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    Werner reacted to Igor in Forum upgrade planned for May 2nd   
    Upgrade is complete ... now bug fixing.
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    Werner reacted to martinayotte in Orange Pi ONE Plus won't boot   
    As I don't want to undo the work I've done for 5.1.y, I've decided to download https://dl.armbian.com/orangepioneplus/nightly/Armbian_5.83.190502_Orangepioneplus_Debian_stretch_dev_5.0.10.7z instead.
    Effectively, it seems broken, stopping/freezing during boot with the following errors :
    [ 6.550967] cpufreq: cpufreq_online: CPU0: Running at unlisted freq: 912000 KHz [ 6.558474] cpufreq: cpufreq_online: CPU0: Unlisted initial frequency changed to: 1080000 KHz This must have been introduced between 5.0.7 and 5.0.10 ... I will investigate a bit more ...
    EDIT : I found something, replacing the 5.0.10 DTB by the one of 5.0.7 allows booting successfully ! ... I will compare them ...
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    Werner reacted to martinayotte in Orange Pi 3 Support?   
    Right ! Every SoC users should have a USB-TTL Serial dongle nearby !
    (I've more than 10 of them, leaving them connected on all boards where I do frequent updates)
    My OrangePi3 is currently working with 5.1.0-rc4 from eMMC ...
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    Werner reacted to darkTux in ethernet Link status display does not work (eth0)   
    Sure I understand, Igor. I'm not in a hurry for my OPI3, it's a real pleasure to make this board work. If I can help in your work, don't hesitate to tell me. For example, I've found a way to adress GPIO pins withour installing WiringOP/WiringPi library. I use /sys/class/gpio , export, unexport, and so on. I have written a short daemon in C to send "1" to a GPIO Pin to control a fan. I use a fan, a transistor (to trigger the fan), a resistor, a flyback diode to protect the transistor when the fan is stopping, and to make this circuit more fun, I control another GPIO to light a LED when the fan is running!

    I love working with my boards, everyday I learn something new!!!
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    Werner reacted to Igor in Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip   
    Why do you ask then?  Its broken beyond repair.
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    Werner reacted to Igor in Adding Debian buster   
    It seems that base packages are different ... I didn't check anything at this stage. Perhaps a diff between stretch and buster packages should be nice to have. From CLI and desktop ... and adjust accordingly. Probably there are some other packages missing.
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    Werner reacted to guidol in apt-get update errors, what do they mean?   
    Ja, sag einfach Bescheid ob es geklappt hat in der Bretagne
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    Werner reacted to Igor in Adding Debian buster   
    - to build engine (EXPERT="yes")
    - repository update with the purpose for adding it (armbian-config and armbian-firmware update everywhere)
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    Werner reacted to Igor in Server maintenance is (re)scheduled for Sunday, April 14th   
    This time was at least controlled offline  and according to my info, there were no troubles. There will be some further actions - adding redundant this and that - to prevent (unplanned) downtime in the future. 
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    Werner reacted to Igor in Server maintenance is (re)scheduled for Sunday, April 14th   
    Thanks!  Time = around 6pm CET.
    We had two hardware failures before the actual planned upgrade  We are using a proverb for describing such mess "when the devil have children ... " 
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    Werner reacted to Stephen_m64 in Pine H64 Model B   
    The memory controller for the h6 is 32 bits, 4gb may be there but only 3 will ever be usable. Which is why they are being sold as 2gb/3gb options.
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    Werner reacted to dolphs in H6 Famous Reboot problem   
    certainly just execute:
    root@orangepioneplus:~# systemctl disable NetworkManager root@orangepioneplus:~#ip a |grep ether link/ether 00:2d:fd:1e:f1:e1 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff # take note of MAC address root@orangepioneplus:~#vi /etc/network/interfaces ## add or update in to /etc/network/interfaces.d/ auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address netmask gateway dns-nameservers hwaddress ether 00:2d:fd:1e:f1:e1 root@orangepioneplus:~# reboot # wait 5 secs and reconnect to IP address set root@orangepioneplus:~# cat /etc/network/interfaces # tada!  
    you guys don't even realise how perfect this weekend started,
    once again cheers for all your efforts, it is appreciated a lot!
