboji in Orange Pi One 1-Wire   
    I use PA20,  PIN37. 
    overlays=w1-gpio usbhost0
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    TRS-80 reacted to Saurabh in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)   
    I do know know which image you are using as the link mentioned by you doesn't open for me. There is an another thread where you can ask for help.
    You can ask others which image has the WiFi driver for that chip. In addition to that, the main author , balbes is kind of more active there as compared to current thread ( It is kind of outdated one). So, he might help you.
    Other than that, you can check dmesg or logs to see if there are some issues with loading of WiFi driver.
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    TRS-80 got a reaction from gounthar in Making donation in a better way than PayPal?   
    I started contributing a few dollars per month to help defray server costs. I might like to increase this amount to help out in purchasing hardware, etc. As I stated before, I have almost no time for anything, but happy to contribute few dollars here and there as luckily I am in a position to do so.
    I couldn't help but wonder however, how much the PayPal fees and exchange rate were eating into my little contribution each month? And if it's significant, maybe we can figure out a better way to transfer funds. I have a strong dislike for middle men taking a cut anyway. Parasites.