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creating packages in the armbian build system

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For the past 10 years, I have been moving evenly and rectilinearly in an inertial frame of reference called OpenSUSE.
I had to first read about creating Debian packages and look here:


Both Ubuntu and OpenSUSE distributions start with the kernel source package, which contains a set of scripts and rules for further build.
This has a sacred meaning.

To get started, I took two scripts from the v5.7-rcX core as a basis and put them in

packages/armbian/builddeb  packages/armbian/mkdebian

checked the build process for bionic current core v5.4.y
This initial state can serve as a starting point.


How it works?

In armbian/build

git remote add armbian-build https://github.com/The-going/armbian-build.git
git fetch armbian-build packaging
git checkout -b packaging armbian-build/packaging

./compile.sh NEWPKG="true"

NEWPKG="true" - no longer used


This repository branch changes its commit history by following the flight of thought and eliminating garbage.

Update it with the   -f, --force key

git pull -f armbian-build packaging

Please test and write your wishes and thoughts here.
At this stage, we can opt out of general-packaging-5.X.X.patch

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As of today, may 11, the following packages are being built, installed, and uninstalled without errors:

  43K    - armbian-config_20.05.0-trunk_all.deb
 6,2M    - armbian-firmware_20.05.0-trunk_all.deb
 101M   - armbian-firmware-full_20.05.0-trunk_all.deb
 56K     - linux-dtb-current-sunxi64_20.05.0-trunk_arm64.deb
 11M    - linux-headers-current-sunxi64_20.05.0-trunk_arm64.deb
 29M    - linux-image-current-sunxi64_20.05.0-trunk_arm64.deb
 1,1M    - linux-libc-dev-current-sunxi64_20.05.0-trunk_arm64.deb
 123M  - linux-source-current-sunxi64_20.05.0-trunk_all.deb
269K    - linux-u-boot-current-orangepipc2_20.05.0-trunk_arm64.deb


The disk image has been assembled, and the locale with native languages is working.

1000M  - Armbian_20.05.0-trunk_Orangepipc2_bionic_current_5.4.38_minimal.img


Started checking the health of packages on the Board - linux-source, linux-libc-dev, linux-headers

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Redesigned the branch packaging.


is no longer used.


Added a new ability to work offline.

./compile.sh OFFLINE_WORK=yes

and sources will simply return to their original state without checking on the Internet.

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