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    Werner got a reaction from guidol in H6 Famous Reboot problem   
    Awesome news. And everyone can still be an old school guy using interfaces file 
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    Werner reacted to martinayotte in H6 Famous Reboot problem   
    I've compiled a new kernel with DWMAC-SUN8I as module, and it seems to be the trick, even no needs to do manual "rmmod", simply "reboot", using NetworkManager on my OPiOnePlus.
    I will verify that it still true with "old school /etc/network/interface" , and then I will also confirm that it is working the same way on OPi3.
    This would means something is wrong in the cleanup when built-in in the kernel ...
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    Werner reacted to martinayotte in H6 Famous Reboot problem   
    If you read my previous posts, it require to recompile the kernel with DWMAC-SUN8I as module.
    Since I've done it and tested succesffuly, I've just committed the change in Armbian, so simply redo a new build ...
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    Werner reacted to martinayotte in Orange Pi One Plus Desktop Enviroment   
    This issue has been discovered 2 days ago, and it is not an Armbian issue ...
    Nigthlies are always images "no support ! use at you own risk !"
    There is no Desktop in Nightly folder ...
    Unfortunately no ! A 64bits SoC will always be 64bits kernel, even if you install 32bits libraries.
    If you wish 32bits, simply purchase the OPiOne which use H3 instead of H6.
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    Werner reacted to guidol in Orange Pi 3 Support?   
    at this time there is only a pre-support with OS-images:
    but support is getting beter from day to day
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    Werner reacted to Kiel in Orange Pi 3 Support?   
    short answer:
    long answer:
    follow this thread
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    Werner reacted to Icenowy in Hardware Virtualization on H6, orange PI PC 3   
    H6 has hardware virtualization, and now with mainline kernel it's possible to run KVM on it.
    For Xen, it's possible to port, but I don't know who wants to port ;-)
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    Werner reacted to martinayotte in H6 Famous Reboot problem   
    You should do like me : I have more than a dozen of USB-TTL around, almost every boards have one, so I don't have to waste time unplugging/plugging them while testing. I've even placed a new order on eBay to get more ...
    Tested on OPiOnePlus, now doing the OPiLite2 and OPi3 ... Patch is already committed to Armbian !
    Thanks a lot for the help !
    EDIT : OPiLite2 and OPi3 tested too ...
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    Werner reacted to martinayotte in H6 Famous Reboot problem   
    What would be this second patch for the U-Boot "reset" ?
    EDIT : for the "reboot" patch, I'm confirming : it works ! Thanks a lot to both @froezus and @megi !!!
    EDIT2 : tested on all my H6, OPiOne+/OPiLite2/OPi3 ... And patch committed in Armbian !
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    Werner got a reaction from froezus in Does anyone have the non-beta H6 BSP kernel 4.9?   
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    Werner reacted to Igor in Updated firmware and armbian-config   
    - firmware to support Orangepi 3 https://github.com/armbian/firmware/commit/fe584970a1f8e718540a3cec4838e7a4cad5f263
    - spelling and grammar in armbian-config  https://github.com/armbian/config/commit/92ad8e77eec2e71429d677852654cfeb1a0ea3f0
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    Werner reacted to dolphs in Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip   
    Please refer to this topic rgd issue 1)
    Also to create some more awareness I contacted "Allwinner Customer Service Team" recently and they made this a Xunlong issue,
    their response: " After a short discussion internally, we suggest you contact Xunlong for clarification.
    Let's hope for a satisfactory solution, little/ some hope this can be increased as Xunlog is partnering with armbian ... ...
    let's keep fingers crossed...
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    Werner reacted to NicoD in Armbian Certification   
    Here you go ;)