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    Werner reacted to lanefu in ZFS "just works" now on Armbian (2 step instructions if you are thick like me)!   
    That's how it done my friend.  nice work!
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    Werner got a reaction from Technicavolous in Forgotten password for sudo (Tinkerbaord)   
    Obviously the author does not need further assistance. Therefore assuming solved.
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    Werner reacted to lanefu in Does someone have the flickering cursor problem with Panfrost?   
    Anything based on RK3399 SoC is going to be the best overall desktop experience 
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    Werner reacted to balbes150 in Board Bring Up Station P1 rk3399, M1 rk3328   
    Update to version 20210319. Using kernel 5.10.24. Added support for Firefly-rk3399 in station-p1 images (for proper operation, you need to configure DTB in extlinux.conf). With the correct DTB setup, the HDMI audio LAN WiFi BT works in kernel 5.10. In kernel 4.4 worck remote control and analog sound. 
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    Werner reacted to lanefu in Help convert simple bash library to python class   
    More background on initiative here:

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    Werner got a reaction from gounthar in Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip   
    Adding the Pinebook Pro and T-Firefly ROC-RK3399 PC PLUS a.k.a StationGeeker Station P1 to this list
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    Werner reacted to lanefu in Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip   
    agree with @NicoD opi3 is close but not quite.  Anything rk3399 is going to provide the best desktop experience.
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    Werner got a reaction from malaga in [Invalid] - operating-system wanted for the Alwinner A 20 - which one to take   
    Your issue report is invalid for one or multiple reasons (non-exhaustive enumeration):
    it has been stated at the wrong place it lacks fundamental requested data it could have been easily solved by a quick search and/or reading documentation unsupported userspace/image/SBC  
    Since you refused to use the bug reporting form carefully and follow the information there as you have been asked for we have no intention to further investigate.
    Please add missing information if applicable.
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    Werner reacted to martinayotte in Bug GUI Armbian on Pinebook   
    With the help of @megi / @megous , I've now my Pinebook-A64 LCD working.
    Here is the patch : https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/d49be78b702d7779f78d2655126a56e7f2ea7426
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    Werner got a reaction from gounthar in 8Gb RAM in a TV Box   
    8K fake
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    Werner reacted to 2020 in [Invalid] - Odroid-C4 - The display will stop and the screen is blank   
    Here is the link for armbianmonitor: http://ix.io/2SFW
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    Werner reacted to guidol in Need your help - what else beside Etcher   
    Info on Reddit
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    Werner got a reaction from kelso in Hardrives newbie question   
    What do you need a ssd for?
    Only if you plan to play with raid levels it is highly recommended to use identical drives.
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    Werner reacted to lanefu in Regional Armbian Apt mirrors   
    Some more mirror updates:
    By default, geoip support will redirect you to the best regional mirror pool.   (it's not perfect) Armbian-config now supports mirror selection: depending on version of Armbian config you may need to first do code { font-family: Consolas,"courier new"; color: crimson; background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2); padding: 2px; font-size: 105%; } apt update && apt install jq -y to install missing dependency   Armbian-config -> personal -> mirrors FOSSHOST mirror changes: location specific Fosshost mirror domains are deprecated: us.mirrors.fossho.st us.mirorrs.fosshost.org uk.mirrors.fossho.st uk.mirrors.fosshost.org FOSSHOST is now front-ending mirrors via the Fastly CDN see announcement from FOSSHOST.org mirrors.fosthost.org and mirrors.fossho.st are all that is needed to use their Fastly CDN Because Fastly is an on-demand caching CDN, performance will vary by your physical location.  Some may experience a positive improvement, or some may experience a negative improvement. The FOSSHOST apt mirrors are most effective for those in Regions with poor internet connectivity and outside of greater Europe Currently our automatic redirect has FOSSHOST  in the round-robin pool for North America and Asia.   Those in China may want to use a China Specific mirror.  Those in Asia outside of China will likely benefit for choosing the Fastly mirror I recommend using the existing Armbian EU mirrors for those within Greater EU with good internet connectivity. Since these Mirrors are caching, they work best when under high utilization. Ex: Great for apt indexes and common packages, extremely popular image downloads during release.   Less ideal for unpopular images which won't be cached.  
    We're very grateful for all our partners providing mirrors--and their extreme generosity in providing a vast amount of space.  We're always trying to optimize our package and image distribution.   Armbian's a unique project as our release output produces over 400 system images.   Seeding and distribution is significant.
    If you have any questions or thoughts.. please share on this thread!
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    Werner reacted to clostro in Hardrives newbie question   
    @kelsoAny SSD will be fast enough for the network or USB speeds of this device. If you are buying new you can pick WD red, Samsung Evo, Sandisk Ultra/Extreme, Seagate firepro (?) ... just stay away from little or no known brands. You can check the models you picked and compare them here - https://ssd.userbenchmark.com/
    They are getting a well deserved grilling for their CPU comparisons but I think their SSD data is good enough. I would be looking for the best 'Mixed' value for performance for use in this device, as the network and USB speeds are capping the max read or write speed anyhow.
