Switching SUNXI-DEV to 5.2.y

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5 hours ago, Igor said:

But kernel upgrade on this board will result in "fdt_file not found" if we don't correct this, right?

This is what is already happening even with new image...

Since we never got "end user complains on upgrades" (probably because there is no much end users for that board), I would rather forget about "upgrades" and make sure new images are working.

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4 hours ago, martinayotte said:

Since we never got "end user complains on upgrades" (probably because there is no much end users for that board),

well, upgrade of Kernel is no longer automatic, so user may not even know that ?   ==  no breaking boards?


3 hours ago, Werner said:

If the dev branch reaches next at any near or far future time upgrades should (must?) work properly.  

fine, however, any idea how to fix that when it reaches next ?


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7 hours ago, Igor said:

In any case this functionality was at the "yes it works, but not usable" level. I doubt that changed in last few months.

Well, driver is what it is. More important bit is mesa and there was significant advancement. But you have to use mesa master, 19.1 is not so good.


7 hours ago, ning said:

latest develop lima is based on 18.3.0

What do you mean by that? Development is done in mesa master branch now, everything else is deprecated, including lima fork, where initial development was done.

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12 minutes ago, ning said:

so you are an expert on Mesa to back port Lima from 19.1 to 18.3.6?

No, I'm not. I'm just following Lima PRs in Mesa repo.


13 minutes ago, ning said:

why not directly use develop branch?

Because it's missing a lot of fixes and improvements? Why not use mesa master directly? I see backporting as a waste of time (Arch user here :)).

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because Debian 10 is using 18.3.6 not master.  if using master branch, there may be a lot of compact issue. 


there maybe some additional fixes in master branch, but we don't know whether the fixes are for master or common fixes. 


you are Arch Linux user, maybe master branch is better for you. 

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On 7/14/2019 at 1:32 PM, lanefu said:

Ran into an issue with selinux.

it causes init to hang because it cant find /lib/aarch64-linux-lib/libaudit.so.1


the difference appears to be next this configured and dev doesn't


Worked fine once i readded config option



any concerns with above @martinayotte?

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3 hours ago, Werner said:

I have an OrangePi One running user-built image with 5.2.1 kernel before the mentioned change above and is booting flawless. An OrangePi One Plus also booting Linux 5.2.0 without a problem.

OpiOne uses different kernel config tha sunxi64


OpiOnePlus uses different patch dir than sunxi64

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