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  2. Not too sure what I'm doing wrong, but none of the latest builds has working network/ethernet working for me. I got version 5.44 working with this dtb.img file that I found here in the thread. I have a cloned M8N OTT TV box with s802, 2gb ram and 100mb ethernet. dtb.img
  3. here is the latest round of my dtb for t9 and h96max+ rk3328 tv boxes - changes since last version: properly enable dmc (i think this allows better memory timing) raise voltage for the 1.392ghz clock (disabled by default) to the values which worked for @amirul as well raise thermal trip points slightly to 85/95/110 degree celsius add a rk3328-t9-fast.dtb which has the 1.392ghz cpu clock and higher memory clocks enabled (the 1.512ghz cpu clock is still disabled by default as its likely not working or too unstable in most cases) the cpu performance ist about 5-10% better than my last t9 dtb for the regular t9 dtb and about 10-15% better than my last t9 dtb for the t9-fast dtb and as such the cpu performance is now about even with the mx10 box one ... i noticed that the usb2 port might be a bit unstable at times, so better use the usb3 port - maybe this is a general problem for rk3328 boards ... best wishes - hexdump rk3328-t9.dts rk3328-t9.dtb rk3328-t9-dtb.diff rk3328-t9-fast.dtb rk3328-t9-fast.dts rk3328-t9-fast-dtb.diff
  4. I got my EspressoBin-V7 yesterday and spent most of today to get it "stable" with Armbian. I haven't succeeded so far, although with your patch @ebin-dev, I got an uptime of almost 10 mins, which is an absolute record for now... I tried 1000-800 and 800-800-Mhz so far. I am running the Armbian provided Debian kernel on it (4.19.20). I tried what @Anders describes above and replace the kernel and dts file, but for me, it doesn't work: The kernel gets stuck at the very beginning [ 0.000000] bootconsole [uart0] enabled was the last message of boot process. Update: I just tried the flash-image-ddr4-1g-1cs-1200_750.bin and this broke u-boot completely. I will have to do a rescue with WtpDownload_linux tomorrow...
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  6. I don't have one either, mine is v1, but yes that should be the trick ...
  7. I do not have a Rock64 V3, but out of pure curiosity: Does this do the trick?
  8. I feel for you. I hope it's recoverable. You could try rubbing with a toothbrush and some alcohol on the point where it's shorted. Sometimes it works again after the corrosion has been removed. And if a pad has been damaged you can solder a wire. I've watched many videos of Louis Rossmann with very badly water damaged MacBooks. He fixes them all. But when somebody is good at his job, then they make it look easy... I've been using SBC's a lot while traveling in my not rainproof tent. In every kind of weather. Never had issue's. I'll cross my fingers for the next trip. Cause then the NanoPi M4's going to come along.
  9. Probably, but I didn't tested it. I've only plug one showing "ID 0a12:0001 Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth Dongle (HCI mode)" in "lsusb", and I've also see "btusb" module loaded ... Install "bluez" and running "hciconfig" shows : hci1: Type: Primary Bus: USB BD Address: 00:1A:7D:DA:71:13 ACL MTU: 310:10 SCO MTU: 64:8 UP RUNNING RX bytes:1220 acl:0 sco:0 events:72 errors:0 TX bytes:2788 acl:0 sco:0 commands:72 errors:0
  10. @FlashBurn @spqr Please find the updated bootloader here (u-boot is unchanged; WTMI is updated to 18.12.1) - it should solve the stability issues and it works fine on my V5_0_1 EspressoBin ( The recovery images are also updated: sata-images and uart-images. Could you please test if your EspressoBin ist stable now and if you can apply the pending cpufreq and xtal kernel patch without creating any further issues ?
  11. It was never publicly available AFAIK. However, you can download i.MX8 documentation which has small overview of this core and registers description.
  12. true, would that then "just work"? Well, I ordered one, I'll find out soon(ish)
  13. Interesting find. They seem to talk about filling up a "form" to get more informations, but I can't find that form. Do you know if the hardware decoder documentation is still available on this site ?
  14. From the media script thread: Chromium is unusable right now. I'm having to use Firefox. EDIT1: I ran the media-script .sh and it auto installed the default selection and I also ticked "streaming" which I know is Chromium... EDIT2: I'm on the latest Chromium for Ubuntu bionic... 73.x EDIT3: This is what Chromium says under "chrome://gpu": What am I doing wrong?
  15. I'm using the 5.75 image which comes with the 4.4 kernel, updated everything with "apt update -y && apt upgrade -y && apt dist-upgrade -y" and I installed system, chromium and mpv. mpv works fine.. however; chromium states: Flash Stage3D: Software only. Hardware acceleration disable And others too. it's slow and can't load youtube videos at 480p.... what next? EDIT: Yes, I ran the script and installed system, mpv and chromium. chromium under "chrome://gpu" states that it IS software only and not HW accelerated.....
  16. You can also purchase some USB-BT dongle ...
  17. nah, I'll wait. I basically "need" BT to use it to switch on some BT-light strips. And I can still do that with my phone, works. So for me, I'll wait.
  18. Maybe later ... I don't want to get indigestion doing too much branch switching ...
  19. There is also VP9 decoding IP core , which is present in Allwinner H6, NXP i.MX8 and I think Rockchip has it too. It may be connected to Hantro and Google, but I'm unsure who is the original author.
  20. SPI Update done ! Now working perfectly ! I've booted my USB dongle without any eMMC or SDCard ... Many Thanks !
  21. Wow i didn't know that the vpu had an independent manufacturer. Gonna read more info about the hantro
  22. Yes, I've seen this behavior. By the way, connect the image with the kernel 5.1 and you will see the work of the monitor\TV with the message of the reason that it was not possible to mount the root system. Piteboot will even show the available system on USB\SD (if they have the correct "boot.ini" from which it tries to read and form its startup script). By the way, on the old version of Piteboot (20190202) I normally started systems from SD card in u-boot SPI mode.
  23. @kostap Thank you very much ! @Anders Please find the updated bootloader here (u-boot is unchanged; WTMI is updated to 18.12.1) - it works fine on my V5_0_1 EspressoBin ( It should solve the stability issues ... Edit: the recovery images are also updated: sata-images and uart-images
  24. It is even trying to boot a kernel present in the Flash : Thanks ! I will proceed to SPI Update ... I will post results later ...
  25. Nope. The easiest way would be to wait until Linux 5.2 is released and the sunxi64 dev branch will be switched. Or you get lucky and @martinayotte wants to spare some free time to play around with the pre-5.2 sources.
  26. What version does Piteboot write after running at the top of the screen ? update to lates version
  27. I've tried again, but no, it still doesn't work. It seems a different U-Boot present in SPI which doesn't check keystrokes ...
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