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    manuti reacted to jernej in Orange Pi One Plus Desktop Enviroment   
    I have H6 DRM patches prepared for 4.20, so you can just copy them over. However, I think you would need some more of them for 4.19. Currently, we're investigating some troubles with HDMI, so it's not stable yet anyway.
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    manuti reacted to JMCC in X2go an armbian   
    Depends on your board. If it's armhf, you can use Raspbian Stretch repos, otherwise you may need to build. I recommend to build from source in any case, I did it once and didn't take long.

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    manuti reacted to sunarowicz in Any remote desktop solution working over Internet?   
    Thank you guys for your ideas. Until recently I was behind NAT. Therefore I totally removed the DDNS solution from my thinking. But recently I changed my ISP and I'm not sure now if I'm still behind NAT or not. So I give it a try. I would still like more easier (in terms of setting up and maintenance) solution like TeamViewer, but if DDNS is my only chance, I will be glad for it. Thank you @manuti for pointing me at it.
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    manuti reacted to Mike J. in ARMbian Support for "NanoPi Duo2" ?   
    Is there a plan for supporting the "NanoPi Duo2" from"friendlyarm" in the future?
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    manuti reacted to sfx2000 in Best Kodi box?   
    Really depends - the Amlogic S905/S912's are interesting at the moment - some support Android 6, some are Android 7....
    Rockchip based boards are high performance, but there's some non-technical issues around the Kodi group and Rockchip - so things generally work until they don't...
    CNX-Software has a good follow-through on TVBoxes...

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    manuti got a reaction from XTL in The list of models that are running Armbian (Amlogic, Rockchip, Allwinner etc)   
    Old Sunvell R69 just boot with proper microSD card (in my case boot directly with Toshiba Exceria but not but with Samsung or Sandisk).
    I'm using images shared in Google Drive from this post 
    Sunvell R69 with Allwinner H2+
    Running ARMBIAN 5.67 with kernel 4.14.81 
    from internal eMMC
    HDMI at 1080p 24fps
    Wi-Fi OK,
    Ethernet OK

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    manuti reacted to KY69 in Armbian for TV box rk3328   
    It probably already works for the box you linked, but if I may suggest, this one already works for sure, it costs just a few dollars more (4/16 model), and has twice the amount of RAM. I wouldn't think twice:

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    manuti reacted to balbes150 in Armbian for TV box rk3328   
    Now launched Armbian on MVR9 (rk3328), desktop resolution 1920x1080 (so-called 1080p mode). 720p video is normally played in the window. I tried to fill the entire screen - does not fly, but watchable. Launch the browser with YouTube (in normal mode, the video window on the right, a list is available) - all video works without brakes. If you expand to full screen, artifacts slip through. Switched the resolution of the desktop to 720-all video goes to full screen without brakes and artifacts, almost like in LE. Notice that I reworked the body to improve cooling (drilled pen drill for door handle hole above the CPU and did a side slot for the free passage of air (but without fan). If you bring your hand to the hole, I feel like there is warm air from the body.
    For information-the system is running with SD card and wired Gigabit network.
    By the way, he was surprised that YouTube in the browser at the resolution of the desktop 720 and in the YouTube indicated to use 720, when displayed in full screen (all video options, not only 720) is no problem. But if you switch to YouTube to use 1080 artifacts have already appeared ...
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    manuti reacted to Magnets in Upgrade from Orange pi PC?   
    That looks neat and essentially gives me 3 USB ports as I would be using USB-SATA adapter anyway but it's $55 USD including shipping to the UK
    sound good
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    manuti reacted to Magnets in Upgrade from Orange pi PC?   
    I have an orange pi PC that I use as a simple NAS (NFS, smb, iscsi) and for openVPN occasionally but want something new with GbE.
    What is the best upgrade that will give me 2 or more usb ports, GbE and a faster processor? With decent software support ()? I don't need HDMI or wifi but it would be a plus
    512MB-1GB RAM
    opi zero plus?
    opi PC 2?
    Around $20 shipped ideally
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    manuti reacted to guidol in Upgrade from Orange pi PC?   
    Not for $20 shipped, but with the -for me - cheap NAS case the NanoPi Neo2 LTS is a option.
    The Neo2 is available with 512MB or 1GB of Ram and works fine inside the NAS-Case
    (I got 2 of these combinations running over a year).
    armbian-support for the Neo2 (H5-CPU) is fine. HDMI isnt included, but with the NAS-case he has 2 USB 2.0-Ports, GBE,
    a power-switch AND a proper Power-connector for a normal 12V power-supply

    Neo2 LTS:


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    manuti reacted to TonyMac32 in [Solved] Does Le Potato accelerate Kodi?   
    I didn't read this the first time, but, I don't follow your logic.  RPi hardware has gotten less reliable since the Pi2, not more.  Movement to a new SoC will mean no carryover hardware support, and I don't know of any timelines for the availability of this "future Pi".  How long did it take to get a 64-bit image for Pi3?  How long did it take to get proper software support on the original pi?  I see no reason to assume the Pi 4 will have acceptable support within a year of release, unless it is released as an Allwinner, Amlogic, or Rockchip device, at which point it means you should have bought the potato/Frite/Tinker board anyway, since Pi will offer no benefit.
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    manuti reacted to NicoD in New official Raspberry Pi 3 Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS (Bionic Beaver) Beta   
    About time. Thanks for the info. And it's Arm64.
    I'll check it out, maybe I can make a video about it.
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    manuti reacted to martinayotte in adafruit ♥ armbian = CircuitPython on Linux and Orange Pi Make hardware and interf   
    @zador.blood.stained spend even more time than me on the overlays. I've worked more on the CONFIGFS side for RunTime-UserSpace overlays ...
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    manuti reacted to chwe in adafruit ♥ armbian = CircuitPython on Linux and Orange Pi Make hardware and interf   
    in case the adafruit people follow this one...
    enable i2c etc. can also be done with armbian-config, you don't even have to know how the overlays are named.. @martinayotte  spends quite some time to keep it working with it. even then.. please educate your users to read the related README.sunXi - it's not fun to explain again and again why ds18b20 on one-wire "doesn't work", whereas the proper question should be: how-to configure W1 on different pins. pip on debian is prone to mess up stuff (well in fact the user messes stuff up ), IMO a proper way is to use virtualenv ( once you got fooled enough by lib dependencies which mess up your python installation on debian and you got it properly working on virtualenv you don't want to go back sudo i2cdetect -y 0 only for debug purposes - happened once to me that it messed with the pmic --> freeze (if I've it right in mind i2cdetect actually warns you that you shouldn't use it when devices are on the bus which are currently running.. check schematics if the wired out i2c aren't used for pmics as well it might lead in funny stuff happening ) if they still sell a bunch of their stuff for 5V and 3.3V (didn't follow adafruit boards for a while) tell your users that GPIOs and i2c on those boards are 3.3V, some 'tolerate' 5V by mistake but I wouldn't count on it.. (at least the W1 pin survived my last harakiri-attempt ) powered correctly and with the right SD card means a quality one for both ('my old phonecharger' is quite often not in this category, similarly: the cheapest SD-Card I found on aliexpress).. Otherwise threads of your users will quite often end here:  - spread the word Armbian (and the RPi guys since a while too) recommend
    but one good thing: they link to their 10$ USB-UART cable It's a bit pricey but on this part they might become friends with the Canadians.. 
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    manuti reacted to Igor in Can't remove or umount "/run/user/$uid"   
    AFAIK that comes from
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    manuti got a reaction from Tido in adafruit ♥ armbian = CircuitPython on Linux and Orange Pi Make hardware and interf   
    Nice to see adafruit recommending armbian in his projects:

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    manuti reacted to hipboi in Rock PI 4   
    The radxa people is working on Armbian support for this board. I think it will be soon to have Armbian on ROCK Pi 4.
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    manuti reacted to thanh_tan in ARMBIAN 5.37 on AmLogic s805 wifi   
    I tried to run "modprobe dhd" or " modprobe wifi_dummy" but not work
    Where i can download the WIFI module?
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    manuti reacted to jock in CSC Armbian for RK3288 TV Box boards (Q8)   
    Hello guys, I'm proud to say that the Q8 boards are now in mainline Armbian as CSC supported boards!

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    manuti reacted to balbes150 in Armbian for RK3399   
    Good news.
    New image with kernel 4.20 for Khadas EDGE, which is built using the official git Linux Next.
    It has HDMI, USB, SD and wired network.
    Thus, it is a full-fledged basic system.
    Added version "4.19.0-dev", it is built using the source code "ayufan". Video playback in it significantly slows down compared to the version collected from the official sources of Next Linux.
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    manuti reacted to Igor_K in running a Raspi with a WD elements with 1 TB and USB 2   
    I wouldn't say OSMC is better. It is different.  And it probably fits better for some use cases but not for others. 
    In general, OpenELEC is considered a dead project, LibreELEC can be a better option. It has a vibrant community and it is in an active development. 
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    manuti reacted to Igor_K in La Frite (AML-S805X-AC)   
    Kickstarter campaign is about to start.

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    manuti reacted to TonyMac32 in La Frite (AML-S805X-AC)   
    It is extremely helpful that this is billed as a low-cost S905X.  What I've read so far just basically says it's a clocked down Meson GXL with a few missing hardware supports (Max 1 GB RAM, 1080p, simpler vdec, etc). So software support should be mainly the same drivers, just a sparser device tree (I'm obviously glossing over some specifics that could be theoretically be an issue, but this is nothing like using an all-new SoC).
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    manuti reacted to TonyMac32 in Le Potato - writing armbian to eMMC   
    The Amlogic flash tools will be relevant when discussing La Frite as well, should we support it (I think the S805X is to the S905X what the H2+ is to the H3). I'll need to review their function (I actually plugged the eMMC in during boot of the SD to get it in a position where I could work with it the first time, not a fun task)

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