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RK3399 Legacy Multimedia Framework


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hi, i have an orangepi 4 lts, but thereis no legacy image of armbian for this board. Orange pi does have their own debian legacy image but it tells me it was unable to locate the package. Is there any way to get the multimedia integration on this board? thanks!

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You can try to build your own legacy image using the build framework

I guess, there's no hope for "easy" legacy build for orangepi4-lts, because there is no way to choose "legacy" in the GUI of armbian build (even with "EXPERT" flag), it's missing.

And if I try to force "legacy" via CLI flags, I get:

sudo ./compile.sh \
BOARD=orangepi4-lts \
BRANCH=legacy \
RELEASE=buster \
[ o.k. ] Using config file [ /home/user/progbin/build/userpatches/config-example.conf ]
[ o.k. ] Command line: setting BOARD to [ orangepi4-lts ]
[ o.k. ] Command line: setting BRANCH to [ legacy ]
[ o.k. ] Command line: setting RELEASE to [ buster ]
[ o.k. ] Command line: setting BUILD_MINIMAL to [ yes ]
[ o.k. ] Command line: setting BUILD_DESKTOP to [ no ]
[ o.k. ] Command line: setting KERNEL_ONLY to [ no ]
[ o.k. ] Command line: setting KERNEL_CONFIGURE to [ no ]
[ warn ] The KERNEL_ONLY key is no longer used. [ KERNEL_ONLY=no ]
[ o.k. ] Use an empty BUILD_ONLY variable instead 
[ error ] ERROR in function interactive_config_ask_branch [ functions/cli/cli-entrypoint.sh:106 -> functions/main/config-prepare.sh:114 -> functions/configuration/interactive.sh:149 -> functions/logging/traps.sh:0 ]
[ error ] Kernel branch not defined for this board [ legacy ]
[ o.k. ] Process terminated 


So, i guess, for Orange Pi 4 LTS the only hope is that JMCC will have the opportunity to implement multimedia features for "current" or that at some point mainline catches up.

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On 1/26/2023 at 4:49 PM, Salvo Nice said:

I have a RockPi 4c + which has this variant. But I also noticed that legacy Armbian is not available for this board, maybe I have to build it myself

Sorry, I don't have that board and have not tested the framework on it. Maybe you can build an image and try.

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I have a RockPi 4c + which has this variant. But I also noticed that legacy Armbian is not available for this board, maybe I have to build it myself


Did you got any suuccess ?
I also own a Rock 4c+ but since weeks I'm unable to bring my gpu to work.... always llvmpipe is loaded as driver.
And tested different versions of Armbian, Debian & Ubuntu...

just this methode I havn't tested.

Have someone else any suggestions ?
As far I understood correctly with Debian 11 it should work OOTB because the drivers are included.

Or maybe a hardware faulty...?
I searched the  internet a lot but nothings worked out....

would be grateful for any tip

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3 hours ago, Дмитрий Батин said:

Do you have any manual, that can help us to get it ?

Hello! In the first post, you have links to all the sources, most of them from my GitHub repos. The procedure might be outdated, though, I haven't touched it since 2019.


For Kodi, you can try the rockchip branch for legacy kernel, or the mainline branch for current. Compilation instructions are included in the repo. Good luck!

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  • Igor unpinned this topic

I installed this image to my rockpro64: https://mirror.yandex.ru/mirrors/armbian/archive/rockpro64/archive/Armbian_21.05.4_Rockpro64_buster_legacy_4.4.213.img.xz


Installation & automatic booting into KODI works perfectly. In addition, playing h264 encoded video files also played with HW acceleration, playback is smooth, HDMI have audio.


The problem is h265 videos. They are stuttering periodically (every 2 seconds ) with all the TVs I tested.


Does anybody know a solution to this?

@JMCC Also, is it possible to have a :
HW accelerated decoding with smooth h264 / h265 playback

- HDMI audio

- Automatic booting into kodi

on the latest upstream builds of Armbian for Rockpro64  ?


Note: I tested LibreElec for Rockpro64 and all above works perfectly. The problem with LibreElec is its rootfs: It is not Debian / ubuntu and I need to be able to install my packages there, so my use-case is best of both worlds.

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