Board Bring Up Station P1 rk3399, M1 rk3328


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14 minutes ago, Werner said:

@NicoD I can forward mine to you for review once I put together three posts as it was asked for by Firefly.

I've got my RK3399's with the M4 and M4V2. Plenty enough. It will not perform any differnt.
Why don't you write a review about it on the forum? And if you want, you can film a few things and I can put it in a video for you.
Shipping in Europe is also pretty expensive. But thanks for the offer.

P.S.: Amazing gaming Armbian image almost available for RK3399 made by @Salvador Liébana. I'm now making a preview video about it.
Box86 installed. So x86 linux games, and Windows games/programs are possible on RK3399.

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12 hours ago, NicoD said:

I've gotten my Station P1. 
It looks great. I love the metal case. 
There seems to be PCIe GPIO's. Also RTC battery. 


I agree that's a sexy looking case....did you win it or buy it?

I once bought an Odroid C2 direct from them in S.Korea I think......after I'd paid the shipping, import tax etc it cost a blooming fortune!

Now I stick to 'cheap crap' off Ali :lol:

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7 hours ago, mkultra said:

did you win it or buy it?

I've gotten it from Firefly. Didn't need to pay income taxes or shipping. That's a game of chance. Many times I need to pay for income taxes, sometimes not.
For this I wanted to take my chances. I could use a 2nd RK3399 with 4GB ram. Ideal for running mainline while my M4V2 runs legacy.
It does run too hot for having such a case(85c at 2/1.5Ghz). I'll see to improve that. I suspect thermal pads that I'll replace with copper shims. Done that on my M4V2 and the difference is huge.

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34 minutes ago, Werner said:

Legacy images don't boot. Can somebody confirm?

Oops... It seems that I have broken it even before it was introduced :P - after one of the mainline updates to roc-rk3399-pc.


It needs different device tree than mainline. Linking it to a proper filename should be enough.


I will post a quick fix tonight.

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4 hours ago, piter75 said:

I will post a quick fix tonight.

I fixed booting:

I also switched blue led to heartbeat trigger for a clear indication that the board booted.


It boots but is rather not in the best shape - shutdown takes ages and it probably does not shutdown fully.

It was most probably my first boot with legacy using roc-rk3399-pc ;-)

I used roc-rk3399-pc to try it as Station P1 uses non standard headers for serial debig - probably 2.0mm pitch instead of 2.54mm. I need to get those.

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