    Western Digitals you picked use CMR, which is supposedly much better than SMR, can take a look at this table if you have to pick other models. https://nascompares.com/answer/list-of-wd-cmr-and-smr-hard-drives-hdd/
    One suggestion before you put any critical data into those brand new disks- Run 'smart' tests on each drive, long tests. Should take about 10 hours I think. 
    One of my brand new Seagates couldn't complete a test at first run and had to be replaced. Now I'm on edge and running nightly borg backups to an older NAS because the other disks are from the same series. Call me paranoid but I usually stagger HDD purchases by a few days in between, and/or order from different stores to avoid having them from the same production batch, couldn't do that this time around.
    @WernerI use 4 4TB Seagate NAS drives, whatever their branding was.. And an old 240GB Sandisk Extreme SSD for Raid caching. LVM Raid 5 + dm-cache(read and write, writeback, smq). It ain't bad. SSD really picks up the slack of the spinning rust especially when you are pushing random writes to the device, and the smq is pretty smart at read caching for hot files.
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    Werner reacted to lanefu in Req: Build my Dream Compute SBC   
    The firefly servers are quite ideal... although upfront cost is a little rough.   TV boxes is a little too inelegant.  My proposal lets you just have 1 wire into the board, and let you expand slowly.
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    Werner got a reaction from gounthar in Req: Build my Dream Compute SBC   
    If RK3399 maybe make good use of the PCIe lane?
    I have an addiction to headless SBCs
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    Werner got a reaction from J.M. in Cedrus/CedarX pixel format limitation   
    Moved to Common issues / peer to peer technical support
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    Werner reacted to lanefu in Req: Build my Dream Compute SBC   
    I had to try 🤓
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    Werner reacted to Heisath in Armbian v21.05 (Jerboa) Release Thread   
    Release Planning: April 3rd. Meeting in IRC channel #armbian on freenode. Meeting starts at 2pm GMT.
    (let me know if this is a bad date, because it is around easter holiday in Germany for example)
    Code Freeze: 2021-04-19 (Monday April 19th)
    Release Date: 2021-05-09 (Sunday May 9th)
    Release Candidate: https://github.com/armbian/build/tree/v21.05.0-rc
    Changelog: https://docs.armbian.com/Release_Changelog/#v2105-2021-05-09
    Coordinator: @Heisath
    The goal of this thread is to discuss testing, bugfixes, and the overall quality of the release. 
    Open topics:
    - complete desktop branch merge into master (this seems generally done, but might need fine tuning)
    - enable 3D support (also done? Bugfixing)
    - discuss support for desktops (IIRC it was planned to have a longer supported LTS desktop version, we need a maintainer for that, if it happens)
    - check if remaining boards can / have been updated to LK5.10 (some were left out last release)
    - check possible u-boot updates
    - complete remaining Jira issues
    - cycle and check board support status (espressobin for example needs a new maintainer (otherwise EOS) @Pali maybe?)
    - late topics: 
    - business meeting schedule
    - kernel config changes on arm64
    Release Planning Meeting Agenda:
    Please add developers and more topics below, I will then also add them here.
    @Myy @TonyMac32 @balbes150 @piter75 @sfx2000 @ebin-dev @chwe @ning @lanefu @gprovost @aprayoga @5kft @JMCC @martinayotte @going @jeanrhum @dolphs @jock @belfastraven @TRS-80 @Bozza @Rich Neese @sgjava @Mangix @Pali
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    Werner got a reaction from gprovost in Unable to boot   
    Good start
    Do you have your system on sd or eMMC?
    In first case plug it into any other Linux machine and edit the /boot/armbienEnv.txt on it and set verbosity to 7
    If on eMMC burn a sd card with a fresh helios image and boot it. If needed check kobol wiki to set necessary jumper to disable eMMC direct boot.
    Then do the same as above and increase verbosity.
    Then provide logs again.
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    Werner got a reaction from gprovost in Unable to boot   
    Activate serial console and check output:https://wiki.kobol.io/helios64/usb/#serial-console
    or hook up your own USB UART adapter for debugging: https://wiki.kobol.io/helios64/uext/
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    Werner got a reaction from allen--smithee in Unable to boot   
    If you refuse to provide further information for debugging as mentioned above it is quite hard to help you. Noone here is a clairvoyant
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    Werner reacted to Rich Neese in First Panfrost enabled desktop builds   
    I am working to figure out the dde issue if i can fix 15.xfor unbuntu 20.04 I will get it out the new deepin 20 will come out when they finish porting pkgs for hirsute. I will put in some time this week to see what I can do with dde and give feed back
    Please do us a big favor. make a check list of whats working and whats not working. but keep it pointed at the issue .
    issue 1:press icon nothing launches. (icon name ) > so that then we can review the issue.
    make a liost after 2 to 3 days of testing. Thaanks alot..